IND v SL – 11th Match – Scorecard

  • Rizy

    V should have won this game.

  • hesh

    Malinga ipl nisa test walinuth giyane. 100% sure meka wikka h**gahanawa

  • gihan

    Can someone tell me how does these pitches are made? And the boundaries which were short? It was unfair for us. Im sure this helped alot to India cause they play t2o and lack test cricket ability! Come play SL with an even pitch and normal boundaries!! Excluding virat kohli India is not great with pitches and boundaries which are not like t20

  • PremasiriS

    Indian media network is a great benefit for all Cr’ket Teams of this region like SL Pak & B’desh but at times this very media pressurizes both the opponents as well as their own. A 90% of credit of yesterday’s win should be given to Indian media for the amount of publicity given to this match from the time they lost to Aus. Slan media is not so bothered as much as India does for sports, becos they’ve their own interests rather than Cricket in particular.
    In fact the Slan s’ctors are responsible for this humiliation for their inability to realize the importance fielding tall bowlers for flat pitches like this. Our recent success is mainly due to the inclusion of youngsters the likes of M’hews,C’dimal,Th’manne, Sen’ayake,(Se’yake h’s b’n ignored as in the case of Ajantha, SLan s’ctors always have an urge to play their henchmen rather than the best) …that credit shouldn’t be given to s’ctors becos those 4 ‘ve come to this position, purely on merits.

    • Gambler

      Well can we blame media when players want to fix matches? After scoring 320 our guys created many options for indian betting agents! Just imagine what would have been the odds of India winning after SL scoring 320? 1:10?? A person betting 1million $$ would win 10mil $$ if India wins! So Hope u guys can understand the rest….!!!

      • PremasiriS

        I don’t know much about this gambling business. What I was trying to stress here is the magnitude of publicity that the Indian media (one of the World’s biggest media net-work) has been giving to this great Game, which is unbelievable to think of as a person in a country like SL and they have always placed their Cricketers at a very high esteem even more than their World renowned Artists who are responsible for bring in foreign exchange in billions into India. Even junior Cricketers of theirs are highly paid citizens of India, whereas our Cricketers have been neglected and made to give-up the Game soon after leaving school. The scenario here in SL is completely different (since the day TV came to SL),the media talks about Cricket only on the day of the match only, all other days they are busy washing dirty linen of politicians, businessmen & all other various kinds of bogus stars. As a person who has been living with this great Game for the last 57 years I have been able get some satisfaction only through our National Players. I have great esteem for them as persons who have brought Honor, Prestige & Foreign Wealth into the Country. I am not that stupid to criticize our National heroes (After Forest Monks, true disciples of The Lord Buddha) just because they have failed to perform in a one particular match only.

        • කලු සිල්‌වා

          “වීරයා“ (HERO) කියන වචනයට නිගරු කරන්‌න එපා…!! මේ වගේ සල්‌ලි වලට, රටයි CRICKETයි පාවා දෙන එවුන්‌ ගැන සානුකම්‌පිතව බලන ඔබ වගේ උදවිය ඉන්‌නකම්‌, ලංකාවේ CRICKET නම්‌ හැදෙන්‌නෙ නෑ..! ලංකාවෙ MEDIA කාරයොයි, ගොඩක්‌ම INTERNET BLOGGERSලයි ඉනනෙ CRICKETERS ලගෙ AGENTSලගෙ සාක්‌කු වල. ඒගොල්‌ලො ලියන්‌නෙ AGENTSලට ඕන ඒව විතරයි. බොහොමත්‌ කලාතුරකින්‌ තමයි, CRICKET වලට ආදරේ MEDIA කෙනෙක්‌ ඉන්‌නෙ. බලන්‌න, මේ MATCH එකට පස්‌සෙ ලංකාවෙ පත්‌තර කීයක්‌ අපේ අයගෙ වැරදි ගැන ලිව්‌වද? ලංකාවෙ CRICKET හැදෙන්‌න නම්‌, කව්‌රුහරි අපේ CRICKETERSලව හරියට පාලනය කරන්‌න කෝටුව අතට ගන්‌න ඕන…! නැත්‌තම්‌ අපේ CRICKETවලට දෙයියන්‌ගේම පිහිටයි…!!

  • Anura De Alwis

    I respect Mahela and the team very much, but I’d like to question why Mahela did not use Rangana or Angelo in bowling attack? It would have made lots of sense to use them isntead of Malinga and Nuwan? This brings a lot of suspecion…


  • කලු සිල්‌වා

    මාලින්‌ගයා මැචි එක විකුන්‌නා…! අද * බෝල්‌ කරපු හැටි දැක්‌කම, ගැහුෙව cricket ද, නැත්‌නම්‌ ජිල්‌ බෝලද කියල හිෙතනව..!! අද මැච්‌ එක විකුනූ එවුන්‌ට ෙහ* හතම ගහන්‌න ඕන..!!

  • gihan

    v r clearly giving a** to India! For them malinga is like bread and butter now ! We might have to use another bowler. As i always say when ever our guys scores centuries against India we loose not because we r not talented. But we dont think ahead and play aggresively! India came into the match with BENEFICIAL CONDITIONS, SHORT BOUNDARIES like in India. They somehow planned this! If we want to beat in these conditions we have to be more agrresive. Indians must be thinking they can win the next worldcup too if they find SL with same conditions! India s**** in normal venues when there is equally bowling friendly aswel! typical indians who cannot win against countries lyk australia nd sa but playing well agnst us always with the IPL being our cricketers prime money collection! sad we couldnt recognise the pitch early!

  • C.R.D

    adenawa oii thani ahata! Mala keliyakne une apita.

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