Live Score Card: Inter-Provincial Final: Basnahira v Kandurata

  • Jeramay

    Sangakkara has been the number one ranked test batmen for the last couple of months and Mahela is in the top ten as well.I cant imagine what this person is talking about.They have proved at every level and Sangakkara was even selected to the World XI.Its not the media,its the talent and perforamnce what have brought them to the top.

    Its a pity that this type of narrow minded people does not appreciate their performance or value.And it seems that this person is a off minded coach or somebody who is jelous of the quality and class of Sangakkara.

  • Chamath

    This guy be a mutt to call Mahela and Sanga ordinary batsmen and Karlis(I think Kallis,Trott and Amala ahead of them.You are talking of two great batsmen who have test averages above 55 and who have performed here and abroad.Trott has got a chance only at the age of 30 and Al Hassan and Iqbal are no where near the quality and stature of Sanga and Mahela.Mind you school cricket and international cricket are two differant levels and these guys are the backbone.Now tell me who has performed even at club level to replace these players,

    Dont talk bullshit

  • The Srilanka

    Yes,Bhanuka Rajapaksha must be given a chance to the WI series

  • yani

    why farveez mahroof not included.he better than kapugedara.kapugedara got somany opportunity but he didnt prove even a single time.

  • Premasir

    Aravinda is an all time Greats there is no argument , interestingly there isn’t a single batsman to match his stroke play ( who had total control over all shots he played) in this present squad and I do have same regard for Samaraweera, Dilshan, Mahela and Sangakkara for what they have done to Sri Lankan Cricket however, when time comes everyone has to make way for the promising proven future players. It is sad to note that Samaraweera, Dilashan, Mahela & Sangakkara the 4 most experienced batsmen in the Side are in the 35th year in their life, therefore they should make way for promising youngsters as their bodies do not function in the same manner in another 2-3 years time, as it 10 years earlier , therefore it is their prime duty to serve the Country by grooming the deserving players for the future ( like Mathews in their positions but, not the ordinary henchmen). It is the only way that they can give back to the Country that has given so much to them. My humble request from them is not to go elsewhere after retirement.

    It is so hard to digest the selectors constant ignoring of consistent performance of classy batsmen like Khausal Silva, Thirimanna, Dimuth Karunarathna, Chandimal, Angelo Perera,… who have maintained consistency from the age of 15 and names of Mahelas, Sangakkaras & Chamaras have always come 1st on list. It is not justifiable to disregard these youngsters constantly, for the reason of they can be a permanent threat to the places of Sangakkara & Mahela in the National Side. Me as an ardent follower & keen student of this game for the last 57 years I can’t agree with Arvada’s argument of these classy players haven’t been matured enough to play in the WC, because there is no way that you, Miandads, Tendulkars , Laras could become World Class players if you weren’t allowed to start your careers at very young age. You know better that the body of a youngster functions far better than an aging player, his reflexes are far quicker than a 30+ batsman and more importantly sees the ball very early.

    It was only an idiot would drop a Batsman like Chandimal (as A 20 year old)after his brilliant century in Zimbabwe against India (and the innings soon after against the same opposition in a practice match played at Colts), which stunned the International Cricket community who saw that elegant innings, at a time when above mentioned favorite players failed to deliver in their tours to Zimbabwe & Bangladesh in 2009,If not for Murali & Co and Mathews it would have been a white wash in Bangladesh in 2009. It was our bowlers who helped us to win both those tours in Zimbabwe & Bangladesh. Moreover, with these same favorites we lost 5 home series to England once, India thrice, Pakistan once and leave alone foreign Tours, since 2007, so why selectors field the same average players when enough proven young players are around?

    My advice to all selectors is not to go by the fame given to some players by the media (& some Local Umpires), Watch closely how they play, how many chances they offer to score a 50 runs( particularly the initial stages of their innings) & compare their batting with present day quality batsmen like Tendulkar , Karlis, Jonathan Trott, Hasim Amla, …. Who can play the ball all along the ground at will with power and grace. It is also very interesting to find out why their ODI batting averages are very low compared to other world class players who bats at these important batting positions. Please compare their earlier careers with present day quality deserving players that I’ve mentioned above.

    During the last 20 years SLC has fielded some very ordinary influential players in each team they select ( sometimes the best players are asked to carry water while very ordinary players are in the final XI), because, we don’t have genuine Cricket correspondents like Loucian de Zoysas & Bertie Wijesinghes, in business at present who have had versatile knowledge of this great Game. It was because of such great media personnel only talented schoolboy cricketers of those early days walk straight into the National side from school.

    It is the main duty of the knowledgeable selectors to pick the extremely talented players who come out of school, at the end of every school season and to create opportunities for them to be in the Game, as our neighbor countries do for their promising youngsters, if not they may lose their interest of the Game in no time like many a quality unfortunate school batsmen of the past, the likes of Sanjeewa Warusamannes, Ian Daniels, Lahiru Peiris. Nilushan Nonis, Sahan Wijerathnes,….

    Pleased be informed that Shquib Al-Hassan & Tamim Iqubal ( both 20 year olds)have been elected as one of the Best Test Cricketer of The Year for 2009 & 2010 respectively by the Wisden Cricketer Magazine. Why don’t you allow our youngsters to achieve similar feats by absorbing them into the National Side as youngsters without becoming ardent fans of underperforming aging cricketers?

    • Gracyn

      IMHO you’ve got the right anwser!

  • Chamath

    I would have to agree with jeramy,Someone is talking in pure jelousy of Sangakkara.He along with Aravinda and Mahela are the best batsmen produced by SL and his charisma and knowledge is unmatched,

    In all aspects it is hard for Kithruwan to find a place in this Kandurata team and its a joke that this guy underestimate the contribution of Sanga to world cricket,This guy must be insane compare Sangakkara with a player who has still to prove even at club level,

  • Jeramay

    What is wrong with Sangakkara selecting the team and what are u talking about.Dont talk bullshit without having proper knowledge of cricket

  • Premasir

    It is very sad to note that the batting of the best schoolboy batsman of the year of 2009 who presently maintains a 1st Class batting average around 45 a figure which is very much close to that of Sangakkara without playing a single International match is not needed in almost all Kandurata matches he has played in . The grooming of talented players for the future is a responsibility of the SLC . Therefore responsible people should decide in what position these promising players of future should bat in the batting order you can’t allow it to decide by Sangakkara because after another 2 years time( all these 30+ have no value) he may retire and go elsewhere for better greener pastures as many a number of former international players have done. These big officials at SLC should have watched closely how things are happening in India, particularly the manner they create opportunities for their talented youngsters The Future of Sri Lanka’s Cricket is very much important than future Sangakkaras’.