Media accreditation for Asia Cup – Terms and conditions

Media Accreditation for Asia Cup 2010 Sri Lanka

(download the Form Here)

June 2010

Terms and Conditions

All media personnel intending to cover the above Tour must complete the relevant Sri Lanka Cricket media accreditation forms and forward it to the “Media Manager – Sri Lanka Cricket, Media Unit, # 35, Maitland Place, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka.”

We kindly request you to fill the required form, follow the instructions and forward it on or before 07 June 2010. Late applications will not be considered.  Please note accommodation at the stadiums is limited; therefore, in order to accommodate Journalists we appreciate your early confirmation. Identification passes would be issued on the following criteria.

Accredited Zones

The Accreditation System will apply to specific, clearly identified areas (zones) within each venue. These zones will be operational and effective from the afternoon of the match until the end of the match on that day or any subsequent ‘rain day.’

Zones are as follows:-

  1. Dressing Room
  2. Match Referees/Umpires Room
  3. Playing Area
  4. Media
  5. Media Electronic
  6. VIP Hospitality
  7. Public Area
  8. Pre/ Post Match press Conference room


D, E and H are the only Areas reserved for Media

Media Facilities

Each media facility at every ground for every match will feature the following:-

  • Working positions with power
  • Telecommunications and data services
  • Fax Bureau
  • TV’s showing live match
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Light Meals
  • Soft Drinks
  • Car Park facility only for Media

A Press Box containing desk positions with power supply for those who are allocated a desk position (these will be allocated based on requests received and against the priority pecking order).

Overflow seats for journalists to view the game (those media who are not allocated a desk position will be allocated an overflow seat and again these are allocated against the Priority Pecking Order).

A press conference room in which the post match press conference will be hosted. Post match press conferences will usually start approximately 15 – 30 minutes after the end of play.

Non-rights Holding Broadcasters

Non-rights Holding Broadcasters will not be allowed access to any venue with broadcast equipment during play. They may, however, cover matches for journalistic purpose only.

Desk and overflow positions for non rights-holdings broadcasters will be allocated against the priority pecking Order.

Non-rights Holding Broadcasters may access to the Post Match Press Conferences after the end of play with broadcast equipment on the understanding that this equipment is not allowed into the stadium until immediately before the Press conference begins. Non-rights Holding Broadcasters wishing to leave equipment on site may deposit their equipment in the Accreditation Centre or with Sri Lanka Cricket Media Officials, subject to space available. This is deposited on the strict understanding that it is the sole responsibility of the individual and not Sri Lanka Cricket; tournament staff members cannot take responsibility for any equipment misplaced, damaged, lost or stolen. Equipment stored in Accreditation Centers will only be released back to Broadcasters after play has ended.

Please note that Rights Holding Broadcaster’s privileges will be actively protected at the tournament and any organization or individual found to be contravening these rules would have his/her accreditation withdrawn immediately.

Media Refreshments

Catering will be made available on each scheduled match day for those media personnel who have been allocated a press box or overflow seat ticket or a photographic match specific bib ‘insert’ at the match venue only. This will comprise of tea, coffee and soft drinks in the Media Centre and lunch provided by the local Organizing Committee.

Lunch or Dinner coupons [tickets] will be issued based on the priority order in the morning of the match.

Press Conference

Press Conferences are scheduled to begin 20-30 minutes after the end of each match.

Accreditation not Transferable

The applicant and the employer (if any) acknowledge that any accreditation granted in respect of the Applicant is personal to the accreditation party and may not be transferred or assigned to any other person. The accreditation remains the property of Sri Lanka Cricket at all times and shall be returned on request.

Grant of request

Sri Lanka Cricket may grant or reject the request for Accreditation in its absolute discretion and after imposing such further terms and conditions as it sees fit. Once granted, Sri Lanka Cricket may revoke Accreditation at any time in its absolute discretion without providing reasons and without being liable to compensate the applicant, accredited party, the employer or any other person.

Supporting Letter

To be considered for Accreditation, the applicant must provide a letter from his/her employer to support this application. This letter must contain the contact details, e-mail address and telephone numbers of the editor of the permitted publication concerned. Where necessary Sri Lanka Cricket may contact the editor to confirm support of this application.


The applicant agrees to conduct himself/herself in a way that will not bring the Event and/or the game of Cricket in to disrepute. The applicant agrees not to interfere with other Media Personnel, Spectators, Rights Holders, Officials and Players, terms or play at the event.