Live score card – Sri Lanka vs India – 3rd Test

  • lakshitha


  • sam

    I am sad for Sri Lankan cricket , Sanga will bring down the team with his manipulations. Have to find out if Murali left because he didn’t like Sanga. Sanga if you love your country please resign. You continue with your batting hand it over to former captain. Your oratory skills not a excuse to remain in the captaincy. Please resign!!!

  • santosh kamat

    sanga ur flop capatain…..resign frm capataicy immediately to save sl criket….india d best in d world…

  • wijayatunga

    Surely Sri Lanka does not deserve the No 2 spot in Test Ranking because there are
    1. no middle order batsmen who can convert a possible defeat to a draw or win
    2. no batsmen who have guts to resist
    3. no good bowling attach
    4. no good fielding

    SL should be happy and lucky to retain their current place

    SL needs to find few swing bowlers who can bowl at about 135Km per hour. Bowling 140+ wont help if there is no swing.

    Sanga should give up captaincy and keep wickets and then we can play an extra batsman so that the bowlers can be selected purely on bowling skills rather than in combination of batting skills. Mahela should lead the side.

    Extremely poor batting by Dishan and Paranawithan some times should be eliminated.

    Selectors should understand that there are Sri Lankan cricket fans around the world, who watch these matches and they all need good and sensible cricket from SL team. So, when the selctions are done dont be biased and dishonest to your work.

  • Raj Pandya

    Sri Lanka got a drubbing during their last tour of India.India having lost the first test during this current series came back strongly and levelled the series.This is the mark of a good test side.I have a very high regard for the Sri Lankan team but I’m afraid some of their players especially the bowlers are in danger of becoming Prima Donnas,just like the Pakistanis who feel they are God’s gift to cricket especially with their exhibitionist mannerisms .Style but no substance I would say.

  • Jose

    It is Sri Lanka that leads by 222 runs, is it not?

  • SriLanka Hater

    Sri Lankan Cricketers are Losers….Go to hell

  • Sajith Suriarachchi

    Come on, Lions, come on……!

  • Susith

    The way the Sri Lankan play shows that Sri Lanka does NOT deserve even No 2 position in ICC Test ranking. India well-deserves the No 1 position. The way Paranawithan batted was extremely poor. And Dishan too. They are disgusting to watch. Indian tail-enders are superier than tham. Look how Tendulkar did in the difficult situations.

    Our spin bowlers are very slow and with only little turn. Even a schoolboy team from India can make 300 odd runs against our spinners and some fast bowlers (not Malinga)



  • saman

    haha ofcrse yuvi desrve that place…water boy…lol…c,mon sri lanka….

  • Deepak

    Stupid Sri Lankans taunting

  • Premasiri

    As I have mentioned many times in my comments made on this Web Site, we really don’t need a extra batsman and a wicket keeper rather than a quality tall fast bowler or a spinner.
    The history has proven it many times that only tall (fast or spin) bowlers who could extract bounce off a good length were able to dislodge a devastating batsmen the likes of Shewag & Affridi very easily. Dilhara Fernando & Tharanga Lakshitha are the two ideal bowlers we have at the moment though that type of bowlers are very rare due to unwanted encouragement given to Rugby by the local media & the Principals of all leading schools, as if we are the World’s No. 1 Rugby playing Nation. In contrast Bangladesh which had been soccer crazy country not so long ago has fully committed to give No 1 status to the game of Cricket in the country as it happens in India & Pakistan. It is so sad to note that the cricket authorities have wasted talents of these quicks (NZoysa,Dilhara & TLakshitha), although players of such physique are so scarce in this Land. It is a well known secret that The Cricket Genius of West Indies goes in search of well built athletes & trains them as future fast bowlers. Incidentally Ussain Bolt has been a young fast bowler of Jamaica before he was advised to concentrate on Athletics.
    It is so funny to note that among all Test playing countries it is in Sri Lanka only you find small-made fast bowlers are given massive encouragement by the coaches and other responsible persons due to (1.) lack of resources (2.) lack of knowledge. Daren Gough (5’.10’’) , Malcom Marshall (5’.11’’) & Lasith Malinga are three exceptional cases.

  • nizamdeen abdul hameedza

    i am sri lankan to day if sri lankan taks 3wt will will this test best wish

  • Mohammed Azmi

    lions go go

    azmi from Dubai

  • Mohammed Azmi

    Keep it up sri lankans

    Mohammed From Dubai