AUDIO: Lahiru Thirimanne reviews his side’s win over Scotland

Q. How is it to be in a dressing room where a legend Sangakkara has scored four centuries, and what is the feeling in the dressing room after that?
LAHIRU THIRIMANNE: It’s fantastic. We are all privileged to share the same dressing room with him. It’s fantastic. He is playing wonderfully at the moment. Hopefully he continues his form in the qualifying rounds.

Q. Lasith has handled a lot of responsibilities. Was it good to have another bowler in there that could bowl above 140? Do you think that’ll be handy in Australian conditions?
LAHIRU THIRIMANNE: Yeah, absolutely. We saw that today. Dushmantha, he bowls 140, 145, so it’s good to see youngsters coming up. So we have to look after them very carefully. You know, going to the qualifying rounds, you need to have some experience in your bowling lineup, so you have to look at that, also.

Q. Could you give an update on Angelo’s activities situation? Is he going for a scan or anything like that?
LAHIRU THIRIMANNE: I think so. He’s strapped up at the moment, so hopefully he’ll be okay. But I think he’s going for a scan tomorrow.

Q. Although you’ve finished strong matches, would you say that this contest was the weakest that you’ve found yourselves?
LAHIRU THIRIMANNE: Yeah, I think, but I can’t really say that because sometimes these medium cases can be useful in these conditions. But overall, I think up to now, yeah, I think this is the average bowling night.

Q. You’ve now got a week until the quarterfinal match against likely South Africa. What would you do in preparation and things like that?
LAHIRU THIRIMANNE: Yeah, well, we have a good seven days for the qualifying or so. There are some areas we have to work on, especially fielding and net bowling. We have to improve on that, and that’s good we have time to go to the quarterfinal. So we’ll hope to tune up those areas, and looking forward to it.

Q. Are you quite happy with the way things have going in the few qualifying games where bowling is concerned?
LAHIRU THIRIMANNE: Yeah, I saw good improvement in a couple of matches. Not in the death areas, but playing against Australia is sometimes very harsh for the bowlers. In the 40th to 50th over, it can’t really help because batsmen needs are going after bowling, but overall, I feel we need to get more yorkers right, especially in the last 10 overs, so we have to really improve on that.

Q. It seems as if every match, every practice session someone or the other is injured. How are you coping as a team with all these setbacks?
LAHIRU THIRIMANNE: Yeah, I think we have been here for three months now, so can’t really blame on that, but we have to keep our bowlers, especially bowlers, managed very carefully, because this is a very long tour for us. We have hopefully another three matches, so we hope to have the best condition, especially bowlers need to be managed very carefully in the next five to six days during training.

Q. What’s the update with Dinesh? Will he make it to the quarterfinals?
LAHIRU THIRIMANNE: Yeah, I think we have a chance, I think 80 per cent chance of playing him in the quarterfinals. I feel he’ll be fit for the qualifying, so we’ll see.