SLC Conduct Anti-Corruption Educational and Awareness Programs to Players and Officials

Anti Corruption

The Anti- Corruption Unit  of the Sri Lanka Cricket have been actively engaged in the effort of the Sri Lanka Cricket Board to enlighten the Players and Officials, with the current laws and regulations pertaining to the prevention of Cricket corruption and the precautionary measures that are expected to be adopted by all stake holders of the game of Cricket. This is in principle with the effort of the Executive Board and the SLC on the whole to maintain a higher standard of the game of Cricket in Sri Lanka. As much as the Sri Lanka Cricket Board strives to cultivate and maintain, ‘Zero Tolerance’ in cricket corruption, it also envisages disciplining all the levels of the stake holders of… Read More →

Sri Lanka Cricket Initiate Wider Jurisdiction to its Anti-Corruption Code

Anti Corruption 2

The Sri Lanka Cricket Anti-Corruption Unit and the Legal division are in the process of amending the SLC / Anti – Corruption Code, in comparison to the recently revised, Anti – Corruption code of the ICC. The ICC revised the caption of its existing ICC Anti- Corruption Code, which read as the ‘Anti-Corruption Code for Player and Player Support Personnel’, merely to, ‘ICC, Anti-Corruption Code for Participants’, thus giving a wider definition to its new title. With the adaptation of the definition ‘Participants’, it Incorporated a widespread of participating categories such as: –   ‘any player, Player support personnel, Umpires, match referees or Umpire Support Personnel’. This also facilitated the inclusion of a critical omission in the former Code, the officials… Read More →