Asia Cup – Ban v SL – Scorecard

  • සුදු මල්ලි

    කපුෙගදරත් ෙනාහිටියා නමි බලන්න තිබුනා රෙග්. ඒෙහනමි සිංහ පැටවි ටික ලකුණු 100 කට විතර all out ෙවනවා.

  • Byron Raj

    Well it was another INSIPID performance from Srilanka. But I wouldn’t take too much notice of this. Even though it’s painful to see our guys go down to ..Bangladesh….But knocking INDIA out of Final….makes me feel much better…with a so called heavily paid Best Batters in the world…still couldn’t make it to the Final??

    It’s BITTER SWEET!!!

  • Susith

    Now we all know how this bunch of SL cricketers are toothless, shameful and disgraceful.

    This SL team is pathetic and no better than a school cricket team in a country-side


    Result as expected. Congrats Tigers

  • Kumuditha Kalhan

    Kochchara paradunath api lankawath ekka innwa…crckt is our fassion and our passion….we lv SL crckt and our heroes a lot…Today I smile looking @ the bangaliz win, not lukng @ our defeat….my hope came true…INDIA WAS OUT>>>….Dat was the nly thng we hoped…

    • karthick

      U will laugh as SL will lose more matches in future…This mentality shows how cruel ur thoughts are..Bangla win this match with their talent..

  • කලු සිල්‌වා

    ඇති යන්‌තනං කපුවා ලකුණු 62 ක්‌ ගැහුවා බෝල 92කට..!! දැං ඉතිං SELECTORS ට පුලුවන්‌ කපුවට තව TOURS 2ක 3නක්‌ දෙන්‌න..!! අනේ ලංකාවෙ CRICKET වලට දෙයියන්‌ගෙම පිහිටයි..!!

    • ss

      kalu silva u ediot
      better u go and make comments on net ball.