Scorecard: SL v AUS 1st Test

  • mohammadh rikzy

    critising wont make sri lanka a better team so we must learn from our mistakes. theres nothing wrong with the sri lankan bowling line up an sri lanka has got a good bowling line up but when we see the batting line up we cannot be satisfied. when we see the consistancy of the sri lankan batting line up it is very low as compared to other countries no batsman is having an average over 40 and sri lankan middle oder is very weak. so what i realy recommend is that dilshan and tharaga should open the batting and chandimal should bat at no.3 because he is very constant young player i believe that he is the next jayasuriya and sanga and mahela can bat at no.4&5 respectively its rraly good have mahela at no. 5 because he expierienced and the weaknesses in the middle order can be overcomed and mathews can play responsibly and agressively at no.6 and no. 7 is the place that we must work hard to find a good responsible player thisara perera or mendis has failed to bat a long innings

  • brain viewer

    dilshan is very irresponsible and has no clear plan at a game. He blames the other players on mistakes as just he had done all correct. So niether can establish a mental satisfaction and go on a victorious. So we need captancy for cricket. Many blames Arjuna for his activities, but he gave us the world cup. So he is a true gentlement. Modern team has no more good fortune after sanga and mahela retire. We to have no cricket and have to look over our tasks

  • udara koralage

    As a batting unit, we have failed during this aus tour. Even if we go back to England, it was the same. In Galle, we played 7 batsmen, still managed 105. In the 4th ODI we were allout for 132 inside 40overs. Its not rocket science. Openers need to be solid.Be able to give the middle order to cash-in during the final session in a test, the last overs in an ODI. If the present lot can not do it, get some who could!! there were far too many loose shots by captain downwords. if we dont change our approach same will continue,in South Africa. If we dont change, theres no necessity for such a backup staff or selection panel. Far too many repetition of same mistakes…….over to who it may concern!!!!!


    i think better way next matches change our team. tharanga & dilshan not good openers in this tour. lahiru. dinesh we sholud have recall .

    thilan not in the bat. why we dont give chance youngrs like Aus. see hom many player are new?
    marvan, remesh. duliip wasted our cash & time.

    bad cricket .

    i think at the movements we cant play agiant zimb also( They batting vary well vs pak)

    WE NEED SOME CHANGERS ALL THING ????????????????????????????

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  • Paul

    Not good with Srii Lanka doctoring the wicket, so that they hoped to bat first. The pitch is a disgrace and countries such as those in the sub continent have to stop preparing wickets that suit their own needs. Having a wicket that turns on Day 1 simply says it all and is appalling. Sri Lanka have produced many wonderful players over the years, so why would you need to do this with you wickets – it has backfired as Australia will win as Sri Lanka are now batting on a land mine.

    • Susith

      Yes, we should have balanced wickets. Why do we have our wickets only to suit to us? If they are so, it is highly likely the victories are for us. But in another kind of wickets (even the well balanced ones) that are elsewhere victories are for the opponents mostly. Then it is unstopable that we are only playing subcopntinent cricket. If you do this type of bias then you are no different than our politicians who always do biased things. Play in a unbiased way.

  • Susith

    Yes, selectors and captain are giving match practice to Mathews by playing him offical Test cricket. They are hoping that Mathews can be good after 20 or 30 match failures. What a comedy!!!

  • Priyantha

    This is gonna be a real test for MAthemws. Can he save at least the first inings of SL by scoring a big one, having the top order collapsed

    If he can not do it he is useless, of course. After all entaertaining him more than enough without any meaningful innings by him

    Selectors, throw away him if he fails in this Test match. We dont want to train players for future’s sake. Players should play well in domestic tournaments and play well in international cricket as soon as given the chances. If they do not do if in couple of times they should be removed.