Sri Lanka vs West Indies – ICC WT20 Final – Scorecard

  • Sahan

    Tough luck Sri Lanka again. We know player tried really hard to win the this T20 WC. But we lost the forth WC final as well since 2007.
    Again Sri Lankan youngsters failed to handle a pressure when batting. If top 3 failed, they also struggle to score. I think the reason behind this is not lack of talent, it is lack of experience.
    I had commented earlier before the match against England, send at least one youngster up the order and make him warmed up for the rest of the tournament by one of experienced going down to strengthen the middle.
    I told that because through out the tournament youngsters used to finish the batting, not used to to drag the game to the end. They got the opportunity to drag the innings in the final and they totally failed as I warned earlier.
    Again one point to think, Is Malinga the best fast bowler for Sri Lanka in recent times?

  • Priyantha

    This is very embarassing!!

    Toothless Thirimanna should be dropped! He has done nothing significant in this World cup. He is the technically worst batsman in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s future cricket is in dire straights if SL stick to this type of toothless, idiotic players like Thirimanna

    Malinga should not play regularly. He shold play occasionally. He has no aim! He is just trying to bowl to the wicket, never consider about the length! The most bowls end up as over pitched bowls

    Jayawardena did a series mistake by sticking to Malinga. He should not have given the ball to Malinga after his second over.

    As often bowled, Dilshan was bowled because he was not behind the line of the bowl to play that one by which he got out. Not footwork

    Sangakara can be a good player but he has no clue when it comes to a final. He hit a wide bowl down on the leg side and got out by that bowl

    All in all, SL team has no clue about handing preassure and winning a match with a big fight. They only win if first order batsmen do well.

    Mathews cannot be considered as batsmen. Very rarely he makes runs o win a match.

    All in all this SL team is far behind WI team. I think only talented players win matches. That is what happened to this match