ENG v SL – 1st Test – Scorecard

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    In addition to Mahela, Herath, Randiv and Prasanna Jayawardene – DRS system ( Technology also) played a vital role in the first test.

    When Srilanka was 293 runs leading – Prassanna Jayawardene was caught and bowled by stuart broad @ the time he was 30 runs.

    Umpire immediately referred for No Ball problem with third umpire and finally that was witnessed as big no ball and umpire called Jayawardene to play again.

    This is one of the crucial moments of the test match. Psychologically 293 was lesser score and England scored 264 runs in their second innings.

    If Umpire would not have used the technology assistances for the last wicket – Result could have been very close.

    Like Herath – Technology also played a major role in the First Test Match.

  • Cricket fan since 1975

    Well done guys..like i said before..time to change the batting line up and the order..need confident opener for dilshan.Sanga better go down the order..drop thirimanna and bring chamara or paranavithana…chamaras record is good at p.sara oval.

    7BATSMAN..Dilshan, Chamarasilva, Chandimal, sangakkara, mahelajayawerdena, samaraweera, prasannajayawardena..Best Batters in srilanka

    4BOWLERS..randiv,herath,lakmal,welegedara,..selectors better check the batting line up..give new guy like chandimal confident..send him 1 down..

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    When Trott and Prior was in the crease – the Pendulum was swinging in England’s way. One particular time – they need 144 Runs and 6 wickets were in hand.

    Both Herath and Randiv – bowled well and brought back the game in their way.

    Hardwork & Team effort helped srilanka team to clinch this victory .


    Excellent show by the spinners of Srilankan team. Kudos to Mahela and team

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    Upul taranga must play in this test team. Tirimanna/chandimal combination is yet a bit of a gamble- considr chamara silva who could also send in a few overs. We are deprived of a 5th bowler due to the failure of our top order. Invest in Tisara Perera as a 3rd seamer. Sanga may be rested for the 2nd test. There is no issue even if you lose, as far as we go with the most deserving combination for a specif purpose!

    • UI

      Chamara Silva :O

  • Susith

    Both JAyawardenas have showed this is not a difficult wicket to bat. Also tail enders of both teams (so far) have shown that too. Based on these things, it is highly likely that England is gonna win this match.

    Poor performances of Sanag and Dilshan and other batsmen will cost this match. Thirimanna is a disaster!! If SL loose this match definitely he should be dropped!

    I think Dilshan should bowl tomorrow

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    Another day completed in First Test Match. Sri Lanka 2nd Innings score was lesser of 50 runs. 400 Runs would be a competetive total to defend at this stage (Later 3rd day of the match) Any how target was fixed as 340 Runs – The visitors scored 100 + runs in their first innings after losing both the openers.

    Tailenders of Srilanka team splendidly – especially after the No ball call (earlier everybody thought that the innings was completed after broad took the catch, but re called by the umpire after confirming as no ball) .

    Sri Lanka should have taken two more wickets today – especially Pietersen – who slowly taking control of the match.

    As well said by Arnold – the entire srilankan team is depending on two spinners and part time spinner Herath, Randiv & Dilshan.

    These spinners should turn the match in the Srilankan’s way. Mahela should also think of using part time bowlers like Samarweera, thrimanne to get some miracle wickets.

    By this time tomorrow we will come to know the test match result.

    Srilanka should not allow England batsmen to score more runs & the fielding should be as in the case of one day match.

    Team work will make the result in srilankan’s way.

    Good Luck to Mahela and team members – 50 – 50 % chances are there for both the teams to secure a win in the First test.

  • Susith

    Thirimanna is just Kapugedara-Number-2. Thirimanna should be dropped for the next match. He has no clue about English bowling. Give Chamara Silva a chance

    • Raja

      Thirimanne like many other youngsters (Chandimal, Dimuth Khausal Silva, Bhanuka, Angelo Perera,Rosen,Ashen,Sachithra Serasinghe, Gayan Maneshan, Kanlshka Amerasinghe) has been performing consistently well since his very young age, therefore risky batting of 33 year old Chamara is not needed any longer. Above mentioned youngsters are good enough even to replace Sangkkara,Dilshan Mahela.

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    18 Wickets fell on 2nd Day of the First test match. Suddenly the pitch started helping spinners. Sri Lanka should have crossed at least 350 runs in their first innings.

    The tailenders of England team played splendidly added some good runs to their total, this is what I expected from Lankans also (If Prasad would have been there in place of Lakmal – He could have scored some more runs with bat).

    Selectors should notice this (Tailenders performance with batting) & keeping it in their mind select the players for the firstclass cricket like this.

    Last wicket partnership of 36 runs was a crucial one for England, May be the turning point of the entire match. If they repeat the same performance in second innings also – Srilanka will even lose this test also.

    Having lost 5 Wickets already taken a lead of 208 runs – Chandimal has to play his own aggressive innings by tomorrow . Like one day cricket he has to play his own innings and score more runs, this change in style of batting may even chance of getting 100 runs also.

    This first test match now entirely depends on Chandimal the rising star of Srilanka.

    Some good partnership will definitely help srilanka to take a lead of 350 +runs .

    This test match will have the result either Srilnaka win or England win, Chance of draw will be negligible, By thinking this possibilities Chandimal has to continue his innings by tomorrow.

    Good Luck to Chandimal to score 100 runs

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    Mahela as a skipper played one of his best innings of the Test Match. Dilshan and Sanga should realize their responsibilities and have to play their role in this match at least in the second innings.

    Samaraweera runout was an expected one (Bad Luck). Rising Star Chandimal played some good strokes, but because of his in experience he gifted his wicket quickly.

    There was no good partnership on the first day, Mahela as a one man army managed the first day some how.

    Unfortunately Dhamika Prasad was not given chance to play – this is a costly mistake srilanka did – Prasad as a batsman will show better batting than that of Lakmal – After losing 8 wickets for 289, With Mahela on 168 runs – Welegedhara should give some support to Mahela for a achieving a competetive total of 350 + Runs. Tail enders will have to play a vital role in this match.

    In First Class Cricket selectors should think twice while selecting a player for the match.

    Welegedhara, Randiv, Herath, Lakmal and Dilshan will have to bowl well in England’s First Innings and should restrict them to at least 50 runs of what Sri Lanka will score in their First Innings.

    Chamara Silva was not given chance to play also a costly mistake – In recently concluded warmup match – He played splendidly, that experience could have helped srilanka to score more runs in their first innings.

    Selectors must give Silva a chance in the second test match.

    We can expect some results of this test match.

    • Prem

      I have seen how Chamara Silva was plying many times. We lost world cup also because of guys like him. He is useless. Give a chane to a young guy.