Battle of the Swarnaneela – The first ever inter-school girls cricket big match

February 16th, 2017 will soon be a red-letter day. Today a historical women’s big match is currently ongoing at the Panadura Municipal Grounds. The two prominent girls’ schools who are competing today is the Wadduwa Central College and Panadura Mahanama Navodya College.
The convener for Sri Lanka women’s cricket Apsara Singhabahu Tillakaratne was the chief guest at this historical inaugural women’s school big match. Both principals of the two schools, Dilan Gunarathna (Wadduwa Central College) and Y. K. N. Perera (Mahanama NS) are seen here participating at the opening ceremony.
The first big match between girls’ schools is an initiative by Sri Lanka Cricket and is seen as a move to not only create and amplify an interest in Cricket among girls’ schools, but also to promote the game and identify talent for the future of Women’s Cricket in Sri Lanka.
Historical women’s big match at Panadura – Battle of the Swarnaneela View Full

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