Micromax Cup Tri Nation 2010 – Points Table










New Zealand












Sri Lanka


  • jay

    As long as Sanga is Captain of SL team and with some current players , sadly Sri Lanka will loose many more matches ,tournaments and spectators. It is time to request Murali to return as captain if not to have Mahela as captain again.

  • http://slc udara

    I don’t think Tharanga should play in this team. In the first match though he scored 70 it was very boring to watch him play.he couldnt defend with a straight bat and he didn’t have the balance when he was striking the ball.In the start of the innings plenty of balls passed his outside edge and few of them took the out side edge and flew over the slip code.some balls took his inside edge and went onto hit his pads.he could have easily got out in those balls.
    He was 36 off 43 balls at the end of the powerplay.and went onto score 70 off 109 balls.which shows that he only scored 34 runs off 66 balls after the powerplay. We all know it is easy to play in Dambulla once the ball gets older. But tharanga scored at a strike rate of 50 aftere the power play.And plenty of balls went pass his outside edge and almost got out when he was on 44.Even styris and nahtan macculum were frustrated after seeing all those balls missing his edge and seeing the amount of luck he has.(they were scolding Tharanga).
    I firmly believe had tharanga scored those runs bit faster we could have easily got the bonus point.He didn’t have any intention to do that he was only focusing on saving his wicket , having known that bonus point could be a big factor in this tournament.And after the batting power play was taken tharanga couldn’t middle a single ball though he was the set batsman.he couldn’t help sri lanka to get the bonus point.He coldn’t hit a single boundry in that power play as the all three fielders were on the off side.Which shows apart from cover drive and cut shot he can’t play any other shot.
    This is not the first time he played like this he all ways plays like this. He is all ways riding on his luck and i don’t know how long this luck is going to last.Like what happened in 2007 world cup.
    We once had a time where we didn’t move a single inch when jayasuriya was batting and when he had got out we switched off our Tv. But now we have to switch off our tv when Tharanga is batting and switch it on when he gets out. it is as boring as that.
    I think Mahela should be given the chance to open as we have samaraweera in the middle.Mahela can do lot of good as an opener as we have witnessed earlier.And make chandimal one down batsman and sanga two down.
    Having saying all this i know that i wasted my time as nothing will change and unfortunately Tharanga will remain as the opener and chandimal will have to wait for the
    2015 world cup. It is sorry to say that as long as sanga and Aravinda keep on thinking in the old traditional way sri lanka will have a very little chance to win the upcoming world cup.


  • sadun

    haha india’s net run rate s awesome..me like..!!