ICC WC / T20 2010 – Player selection clarification

A 30 man squad was named for the forthcoming WC/T20 as per the ICC’s cutoff date which was 28th February. The Selection committee has included Jeevantha Kulatunga to the squad considering his performance during the T20. This decision was made taking into consideration the injury concern to some of the players already named in the WC/T20 squad.

The selectors took this decision after the conclusion of the Provincial T20 tournament on the 7th of March, in which Jeevantha was adjudicated as the man of the Tournament. Jeevanthas’ inclusion has been notified to the ICC.

The final 15 man squad will be selected in due course.

  • ranga

    why still not publish T20 15 MAN Squad? any resones?

  • http://www.loardbeachhotel.com suresh

    Dear Sir,

    In our national cricket team, we need to make some certern changers, b’coz always our aim to win matches for our country. so in this case, i always prays to mahela, bcoz mahela is such a classic player, now it self he is struggling to make some big scores, so please make him operner or no. 03 batsmen, sanga is another clasy player at all the time. my idea is he can bat any place like no 04. let we get some good work from classic mahela and we will win world cup 20/20 for our country, we are hope to achieve that sucsess for our people. bcoz they did not had a like this big moment after winning world cup 1996.

    I think this is right time to sanath to leave international ground. and we can give another chance to check about vass and murali.


  • Perera

    Did anyone know why the Decan leave out Vass for yesterdays IPL match?

  • Perera

    No arguments on that. Murali is the best bowler world has seen so far. But we need to think from teams point of view. Say that there was no IPL and the squad was decided to choose from the Provincial T20 & 50 over competition we had. Who were the two best spinners perfored well in the both series. Suraj & Sachithra(Janaka two did well). They not only performed well with the bowl. There feilding & bowling was also exceptional. You would understand only if you have seen them. If you have seen yesterday IPL match which Mumbai played against Decan, one main factor to Mumbai’s victory was the batting of Harbajan. Those things counts a lot. Anyway, this is my personal opinion. Anyone right to have there own. But the ones who can’t even respect others decision would definitely looks like child who haven’t matured yet(that is by knowledge, experience, personality & attitude).

  • has

    Perera who has left Murali out of his playing 11 is a pure idiot. He is unarguibly the best spinner in the world.

  • Manula

    Ok let me be a selector for one day :D

    My team and Squad

    1. T.M Dilshan
    2. Dinesh Chandimal
    3. Kumar Sangakkara
    4. Mahela Jayawardene
    5. Jeewantha Kulathunge
    6. Angelo Mathews
    7. Thisara Perera
    8. Thilan Thushara/ Welagedara
    9. Suraj Randiv/ Ajantha Mendis
    10. Muralitharan
    11. Lasith Malinga

    14. Dilhara Fernando
    15. Sanath Jayasooriya

  • Ramesh

    My team

    Jeevan Kulathunga

    Belive me,this team can win the WC


    We dont need Sanath……
    He is toooooooooooo Old & should have retired 4 years ago
    Ask him to stick n to Politics without destroying SL cricket

  • Nipuna

    Well, I have seen so many proposed teams above…all r good….itz realy a difficult to choose a team…Just have a look in main tooo….

    TOP XI :
    Tillakaratne Dilshan
    Dinesh Chandimal
    Mahela Jayawardene
    Kumar Sangakkara (c)
    Jeevantha Kulatunga
    Angelo Mathews
    Suraj Randiv
    Thissara Perera
    Farveez Maharoof
    Muttiah Muralitharan
    Lasith Malinga

    Reserved :
    Ajantha Mendis
    Nuwan Kulasekera
    Sanath Jayasuriya
    Chamara Kapugedara

    i think sauraj randiv must replace ajantha mendis for AUS,SA…
    In this TOP XI line up there are 8 bowlers and 9 batmen….There will be so mach options for sangakkara to choose if one or two player went wrong….So This is the perfect team…in my view….

  • sulochana

    in my opinion the squad is as:)
    Kumar Sangakkara
    Muttaia Muralidara
    TM Dilshan
    Jeevantha Kulathunga
    Mahela Jayawardena
    Dinesh Chandimal
    Anjelo Mathews
    Chamara Kapugedara
    Upul Tharanga
    Ajantha Mendia
    Thilan Thushara
    Chaminda Vaas
    Chanaka Welagedara
    Lasith Malinga
    Thisara Perera

  • antaa

    I’m really sorry i forgot special player TM Dilshan he definetly should be in side.that is mistake.sry.

  • antaa

    This is my team.i dont like jayasuriya add to 15 man squad but they dont.
    1.Kumar Sangakkara(C/WK)
    2.M Muralidaran(VC)
    3.Mahela Jayawardene
    4.Chamara Kapugedera
    5.Angelo Mathews
    6.Dinesh Chandimal
    7.Jeewantha Kulathunga
    8.Chinthaka Jayasingha
    9.Jeewan Mendis
    10.Suraj Randiv
    11.Ajantha Mendis
    12.Thilan Thushara
    13.Lasith Malinga
    14.Chanaka Welagedera
    15.Dilhara Fernando

  • jeevan

    our batsmen not sign in ipl sofar bowlers are now sign but ipl not decide the player form but all plyers are played in domestric tonaments so select the perfect team for the srilanka.
    my team

  • Duminda

    SANATH JAYASURIYA PLS RETIRING FROM THE INTERNATIONAL cRICKET. ITS A great thing to sri lanka cricket . Pls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Duminda

    We need not to play Sanath Jayasuriya as the Sri Lankan openner for the forthcoming ICC t20 world cup.JEEWANTHA KULATHUNGA shoul be the openner with TM Dilshan..PLS!!!!!!!!!!!! WE NEED not Sanath Jayasuriya As a openner. PLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sanath pls retiring from the international form of the game. PLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Perera

    My 15 for the T20 worl cup would be the following(as per the batting order).
    1. T M Dilshan
    2. M Jayawardena
    3. D Chandimal
    4. K Sangakkara
    5. C Kapugedara
    6. A Mathews
    7. Sachithra Senanayaka
    8. Thisara Perera
    9. S Randiv
    10. Lasith Malinga
    11. C Welagedara
    12. M Muralidaran (Reserve)
    13. T Thushara (Reserve)
    14. J Kulathunga (Reserve)
    15. Isuru Udana (Reserve)

    Don’t be suprise why I left our Vass & not to include Murali in my playing 11. Both Vass & Murali did played along with other players in our domestic inter provincial T20 where other players(Suraj, Sachithra, Isuru) did well than them. But those player did not get the opportunity in IPL and if they got any chance in IPL I bet they would have done very well. I don’t want to take the credit which Vass & Murali get due to their current IPL performance. Those legends have done our county proud. But now we should be giving chance to the players who are in form. What matters is the success which we achieve as a team. I firmly beleive young talent like Suraj, Sachithra & Isuru who electric in the feild who have some reasonable batting ability apart from their bowling ability make them very useful for T20 cricket. Specially Sachithra & Suraj had one of the best economy rates in the T20 series & was among the top 5 bowlers if I am not mistaken. Isuru does have good chage up deliveries but he should not be predictable and should be using his regular fast deliveries & yokers. I got no doubt in naming Chandimal who will star in future SL & world cricket. I think it is certainly time to take right decisions in SL cricket as we are just around the corner for T20 world cup and it not very long from 50 over world cup. Indian selectors have shown faith on the young talen who are performing well in there IPL by naming them for final T20 world cup Indian squad. Even Sachin Tendulkar is not considered even he is going through a one his best batting forms his cricket & performing well in IPL(it seems to be a firm policy decisions of Indian selectors which not change from time to time). I’m not sure whether the our selectors would even seen this but if there is someone(even any officer at SLC) who can even direct our comments for the selectors would do his part in getting the glory to our mother land in the upcoming T20 world cup. This is the best I could come out from my very little knowledger at cricket. If there is even 1% good which our selectors, officers who are looking after SL cricket and from our cricketers I beleive it will add great value to the game we love most. Who ever included in the our team let wish them all the best & hope they will do their best to bring glory to our motherland.

  • Minuri Peiris

    Selectors should use their BIG brains wisely on selecting the Lankan squad touring 4 ICC T20 W/C this year…Hope that there won’t be any unfavourable selections….
    in my opinion the squad is as follows:

    Kumar Sangakkara(Captain)
    Muttiah Muralidaran(V.Captain)
    Mahela Jayawardena
    TM Dilshan
    Sanath Jayasuriya
    Upul Tharanga
    Anjelo Mathews
    Thisara Perera
    Dinesh Chandimal
    Suraj Randiv
    Nuwan Kulasekara
    Chaminda Vaas
    Chamara Kapugedara
    Thilan Thushara
    Chanaka Welagedara

  • Chanee

    Hey i think Sri lanka gonna win this world cup T20 in the west Indies but first of all we have to built a team good team.i mean talented team not a losers team in that case we have to be the strongest team is the world and we have such a talented boys in the clubs also.so i’m telling for da cricket Bord plz get da talented boys .i’m 16 years old boy but i love cricket i playing cricket for da team also.don’t think i’m small guy i love to see da gud team i ever seen in the world in this world cup.i beg for u and this is da most thing i can do for da sri lankan cricket and i luv u toooooo, i mean it for da cricket board.hey if u see this massage plz show it the coah and captain in sri lanka becoz they will understand it.i think sanga ayya is da best captian in da world so plz show him and this is my team.

    Dinesh chanidimal

  • ranga



  • Kumara -ksa

    IPL Matches no any sl batsman got good runers so far.
    than we can give chance . Jeewantha. Chnidimal. Schinthra. Like this.
    otherwise selection like foolish?

  • Asanka

    It’s quite sad to see sanath and dilshan getting dropped in IPL. It’s time for our selectors to open their eyes and bring in some new talents.

  • Asanka

    Vaas must play the T20 WC . Jayasuriya should stick ony to politics after the IPL.

  • luke

    need to see VAAS and SACHITHRA in the 15 man squad… no Sanath please….

  • pinsara

    this names are selection jan 10, so slc not checking currunts tournemets? there selection some name are inludeing its like ” MUHADA HATGAUWAK THIYADDI AMUDE GAHAHAWA WEGAI”

    HOw there inluding vassy. they naver seen IPL

  • Chalana

    SL batsmen at IPL are no where near the likes of Kallis who has amassed close to 300 runs so far. A good batsman like Kulatunga will fill this vacuum in the SL team for T20 WC. He is also good with the bowl and in the feild.

  • Rizna

    The selectors should not stop here but should select Jeevantha to the 15 member squad and give him an opportunity to play in the WC. Given lot of SL players especially, the top batsmen have been out of form in recent times as can be seen in the IPL matches ( Dilshan,Sanga,Sana Trio together, each with 32 runs, are reigning the very bottom of the list of IPL top scorers), the inform Kulatunga can take it from them and take the SL team to huge totals. Kulatunga is very good at taking teams from out of danger, among many examples is the 4 day In Prov , match between Wayamba and Basnahira South ( Actually , the match ended in three days) where Wayamba was 2 wickets down with only 8 runs, Kulatunga lead Wayamba to the top with fire works of 100 n/o(10 X4 , 3 X6). Statistics show that in the Inter Prov 4 day matches concluded last week, he has the best bowling economy rate of 2. In Int – Prov T20 last year, he got 4 wickets in just 9 overs he was given to bowl. He is one of the few players who can hit the wicket from a distance. He has shown it that he is capable of hitting it over the rope when 6 is required to win from the last ball.

    Kulatunga is therefore, a must player in Sri Lanka team for SL to win the T20 WC 2010.

    So Sangakkara, the ball is now in your court. Country(the Cup) or some other matter in your head, people are closely watching over your moves.

  • Sajith Thennakoon

    He is playing well in IPL. So there must be a place for him in this T20 squad…

  • Sajith Thennakoon

    Is there any place for Chaminda Vass….???