Inter Provincial T20 Tournament – Match Schedule

Combined Provinces
Match Schedule
Date Match Time
21-Jul Wayamba v Basnahira 10.30 am
Ruhuna v Kadurata 2.30pm
23 Jul Kadurata v Combined Provinces 10.30am
Wayamba v Ruhuna 2.30pm
24 Jul Wayamba v Kandura 10.30am
Basnahira v Combined Provinces 2.30pm
26 Jul Basnahira v Kadurata 10.30am
Ruhuna v Combined Provinces 2.30pm
27 Jul Basnahira v Ruhuna 10.30am
Combined Provinces v Wayamba 2.30pm
30 Jul SEMI FINAL 10.30am
31 Jul FINAL 2.30pm

Venue:- R Premadasa International Stadium

  • Manjula Prasad

    can we watch it live telecast?which channel?what are the squads?

  • malaka

    when we can buy tickets for the aussy matches?and where?

  • Asanka

    Let we have the squads?

  • Asanka

    Can we have the squads?

  • sam

    wherz north… wherz east…? Combined Provinces? Combined Provinces dom
    n’t even hold north east players…. this is heart breaking…

  • A.K

    is it live on tv

  • shiva, donkarayi

    on which channel the matches will be telecast???????????????????????????????????????????????

  • http://no chama

    SLC moderator,
    are u here????

  • danush

    tickets???? avilable??? or not??

  • http://no chama

    SLC Moderator,
    Will those matches telecast on TV chanal??

    • SLC Moderator

      No TV broadcaster has come forward to offer live coverage