Roy Dias – A joy to behold

By Rohan Wijesinghe With the new ball ‘Duly Dented’ by Sidath Wettiminy and Bandula Warnapura – fans put aside their drinks, newspapers, snacks and what not, as the stylishly dusky pair of ‘ankles’ slid to the middle – black hairlocks dancing behind him, blue Lankan cap perched rakishly over his ears – that’s before he unleashed his ‘vibrantly’ brilliant world class batting ability Curtsy before destruction Before parking himself at middle and leg – into that lovely balanced stance of his, he would so characteristically half curtsy  or half squat to loosen his knee caps….as it were. Then a couple of pushes to cover to warm the biceps….a crispy cut or two past point to get the wrists rolling….a half… Read More →

David Heyn – Prince of batsmen

With 9 year old David swinging his little bat for the Peterite under 12’s by the year 1954, it didn’t take coach Cyril Ekanayake long to discover that the energetic little chap was blessed with a rich repertoire of resplendent run getting shots.