Media reports implicating player misbehavior

It is with deep regret that we note certain media organizations have been misleading the public by accusing some of our players of misbehavior, during the recently concluded tour of Zimbabwe. As a responsible administrative body of Sri Lanka Cricket, we would like to state, that we do not take disciplinary action against players based on baseless allegations that are vindictive with an objective of character assassination of individuals.

We assure all of you that appropriate action will be taken against any player no matter if he is a senior or a junior, if they are found guilty after a proper inquiry.

Proper inquiries will be conducted for all official complains or accusations that are brought against any player be it at home or on overseas tours.

We shall greatly appreciate if you could give us the due publicity for this statement since we stand to be accused of not taking any action against our players on disciplinary grounds.

We wish to convey our disappointment that in view of World Cup 2011 and forthcoming bilateral series only such baseless stories are given prominence in some media which would be detrimental to players and the country

Thank you, for your corporation, and support for our sport.

  • fan

    Sanath want to destroy SL cricket

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  • Asoka

    Do you notice a dangerous pattern in this country? Everything is the media’s fault or as some point out a journalist’s fault. These bigoted views are sad and should not be tolerated. People with such JINGOISTIC views should be dismissed.

    • Pubudu

      Not Everything is the media’s fault or as some point out a journalist’s fault,
      but in lot of instances it’s like that.
      Where can you find honest, impartial Media organizations or journalists in this country it’s really rare, like every other institutions they are also politicized being partial to certain to people or political party and putting their views instead of the true picture.
      If you are a journalist and you may be true and honest, but bro you need to accept most of the times it’s like that, It has been the general trend of our country for long time now. Media & Journalists are so Powerful these days and they are having power over most of the things & do Journalists have sound educational qualification or upbringing to be so Powerful?? & most of the times NO same as the politicians. so we have to believe what they tell ,and people do not know what to believe or not due this cheap rubbish journalists who think they know it all.

  • Pubudu

    Creating a big hype about Dilshan ???Are we seeing making the path for the inclusion of the OLD FAILING OPENER for World cup 2010????

    • vajira

      true brother…sana nw trying to com again…….sad about dilly…he should be in the squad wc …stupid india cricket board try to drop him bec.. they knw dilly and srilanka will be the big treate to them… may be they will dilly drop…. but …we have greate players… as replacement…. namely.. chandimal, jeevantha kulatunga , jeevan mendis……. sana not suit now……so slc hv to show our power to india and aus cricket boards ….by giving chances to above 3 for show their class in international leval.. and tell to stupid indians about our replacements………….

  • ruwanlankage

    Websites like are flooded with rumours about this given media reports. It’s good that sri lanka cricket issued this media report to clear up the air.

    • Cricketfan

      With regards to Ruwan Lankage’s comment about rumours flooding in, owner of the site promptly displayed the media release from SLC press office, giving it a very prominent position. members have been taking a firm stance on these rumours, raising questions about validity of most articles and their sources.

  • Cricketfan

    On Chesterfield files, column for Island Newspaper dated 5th of September, Mr Trevor Chesterfield was having another bout of verbal diarrhea titled “ICC probing the underbrush of a game’s deceit amid . . .Conspiracy of silence” wow, sounds very interesting, however it’s not. When you hear his views on late Hanse Cronje betting scandal for the umpteenth time whenever he get the opportunity to name drop, you lose the will to finish the article

    However, this is the opening paragraph of Chesterfield article ”
    They will be smiling in Maitland Place. Or, is that grinning, Yahaluweni? Doing a jig and slapping themselves on the back while they are about it.”

    Nothing new about his sarcasm there, but this the closing paragraph that made me think:

    Chesterfield concludes his article saying “As for the agent scenario, the view from the ICC is the need to regulate them, especially those in Asia. It is felt that all Asian agents need to be investigated by the ICC and registered with them to be able to operate and have their books go through a forensic audit. Failure to do so could result in the ICC banning the players of agents who are not registered and removal the endorsements that are not approved.”

    In the light of that the UK Guardian article titled ” Senior Sri Lanka player under spotlight by ICC” by David Hopps, and the Island newspaper article on the 6th of Sept titled “Amidst fixing row, agent cashes in”?, I am interested to see if Mr Chesterfield would write about non-Asian agents in Asia allegedly involved in twisting stories to their advantage to discredit players not managed by them. My guess is, probably not, if he did, he’d no doubt blame Sri Lanka Cricket administration or any random Asian Cricket /ICC administrator for it.

    • Asoka

      Very jingoistic of you, Cricketfan. Everything is the journalist’s fault. Let’s blame the media.

  • won.koob

    Al the ranting over India is fine, but the question still needs to be answered – Is any Sri Lankan involved in match-fixing?

    All comments appear to focus instead on berating India stupidly and skipping he question raised by the article.

  • 123

    Well in site like some indian writers always try to lift there country up and hurt other countries . unfortunately cricinfo is like the officaial website of cricket updates so every one reads it.
    the sad thing is that asians trying to hurt asians. special indian media do’s really disgusting to read or listen to the cricinfo articles or indian commentary

    first ICC should look after this indian paparazzi,and fake writers they r the once who kill the spirit of cricket

    • Sadun

      Yes thts right.cricinfo s disgusting sometimes..they only thinks indians and england only play cricket..luckily we got our own official site on net now..ICC shud ban Indian Cricket..all the bookies are from india..they ruin cricket..

      • kasun

        one more,one more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cricketfan

    I totally agree with Migara.

    There are so many matches won/lost by lot lower margins than 14 runs. Sri Lanka gave away 26 extras!! big deal. Is the article saying that Sri Lanka “threw” the match away? Not the first time Sri Lanka “choked” at a match, annoying for us fans but it happens. Who’s word we have here to support these allegations? Some low life Indian bookies? Horage ammagen pena ahanawa wage.

    • denisha

      i think the difference between srilankans and the rest of asian crickerters is they are smarter with their work.i dont think they will get caught even if they fixed the match.

  • chandra

    guys,if you think sirilankan players are innocent,just read not pointing fingers or anything…… never know.

    • Migara

      Hey Chandra, there is no ground for these allegations..! And how dare they call Indian players are clean…!! what rubbish!!! Do I want to list down the indian legends who got caught fixing matches..!! Present days fixing are so well planned and all player are fully covered…! Why dont ur “Times of India” newspaper start doing some articles about suspicious Indian matches where indian team players got involved in fixing?? Its very simple, bcoz BCCI generates the largest volumes of money to ICC and no one wants to open their mouth against Indian players..!!

      • chandra

        guys guys guys………….i didn’t write this article and i clearly said im not pointing any fingers.with the ammounts of money involved in modern game you cant be 100% you honestly think sri lankan players never ever involved in a mach fixing scenario?

      • chandra

        hey migara,this is from your own country’s news paper……………

        • Migara

          Well, displaying such an article on a site like this is as good as writing such an article…!! Somewhere in ur mind, you had the same intention of bringing disrepute to sri lankan cricketers..!! At the same time protecting ur indian cricketers..!! If an unbiased reader views that article, the person would have immediately dropped it with utter disgust coz that fixing claim has no meaning to it. Only a person like you with bad intention to bring disrepute to Sri Lankan cricketers would keep on posting such articles all over internet.
          BTW, yes, in Sri Lanka also we have such useless and jobless writers who write articles to newspapers for money…! u had highlighted such an article from dailymirror..!!

  • Cricketfan

    Mr Trevor Chesterfield, the columnist hired by an internet Cricket site wrote an article about Dilshan on the 19th of August 10. It was about Dilshan’s part in no-ball incident. But Mr Chesterfield’s article bordering on a personal attack on Dilshan, insinuated very clearly many times that Dilshan did something wrong during Zimbabwe tour. Writer claimed to have had e-mails about it from his contacts in Harare. What was he talking about? It’s puzzling me, why didn’t this so called respectable sports journalist pass on the proof to authorities about these hideous alleged crimes way back in June? why wait to till now ? Is it because Dilshan was not headline news back then? His article would’ve got buried with less internet hits at the time and less financial game for the writer? Motives of these journalists who pretends to be purer than driven snow, should be closely scrutinised as well.

    • Asoka

      Are you referring to this article from Chesterfield:

      Very bad of him to break the news to us, no? Some patriots prefer not to know.

      The following is an excerpt from Zimbabwe cricket spokesperson, Shingai Rhuhwaya:
      “Zimbabwe cricket has been advised of an alleged incident involving one of the Sri Lankan cricketers that occurred in the team hotel following their victory in the recently concluded tri-series in Zimbabwe. Upon further investigation by our security and legal affairs department, we have been informed by the local police that no charges were ever laid by any complainants…”

      ZC has admitted there was an incident. So what’s wrong with a veteran journalist breaking the news to you, madam?

      • Cricketfan


        What made you think think the poster Cricketfan is a woman?

        Veteran journalist broke what news? All this guy did was wrote some drivel amounting to a nasty personal attack on Dilshan with innuendos. He was just trying to ride the publicity wave in connection with Dilshan’s alleged involvement with Randive no ball incident.

        Cheap tabloid tactics, nothing else.

        Are you the person responsible for at the website who hired Mr Chesterfield to create controversial articles about players to get more hits for the site?

        If you are, I think SL Cricket administration should keep an eye out for people like you and never allow anywhere near Cricketers by giving media passes etc. God knows how much damage these people will inflict on players, just to make a quick buck.

        Otherwise, what is your vested interest in this? Why are you trying to spread more garbage garbage by so called internet site owners/journalist trying to milk this to the hilt.

        Who’s on the list next?

        • Asoka

          I don’t know what you are talking about, but must make sure these interim committee members’ extended family don’t keep getting free hand outs like world cup tickets and match tickets. We should be making money from every ticket. This administration is in a financial crisis.

          May the triple gem bless you all!

  • chandra

    no smoke without a fire guys,lets see whats gonna happen.everyone has a skelten hidden in their closet and truth will be revealed soon……

  • lankansoul

    india traped pakistan
    Players now they are

  • Pradeep

    I agree with Migara..!! Well, its a direct result of politics coming to sports!

  • Kumara Ratnayake

    @ Migara, you may have a small case to back your argument. However, the overall impression of your point itself seems to be very biased towards your own personal opinion. Please understand that two or three media culprits do not represent the whole sports media in this country.

  • Migara

    I fully agree..!! some media guys are working for big businessmen and for rich players..!! Shame on such media personnel…! Of course there are a few very professional unbiassed media personnel as well, but unfortunately these writers seem to be quite silent, lately. We hardly see a professional unbiased article on paper these days..!! Sad for the cricket..!!