I value my team and my wicket – Samaraweera

Thilan has been identified as a typical test batsman, who has an inborn talent to play a long innings. He has been Sri Lanka’s live wire in the middle order. Very dependable, solid in defense, and is technically sound.

BT: – Thilan is it fair to state that you are more suited for the longer version of the game and have your limitation in the shorter version?

TS: – That’s what you say Brian, I have played more than 50 test matches, hence with my experience I can adapt to all formats.

BT: – You have made it count in the test arena by playing the anchor role more often than not; you must be passionate about spending hours at the wickets.

TS: – I love batting. So don’t be surprised if I stay longer at the wickets in the future. I value my team and my wicket. Yes some people have stated that I bat with more aggression now…That to me is a fair statement. I am grateful to Chandika Hathurusinghe, Trevor Baylis and Stuart Law, and also Paul Farbrice who have made a great impact on me in terms of not only valuing my wicket, but also the importance of Technique, Temperament and concentration.

BT:-Pundits state that you are a subcontinetal player; hence green tops tend to upset you. Your views?

TS:- I can adopt to any condition quickly, I have had limited opportunities on faster and bouncier pitches…I still have an average of 31 on green tops, but to me it’s improving on this average  I am determined to do so.

BT:- Batting in the middle order, has been your possession so far, would you like to bat up the order?

TS:- I am proud to bat in the middle. Two world class players namely Sanga, and Mahela bat at 3 and 4, hence batting at 5, is great opportunity because I get to bat with either of the two greats more often than not.

BT:- Thilan the two back to back double hundreds in Pakistan, was that your best effort in your illustrious career so far?

TS:- Yes the double hundred are so special…But why have you forgotten my debut hundred against India..Hey you also forgot my Century against Pakistan against the likes of Mohammed Sammy and Shohaib Akthar when we were three wickets for 5 runs.

BT:- Who is your favorite batsman ?

TS:- I love to emulate many. In today’s era I love Mahela’s style, Kumar’s temperament Satchin’s Technique, Dravid’s Determination Dilshan’s and Shewag’s aggression.

BT:- Excited about the World Cup?

TS:- My eyes are sparkling Brian, yes this time around it’s in the subcontinent. I will compete hard to get into the World Cup team, I will be tested against the Australians this summer, and the Caribbean’s come December, hence my focus level is rising by the day.

BT:- IF you are asked to thank one human being for what you are today, whom you attribute your tribute to ?

TS: It none other than my Dad. When he died I lost a part of my life with him. Thanks to my mother, my two brothers and my sister, they brought me back to life. But I am sure that the family bond and my great respect to my belief in Buddhism have contributed a lot to my success.

Interviewed by Brian Thomas

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  • Pubudu

    The question lies when playing ODI cricket “VALUE MY WICKET” , thinking pattern is it good enough?, the player should be fast accumulator of runs without pressurizing the non striker and the fielding also should be really good.
    It’s better off playing the young guys like Jeewan Mendis, Chandimal in the ODI’s as they have shown the fearless attitude & good fielding and all round capabilities during the glimpses we have seen. Sangakkara also has recognized these traits of these two players.

    TS is a great test player one of the best produced by Ananda College,SL is lucky to have a such a player. He played match saving test innings when big guns are down we really appreciate the performance and will be a key player in the test cricket arena.

  • chatur

    hey this man not suit for one dayers chandimal, kulatunga or jeevan mendis shuld be replced instead of samare……

    • kalpa

      kulatunga?? no way,he’s not suit 4 national side.he’s jst nt up 2 the international standards, i also thought he’s a good enough player 2 play bt i saw n clt20 with the international players & he’s wel short f the standard.

  • Pubudu

    Hey Thilan why don’t you play only Test matches.. ODI’s doesn’t suit you

  • dev

    hey,thilan we know you are a great player in the world.we love you and we respect to you for your gentlemen cricket attitude.I’m keen on to see that you are playing in upcoming ausies tour.best of luck.