Scorecard: SL v AUS 4th ODI

  • heshan

    chamara silva…..5th odi????. he he hikeeezzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Chathuranga Lasiru

    Chama, let’s face it mate. Our batting lineup is a epic-faili. Even though Chandimal survived to play a 54 that day, it was complete luck. Nothing else. Our cricket team doesn’t want players who play with their luck. What we need is confidence and talent.

    • http://no chama

      You again ……true our batting line up is not up to the level specially middle order. But again you are tring to change the history as you did it earlier. chandimal’s 54 runs scored in the 5 th ODI is completly chanceless inning , and I have watched the match completly.problem arised after that only, if you read the comments made by marvan , he clearly stated that chandimal’s batting style has changed there after even we could find that in TV in the aussie series. In that case what they should have done was correct the player and boost the confident on them, that ‘s why we have a hell of a supporting staff. Mind you , if you conider the talent , Sri lankan players are far ahead than others but when it comes to the application and confident they are lacking of it. so SLC adminstartion and supporting staff seriously have to address the issue. If not players changes wont give you the results.
      One thing I have to tell you again to you pls do not blame the players with out knowing real facts as they are our assets & future.

  • Susith

    What a toothless team SL team is!! Disgusting. Losing is somthing that one cannot avoid in cricket but losing in this way shows how weak SL team is. In the beginning of the ODI series SL team was dreaming about becoming the No. 1 ODI team in the world. Oh.. how can they be No. 1 if they play like this. No way…

    Mathews is the worst vice captain that Sri Lanka ever has had so far. He has no ability to save a match: at least this time, to put a competive total on the board and give a fight. Chamara Silva has been given enough chances but he is still proved to be useless. In my opinion there is NO WAY that both Mathews and Chamara Silva can play in the next match. If they are gonna play, on what basis?

    Selectors.., drop these useless guys and play some others. Play Randiv instead of Mathews. Randiv is better player than Mathews in all 3 departments. Play Samaraweera instead of Chamara Silva. When the top order collapses quickly (I think in the next match it is gonna happen too, as happened in this match), there should be a guy who can play all 50 overs thus SL may able to put up a decent total on the board, perhaps not a winning total but to avoid humuliation.

  • buddika

    What has happened to this Sri lanka team. Mathiws playing like a kid in all the games. Only sanga and mahela scores few runs. Chamara silva, chandimal and jewan can not score at least 10 runs. I think kapugedera is better than these people. See the following link.
    Brilliant batting

  • buddika

    What has happened to this Sri lanka team. Mathiws playing like a kid in all the games. Only sanga and mahela scores few runs. Chamara silva, chandimal and jewan can not score at least 10 runs. I think kapugedera is better than these people.

  • Chaminda

    Selectors had decided to drop CHandimal when he failed to score after making 100 in Lords. But they did not do same thing to Chamara SIlva who is utter failure since world Cup. I ca not understand the logic, here. They drop 22 year when failed but not matured creickerter who is doubfull for 2015 CWC. There is better players to fill the No 5 positon in the btting order likes of Lahiru Thirimanne, Janaka Gunaratna, Indika De Saram , Chinthaka Jayasince to name few. If selectors looing for future, they should have given a chance to Thirimnnae, who has shown potentiial to to play under presure occupying the greace when need arrise. ( 3rd Test in England). When team loose 2 quick wickets, No 5 and 6 should be able to put their head down and bat for longer period. Every day u can not expect SAnga and Mahela to do the job.. So Selectors should give up hopes of Chamara SIlva and Chamara Kapugedara and look for young blood.

  • Chathuranga Lasiru

    It’s time to listen to your fans SLC. Because we have been with you all these years and we know all of your abilities and weaknesses. Changing the team for every match won’t get our team anywhere. Especially putting out of form people suddenly into the match. I really don’t want to go to specifics but Dinesh Chandimal never got past 25 runs after the 100 he scored in England by almost putting Sri Lanka’s definite win into jeopardy. There are a lot of people in the team like this Chamara Silva is another example. And I really like the fact that you’re bringing new players into the team. And one last thought. The current Sri Lankan captain doesn’t have any good feature that a Cricket captain should have. He failed every time after he got the captaincy. But Mahela and Kumar was perfect during their captaincy period. They played well and they conducted the team well. And they got Sri Lanka to the world cup finals. But the way this is going with this new captain. I seriously doubt that we will at least get to the World cup semi-finals. SLC it’s time for a survey

    • http://yourqua chama

      pls do not publish the lies as you may want to put down the players whom you may not a fan of them.You may have a wonderfull cricket brain but pls stick with the real fact. your quoate ” dinesh chandimal never got past 25 runs after he scored 100 in england” it is a utter lie as chandimal scored 100 in 3 rd ODI and scored 54 runs in the 5 th ODI wich is the series deciding match.pls do not publish utter lies in public forums as we can not change the history as for our wish.

      • Bhanuka