Kapugedara & Kandamby to Captain A teams for Aussie tour

The Hon. Minister of Sports & Public Recreation has granted approval for the following team/s to participate in the Four day and One day  tournaments.

Squad for four day tournament

  1. Dimuth Karunarathna
  2. Tharanga Paranawithana
  3. Lahiru Thirimana
  4. Thilina Kandamby  ( captain)
  5. Dinesh Chandimal
  6. Kaushal Silva
  7. Jeevan Mendis
  8. Kosala Kulasekera
  9. Nuwan Pradeep

10.  Dinesh Dharshanpriya

11.  Dammika Prasad

12.  Chaminda Vidanapathirana

13.  Sachithra Senanayake

14.  S. Prasanna

15.  Nadeera Nawala

Squad for One Day tournaments

  1. Dimuth Karunarathna
  2. Dilshan Munaweera
  3. Lahiru Thirimana
  4. Thilina Kandamby
  5. Dinesh Chandimal
  6. Chamara Kapugedara  ( Captain)
  7. Jeevan Mendis
  8. Kosala Kulasekera
  9. Nuwan Pradeep
  10. 10.  Dinesh Dharshanpriya
  11. Isuru Udanna
  12. F Maharoof
  13. Sachithra Senanayake
  14. S. Prasanna
  15. Mahela Udawatta

Stand by

  1. Sachithra Serasinghe
  2. Kushal  Janith
  3. Janaka Gunaratne
  4. Malintha Warnapura
  5. Jehan Mubarak
  6. Tharanga Lakshitha
  • pasan malitha

    ko banuka rajapaksa,sohan,jallel,magolanta tamai chance eka danna ona.kaputa,mubaraklata chance dunnana.mokada ma match tika aggolanta hoda experience ekak mokada australion team eka hoda team ekak.

  • meharajah kirushanth

    I think dilshan is not a good captain for SL cricket team. But K.Sangakkara is good.
    So we’ll be happy if Sangakkara is appointed as our captain

  • Kana

    All iz well, except the future star like Banuka should have been on that A team, cant believe that Jehan Mubarak is still a stand by..he is by far the most undeserving of all SL cricketers… he should not be even considered.. Sachin did not have much first class experience before his debut , class is permanant, so they should take the risk with Banuka..look at chandimal..he should be now retained in the main team to play the Asia cup.. Sanath has been a legend , we take a bow..but before everyone starts calling for his blood..quit with ur head held high !!

  • Susith

    if a Sri Lankan team of over-40 (of age) to be formed the only international cricketer to be in the team will be Sanath Jayasuriya. no other test or ODI former player will come for selection

  • ll

    wht about Sanath

  • Niluka

    Hey Poorna, you know what? Janaka Gunarathna is judged as the Man of the Tournament of the 4day inter-provincial tournament. do you still think that he is not a better player than others who got selected for the tour? well the figures and the fans says it all… wait and see..I am pretty sure that the selectors will give him a chance at the Sri Lankan team it self in the coming ASIA CUP…I am so confident that if he gets a chance he will prove that the selectors are absolutely correct…

  • http://- Poorna

    i thnik its enough!!! GO LANKA!!!

  • http://- Poorna

    hope you guys will finish an outstanding tour to Aus,like Srilanka “A” did against South Africa “A” in 2008 by beating them 4-1 in onday series in their home soil!!!!
    Yes you guys can do the same against Aussies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO LANKA!!!!!

  • http://- Poorna

    What about Malinga bandara>>>>?????? he is the highest wicket taker(22) in Sri Lanka Cricket Inter-Provincial(4day) Tournament,but he is not in 4day squad for Aus.

    Remember there are just 1 T20 game in this tour
    But there are two four day games and three onedayers……….So selectors did the right thing by giving more priority to OD and 4 dayers…..

  • http://- Poorna

    @ hasini!!! cricket is all about hardwork,yes u are absolutely correct he Janaka deserves a place in Srilanka ‘A’ side.But we this is a tour of Australia not India or Pakistan.Australian most of those wickets are fast bowling tracks,thats why selectors included just two specialist spin bowlers(Seekuge Prasanna and Sachithra senanayake),janaka gunarathne is a allrounder and selectors did the right thing by selecting two specialist spinners rather than selecting spin allrounder.When we anayalsing this squads twe squads are packed with fast bowlwers coz of Aus tracks are pace friendly tracks.

    What u tell about Malinga Bandara????ahhh
    he is the highest wicket taker in Sri Lanka Cricket Inter-Provincial(4day) Tournament,but he is not in 4day squad 4 Aus,thats how it goes.

    Do u know about Mike Hussy’s story ,he is prolific run getter in Aus domestic arena,but he gets his chance to represent his coutry in a test match when he is 29 years,same thing happens to his bro David……
    There are many examples in world cricket for this.

    Hope jana will get a chance as soon as possible in “A” side
    “this could be another foolish comment to u hasini”but hope others looks this……………………………..

  • shack

    what happen to sohan boralessa.. think he deserves a chance after his performance in the domestic season. remember him takin 9 wickets in an inning seconding the 10 wic record he has in school cricket

  • Dhanushka

    hey what happen for Tharanga Lakshita he is a good cricketer for Srilanka cricket……but he is stand by……….what happen…….SLC selectors have to been checking his performance…i think Tharanga Lakshitha is best bowler in this side ….all the best Thara….Thara keep it up u can do it……….

  • Rapa

    And think Kaushal Silva shud b in the 1day squad as well coz I believe a professional keeper is a must in any team whether it is test, 4day, 1day or T20…

  • Rapa

    Can’t understand some things…..Thilina Kandambi was labeled as a 1Day player by the selectors and was never even selected 4 a test squad but is captaining the 4day side instead of the 1day side..and think coz Kapugedara performed well in the T20 WC he has nothing 2 prove so his place shud have been given 2 a youngster 2 prove hid talent…

  • kalpa

    y dnt u add chamara silva 4 squard.he has to play on test team as wel,not only for odi’s,he’s a good enough player to play 5 day matches.

  • Wenu

    Yes. I have to agree with most of the comments here. Janaka Gunarathna is being overlooked again. His consistent performances in all forms of the game have been neglected to an extent they don’t even consider him worthy of inclusion in the A team. Ultimately after few years he will be just thrown out of the team for being too old or something. Shouldn’t they pick a cricketer when he is at his peak. We feel some kind of mistreatment to the cricketers from not so elite schools. Would you hear the same about a Royalist or a Thomian. Who is going to stop this nonsense.

  • Lalanka

    Defiantly JG(Janaka Gunarathna) was the most consistent player in the tournament2010 provincial cricket .He can bat No:03 to No:07 handling the pressure and we cannot 4get his bowling performance . SLC selectors have to been checking his last 12 months performance. plz do not add politics for cricket .don’t 4get he has experience of over seas (in England).More than 10yeras he has spending his first class cricket in Sri Lanka , no need to more!!!!!! pay your attention this all CAMBRIANS waiting ….for his presents for Sri Lanka-A Aussie tour 2010.score through his name stand by list & put into the 15man squad

  • Shaliya Kularathna

    Great Job! Giving Kapugedara to chance to lead Sri Lanka is proactive. He is a number one candidate for the future captain.
    Givi more chances to young men

  • praneeth

    why janaka gunarathne didn’t got a chance…I think Janaka Gunaratne was hard done. he won the best bowler award in inter provincial T20 but never given a chance

    sri lankan cricket board made a big big big mistake… !!!!!

  • Niluka

    Yes poorna i think Hasini is right. as a fan and a spectator we also feel that Janaka is hard done. we all are citizens of this beautiful country we all contribute to our economy.. we all stand tall and unite against all enemies of the mother land..and if we do that we too have the right to raise a voice against these un-justice.. as budding cricketers they all want to represent their country in the international arena..but the chance is given to known players only regardless of the performance they put up..not only Janaka there were lots of incidents like this in the past and this time it is Janaka.. why not do a change? why not give a chance to a player who have done exceptionally well in the domestic championships? where are the selectors? where do they look at? best performers are on the bench while the others in the 15 man squad..

  • Hasini

    I think poorna is a child to the game of cricket.. why you are asking whom to drop, before thinking of drooping anyone just see whether the selection was made based on the performances.. for god sake just see this player janaka done well in all the domestic competitions even won the best bowler in inter provincial T20 championship..but he was not evaluated properly this is the voice that we raise.. if a player is performing well above all the others my question is why the hell is he placed as a stand by without putting him in the actual 15.. and please note that this is not a new topic!! and if you don’t know the game of cricket..please do not put out foolish comments like this..

  • KJ


    I also think that Kulathunga should have been in the team. It was baffling to see his exclusion since he was added to the 30 man probables in the last minute after the squad had been named. So no question on that. Its baffling to see some of the choices we made over the past few years. Indika De Saram not playing a single game in last year T20 WC is one of them. After all, he was in such great form in the domestic scene just before the tournament.

    I can see that you’re a die hard Jayasuriya fan. I my self am one and have been one since 1995. But my friend…. this time around hes not doin any justice to himself or the team. 15 runs in 6 or 7 innings can not be justified under any circumstance. Plus i don’t think he picked up a single wicket with his bowling either!

    When he was selected i kept on saying that all he needs is one inning and he’ll be on his way…. But that never happened! Did it? In fact the way he got out against the West Indies showed that he has lost the reflexes which made him so unique. Also, do you think that any other player would have got the same no. of chances after repeated failures? Take Dinesh Chandimal for eg. he scored twenty odd against the Kiwis but was dropped subsequently.

    Kapu has a long way to go to come to Sanath’s league, but one can’t forget that it is because of him and Angelo Matthews that SL went to the semis. His 37 in 16 balls including 18-20 runs (3 sixes) in the last 8 balls of the match only got us there. So i think that no matter what analysis you put forward about balls wasted and so on, Kapu contributed more for the team in this tournament.

    Its not fair to use politics to get into any side. If he had done at least reasonably well in the Provincial tournament or the IPL and had not been selected, then it would have been fair to get the political influence going. But his only decent performance even in the Provincial tournament was against the U-19 side and afterwards couldn’t perform. De Saram on the other hand had a justification for the complaint he made to the Sports Minister. He was the highest run scorer or at least the 2nd highest in the domestic competitions. So i don’t think we can compare the 2 incidents. If you can recall Sanath was almost dropped for the england tour in 2006 but how he came back and proved everyone wrong should have been the same way to go this time at least after he got the chance.

    Also, it should be noted that all the papers reported that Sanath had not been in the original squad and had been included by the Sports Minister. So…. for all we know, it might have been Jeewantha Kulathunga who got the axe because of this.

    So as much as i hate to say this, he either needs to pull up his socks and perform at least 50% of his old self or hang up his boots. Else its not fair for the younger players who must also be itching to play for their country and do well at the highest level.

  • http://- Poorna

    janaka gunaratne!!!!!!!!!!!janaka gunaratne!!!!!!!!!!!janaka gunaratne!!!!!!!!!!!janaka gunaratne!!!!!!!!!!!
    what is this?? another new topic to SLC!!!!hmmmmmmmmm
    Janaka Gunaratne is a good allrounder …but only 15 can be selected to a squad.Can anyone say who will go out if Janaka selected????

  • Hasini

    Janaka Gunaratne is a great player with lots of experience in the domestic competition. he has done well in the inter provincial tournament in fact won the best bowler award in the T20 inter provincial tournament.
    he deserves a spot in the A team tour to Australia. this is the chance that Sri Lanka cricket should take..i say put him on the hard bouncy tracks in Australia and test him out how good is he. it will give a great option to the selectors as well.
    I have no doubts that he will come good and perform brilliantly. we must not forget that he has loads of foreign experience as well as he has played for England domestic tournaments and represented a Manchester team.
    Finally i say, Janaka must be given a chance in this tour.

  • Chalana

    Sanath wasted 6 overs over the whole tournament (in over 5 or so matches) to score 15.
    Kapu took 5 overs in a 20 over match to score 16 runs ( matching Sanath in one run less). That is wasting 1/4 th of a match.

    So, in comparison one would see that Kapu is worse case than Sanath. Sanath’s low scoring (not counting his contribution from bowling)amidst all people trying to distroy him mentally and due may be to his age,could be pardoned.

    But what happened to this young fellow who may have been at the highest of the level mentally due to praise from all quarters and the stability always assuered by selectors ? For how long one can excuse and tolerate these guys ?

    I am not insane to waste my time to defend any unsuitable player. I was rather trying to defend the suitability of the inform talented Jeevantha Kulatunga , who was an outstanding performer in all three T20 tournaments we had in last three years, who is the SLC contracted T20- specialist, who went to record books for being the only player to score centuries in all three provincial tournaments this year(t20, 50over and 4 day), who is a good bowler and a fielder,over these weaklings.

  • nixy

    @ chalana : the thing is kapu atleast contributed 16 of 27 balls in the semi final .. thats 1 run more than what sanath scored throught the whole tournament using 36 balls with an average of 3.75 .. he contributed nothing .. and to continue without been dropped was just absurd .. I dont see why people seem 2 keep on defending sanath :( i too used be a great fan of him until he started been such a selfish and one track minded person .. he deserves 2 be dropped and never 2 be given a chance cause by doin that another young boy could loose the opportunity .. & I hope the A tem will do really well down under n i sincerely hope that people like Dimuth Karunarathne , Munaweera , Chandimal & Thirimanne who are the stars for the future do well .. ALL THE BEST YOU GUYS !!!!

  • silva- Melban

    Janaka was the best bowler in T20 provincial game’s so he didn’t got a chance for this tour also?
    but s preassana. selection its better. but Janka gunarathna also good hard bolwer but no chance.

    silva- melban

  • Chalana

    But after so many failures,if Sanath had struck one half a century,like Kapugedara did in the quarter final, you would not have spoken on him like this. Please remember, selectors know the best. They sent the best team for T20.

    So donot blame Sanath alone. What was the contribution from others in the team?. For eg. Kapu scored 16 in 27 balls in semi final and that is wastng close to 5 overs. But nobody comments and he is again in another squad for training.

    All of us critics are responsible for Sanaths faliure. All of us did nothing to raise this valuable players confidence, but attacked him left and right from the time he got into the team. How can one face any match with stable mind in these conditions. He is also a human being need praise to get up when fallen. In a country like Sri Lanka where less tallented players are selected over talents , there is nothing wrong resorting to politics etc to get done justice (What Sanath thinks is justice. One example where good thisn happened from politics was Indika de Seram’s late inclusion in 2009. Sanga kept him on the bench and he treated politics this time differently. So blame for faiures should be shared by many.

    Reports say that England is getting ready to consult our selectors to keep out Pieterson from International matches. The reason, Pieterson won the Most valuable player award. So Pieterson deserves such treatment like SL selectors did to Jeevantha Kulatunga,the most valuable player in Our T20 tournament. England is going to select some under performing players over Pieterson because they are young and with a view to train the young in international matches during a period of a century,irrespective of their performance in the field.

    For those pundits, talented player is a talented player, he can be identified from his early stages, from the way he turns to the ball,power of the strike etc etc. However much one tries to press him to the ground he surfaces.(Take Kulatunga for example) Less talented player cannot be taken up however much you train them , on international or other wise , they will score something in one in scores of matches (Eg. Kapu has scored half centuries, one in ten matches rate)and fade away. But they surface over talents all the time thanks to the formidable forces like selectors. These things are common occurrences in third world countries not in countries like Australia or England.

    Unfortunately, for cricket loving world , these handful of people prevented, may be another Jayasuriya type legend in the making.

  • Ranjan

    Good selections and we will see some good talent. “Jayasuriya” won’t fit in with U’19 for sure.

  • Milroy

    How about JAYASURIYA in one day squad??? the guy may need some match practice since SL Cricket and his goal is to pay for 2011 world cup.
    Seriously it’s a good idea since we know for sure that he will be included in the next one day tour regardless his form.

  • Sampath

    I think Janaka Gunaratne was hard done. he won the best bowler award in inter provincial T20 but never given a chance, if i recall my memory he was in the Sri Lanka A team toured to South Africa and Kenya. he scored some runs and took wickets on that tour. he scored match wining 50 agains Kenya national team.. dont forget that the Sri Lankan National team lost to this same kenyan team. even performed well he was drop for no reason.
    Done well in inter provincial tournaments T20/4day/ODI but still in the standby list. i dont know how this squad was selected. i have the doubt that it is purely on performance or not..??? it is always a Mystery.. good players are on the bench and the players never heard of are in the team.

  • paul

    Charmara Silva is waste. The people who are still calling for him should do some proper homework. He had enough chances and he failed all. Its bcos of his poor form that we lost the 2009 20/20. Good to see some new names coming up. Hope Jehan Mubarak doesnt sneak in to this tour.

  • Ranjan Rodrigo

    This tour wud have been good for CHAMARA SILVA to regroup and play without pressure. When he scored a 50 vs Aus. about 7 yrs ago, he showed he had an abundance of talent.He reminded me of Aravinda. But he was dropped for 3 years till Tom Moody discovered him. He scored 70 runs vs Aus in Brisbane but has not been consistent. He also got run out a couple of times. He has been an impatient bat. He is an excellent fielder and in a test match when given to bowl, he showed talent and for a legspinner, sowed he can do better. Now that he has matured, if given a chance, i am sure will do well like so many of his temperament the world over who when recalled in later years blossomed out eg Tom Graveney, darren Lehmann, Simon Katich.
    Ranjan from Australia

  • damith

    Janaka was the best bowler in T20 provincial game’s so he didn’t got a chance to be in the T20 world cap 30men squad ? and he have done well in the 4day game’s and one day game’s !! so he is still in as a stand by player in A team !! so why he cant get a chance to be in this squad ??????????????????

  • Niluka

    if Janaka Gunaratne is given chance in either of the teams. it would have been a tremendous selection as he is a stunning player in both versions of the game.

  • naveen

    what has happened to jeewantha kulatunga …….. but ashantha de mel have done one good thing that he has include sikkuge prassana wat a bowler he is nice to see him in srilankan team in next wordcup

  • thilina

    munaweera is the leading runs in inter provincial tournament he is the ideal man to open in 4 day games also.then it is easier for our team to go for a good score he is a good hard heater.

  • Zaharan

    Selectors have done a good job, and I was very keen to know about the inclusion of Sachithra Senanayake, so he is timely rewared for all the hard work.

    Out of the 02 players Carlton mentioned, Bhanuka would have been a perfect choice, considering his good performances in conditions down under with the U-19 team.

  • Priyanga

    Lahiru Thirimanne!! He is Ideal to play in No# 1,2 or 3 positions.
    and all our other experience players got a chance here to perform well and come in to da squad.
    hope for the best!!

  • charith

    good team.well done munaweera show you a talent,all the best for the tour of Australia

  • Sandun

    Why is that Janaka gunarathne is not in the team ?? He has done well in the one day game’s and t20 and for day game’s so i think he should be in team?????????????????

  • ravi

    good time for Nadeera nawalage. HE shoulb be open with this tour. goood chance for nadeera . well done son. go head. please do the clour.

  • C Bernardus

    The Team approved by the Hon. Minister of Sports & Public Recreation for the Four day and One day tournaments looks good and the Selectors should be applauded. It is also heartening to note that Thilina Kandamby and Chamara Kapugedara shall Captain the One day and Four day teams.
    How ever if two of the U19 players namely Bankua Rajapakse and Chathura Peiris were also given a chance it may have done well for the future.

    Carlton Bernardus

  • riyaz

    good team ,chamara sila is missing