Clash of the two titans – Australia tour of Sri Lanka

  • Buddhima

    Please be find enough to reply.

    Iwant 8 tickets for 4th ODI which is on 20th please try to find me :(

  • jayanta

    That’s a rude reply, and have YOU ever tried calling those guys? The phones are manned by “muppets and jokers” (to quote Marvan Atapattu!

  • Perera

    Pl can any 1 say how can i find 2 tickets for block A or B upper level to watch 20th Saturday cricket match at R.Premadasa ?When I cl them they informed only d C n D lower tickets r available.My 2 kids lv to watch d match.

  • Himash

    Hello i have tickets for 4th ODI @ R. Premadasa Stadium on 20th August. But now i want to exchange these tickets with 5th ODI @ R. Premadasa Stadium on 22th August. Therefor for can you please tell me how can i do this? ( Because my sons’s AL exam finish it on 20th afternoon)

    • Perera

      Can I buy ur 2 tickets.If its worth 750 o 300.Pl gv a reply with a no.

  • Nal-Mir

    Hi I just check to find out TEST MATCH ticket price. After a holdon fro 3min transfer to 4 places one GONTHA told me”22 ta ticket thiyenawa, 1,500/= ” and cut the phone line before I request anything. Harry Potter

    • jayanta

      Yes I had a similar experience! One would think that with all the money it has, the SriLanka Cricket Board and ticket selling authorities, can afford to employ people who are not half wits.

  • A

    When will tickets be on sale for the 5th ODI, and how early do you have to be in your seats??

  • A

    Punctuality is practiced at its best (NOT!!) at these places where tickets are given out!

  • Marie Almeida

    How early have you got to go to the grounds even though you have your tickets

    • jayanta

      three hours

  • ian

    Does anyone have any info on tickets for the test series? will you be able to get tickets at the ground each day?

  • SRF

    Why the cricket board didn’t telecast divisional tournament 2011 ?

  • Brian Pieris

    Could you please let me know how I can buy coperate box tickets for the first test in Galle
    Sri Lanka vs Aust ?

    • D

      Are you blind? It says to call SLC’s marketing division at the bottom of the add.