An opportunity for bidders to own and manage their teams

The forthcoming Provincial Tournament, the leading cricket tournament in the country is scheduled to be staged in February 2010. Next year’s competition will have the full participation of National players and all new hopefuls and the level of competition is expected to be of a very high standard in line with international stature.

In order to attract public and cooperate interest, a brand new franchise scheme is proposed for this year’s tournament which gives bidders an opportunity to own their own team, brand their players clothing, player endorsement of their merchandise and also the rights for ground branding.

Extensive media coverage will be given at each game; hence the corporate sector is assured of public interest among, both fans and the public. Franchise holders will be given  team photo opportunities and host of other benefits. SLC is optimistic that the new scheme introduced will pave the way for bidders and interested parties to be a part of the franchise on a long term basis with the governing body.

Interested parties have a great opportunity to market their products through world renowned personalities, hence please contact Head of Marketing Charith Senanayake on or before 10th January 2010 for further details.

  • Chinthaka Kulatunga

    Why wait till february? Start in January. The devalued first class club tournament is over this weekend (28th December 2009). What are the cricketers going to do for one month? Do nothing? All of them are in prime form. Please play in January.

  • mubarak

    Remaining two matches take out kapukedera and mendis given chance to sanath and samaraveera

  • Pradeep

    Yes Tom… this site has improved drastically..! Specially from the state it used to be sometime back. In fact, I am also a regular follower of news items on this site. But never got a chance to appreciate the work done by Sri lanka cricket…! Well done to all who are maintaining this site..! Keep up the good work..! Its always good to get the cricket news fast from a source you can trust.

  • Tom Stanley

    I was on Yahoo and found your blog. Read a few of your other posts. Good work. I am looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Tom Stanley