SLC perturbed & disconcerted

We are perturbed and disconcerted by the news reports which indicate that Virender Sehwag had been deliberately deprived of a reaching a century by Suraj Randiv bowling a no ball in the last over.

Sri Lanka Cricket being winners of the ‘ICC Spirit of the game’ award for two consecutive years is extremely proud of its Team and their achievements and conduct both on and off the field, as such it is necessary to clear the good name of Sri Lanka Cricket and Sri Lanka as a sporting nation, on a priority basis.

In this endeavor, Sri Lanka Cricket officials have requested the Sri Lanka National Team Manager, Mr. Anura Tennekoon, to conduct an immediate internal inquiry and forward a comprehensive report in this regard, where action will be taken accordingly.

  • Neo

    This thing about randiv and shewag has gone 2 far. I think as now they are settled about the issue we 2 must quit. I invite all the Sri Lankan and Indian pals to accept my invitation!

  • Ravi

    I thought of not replying to Spencer’s comments but could not help as he has used references that are not true. Raping war victims, I am afraid soldiers would do that in broad day light if they saw them properly.

    You used lot of racial references in your comments. I should repeat, SL pigs like you are a shame to your country and to your parents. Just for your reference, I am not an Indian as you are misunderstanding that I am supporting anyone by nation. I would do the same if any Indian cricketer did it to English team or any other team.

    I do not understand what makes you refer to Indian’s cry babies.

    – Did anyone from Indian cricket team complain to SL board about the incident?
    – Did BCCI/ ICC ask SL board to investigate the incident.
    – Did someone force Randiv to go and apologize, or did he do it on his own?
    – If there was no wrong doing, there was no point in him going and apologizinng. Do you think he could have gone mad?
    – Why did SL board take up the issue if they did not think of some wrong doing?
    – Did Indians ask Srilankan papers to write about the issue?

    Again piggy, come out of the gutter and you will see cricket as cricket, not by nation. If you have such a great nationalistic feeling, try stopping SL cricketers from going to India and beg from Indian crowds in IPL matches. I am not saying they should, but just based on your references to Indians in general.

  • sakib-ul-jbsxb

    Hi…….Bangladesh team should be the No. 1 cricket team in ICC team ranking and not the Australia,……….B’coz Bangladesh has defeated Aussies many times(2 times).

  • keshan

    Will Sri lanka cricket officials worship to BCCI and standing on their knees in front of BCCI?
    we all are watching how they react

  • keshan

    shame on you don’t have a backbone to defend suraj randiv.why sri lanka cricket is got so upset about this issue?what is the wrong randiv did according to icc code of conduct?there is no such thing ?so inquiry for what?if u have the courage to see this comment keep this moderators keep indian supporters comments and delete sri lankan supporters comments

  • angattha

    1ST DO THE CORRECTE THING THAN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • spencer

    Ravi, as a startup dont make a sporting issues into a political fiesco like what you guys in india do currently with the commentwealth games.

    well we sri lankans truly says indian cricket team is pathetic and sorry if you misunderstood my comment as here we talk about the cricketing isuuse not any thing political.since you talk some rubbish about indian army helping the GOSL well mate you being an indian should be damn ashamed of that as those indian soldier dod nothing but killed so many innocent people and raped so many women in he war affected areas in that period and the politician at that time in SL needed to send them back.They even couldnt beat the bloody LTTE terrorist so how can you say indian army helped us?just read the history and comment and for a country which as one of the largest battle forces couldnt destroy the LTTE but we sri lankans did it and we are proud of again Ravi your proving to be a cry baby. And yes your correct dogs have better attitude than indian maniacs like you.

    About the issue tell what happened to shewags famous pushing the ball to the boundry deliberatly in the SA tour to get amla off the stricke.where was all this media hype when that happened? shame shame..and if the indian team plays to the spirit of cricket why dont they got that award on previuoes icc awards ceremonies?talking about sportsmenship tell us then why did baji slapped sreesanth when they are national team mates? why dont the indian team doesnt want to use UDRS when the ICC clearly says if the home team likes to use then it should come into practise?

    how do you say randiv deliberatly do it? do you think sanga is an idot like you to give instructions in whatever language when the stump mic is active? oh how pathetic these indians are?SLC is doing an inquiry as they dont want to get a bad reputation to the country and the team and for that they are doing it to clear out the matter. you indians fans always charge a person before he/she is said to be guily well that shows the pathetic side of the indian cricket fans.

  • DR. Bakshi

    I personally am pained at what happened. We love Sanga and Mahela here in India and particularly in Punjab. They appear to be fine men and I dont think they would have steeped so low. Neverthless lets put whatever happened behind us and move on.

    • Neo

      I am really grateful about your unwavering friendship towards the Sri Lankans. Every human isn’t 100% good or 100% bad. Everyone do mistakes. So we must completely forget about this incident.

  • Ravi

    Like Spenser said in his comments, can we say “Pathetic Sri Lankan’s”. No, I don’t think we can blame all nation for the wrong doing of 1 or 2 persons. My personal experience, we have many many good sri lankan friends and I adore the sportive spirit of Muttiah, Jayawardane, Mendis, some of the great cricketers unlike Sangarkara.

    Everything is caught in the mic, Sangarkara is instead a Shame-garkara. Randiv is man enough to apologize to Sehwag in person, what happened to Sangarkara, probably feeling the shame as he is sure he is caught.

    Dear Sangarkara, we will sure meet in India. I know you for sure will come running here for money to play in IPL.

  • yoyo

    WTH..exactly..and is there any fool who thinks that even if sangakkara wanted to tell randiv to put a no ball., that he will shout behind the stumps when he already knows that everyone can hear. I dont think so because sangakkara is a person who goes witout umpires call even. And suraj balled 3 balls before hand. He could have gone for a no ball or rather a wide before hand it self. For his bad luck it ws a no ball and all this SL people are making a fuss about it to make the idian cry babies satisfiy…

    • A Rangabashyam

      In my opinion a lot of hue and cry has been raised about the no ball.As far as the action is permitted as per the laws of cricket nobody should use words like SHAME/GUILT etc.It wil be sad if the authorities take any action on the players.In fact the shamefull acts are those when a batsman knowing that he is out waits for the umpire to make a mistake so that he canitinue playing or a fielder who claims a catch knowing fully well that it is a bumped ball etc.Recent examples are the actions of Ricky Ponting and Clarke in the infamous test between India and Australia.It is such actions which are to be condemned .In this present case even if it was an intentional act,the concerned player has ensured the number of centuiries scored against Sri Lanka has been restricted by one.

  • Kanishka

    Ahooh! Sl cricket sir aravinda are satz this team they are like a kids team .
    Kapu is great batm but now he has problem plz called the tissara for strong batting lineup. And give the chance to banuka for odi and t2o team he is next jayasuriya.

  • Ravi

    Spencer, don’t try breaking the spirit of friendship between Indian’s and Lankan’s. Guys like you are a SHAME to exist.

    How dare you say pathetic Indian’s. Did you forget how many times Indian army put itself @ risk and come to help Sri Lankan’s (I am not using cry baby words like you did) . You sure wouldn’t know or care about the history, dogs have better gratitude than you in person. Parents should feel proud of their kids, not ashamed that they gave birth to a kid like you.

    Coming to this issue, I appreciate SLC’s move. If there was any wrongdoing or un-sportsmanship conduct behavious, it should be dealt very seriously. The same should be done either for Indian / Australian / Srilankan or any other cricketers. No one is an exception to the rules of the book and some that might break the sportmanship of the most popular game.

    My personal view, Randiv did not do it in the 2 & 3rd balls, but 4th, he deliberately did it. It came after the instructions that probably are heard on the mic. We will leave it in the good hands of SLC to decide it, I hope they will retain the spirit of Cricket and the ‘ICC Spirit of the game award’.

  • pravz


  • Palash Bolia

    this is not a good sportsmanship shown by randiv and whole sri lankan team …sri lanka board should take strict actions so tht the upcoming generations should not perform such deliberate tasks….m a sri lankan and but i am against the cheap job done by randiv..its not good for our country and our pride as a honest and pure country as a whole.

  • Ashi

    If anyone wants to know who playing a fair cricket…. Lets go back to ICC world cup 1996 (in Asia) There was a match in India and the people who throw rubbish (Plastic bottles etc) to the ground was INDIANS not Sri Lankans…. And who slaped their own player in IPL match? An INDIAN not a Sri Lankan… Who burn their own players houses when loose a match? INDIANS not Sri Lankans…. And there is much much more….. But now you guys talking about a fair cricket? If you playing a fair cricket y dont you go to Pakistan and play cricket with them?


    slc dancing on indian tune….. what a joke……………. slc should protect our players not indians……….

    • akash

      this is not true my frnd,don’t try to divide the world in the boundries
      just go for fair things which really matters,there is nothing about protection of players
      don’t you think that sehwag deservs hundred?

  • jai

    RANDIV did unfair job in the field,he should be fined. and sri lankan team dont deserve SPIRIT OF THE GAMES AWARD, and sehwag is great who forgive randiv.RANDIV TAKE LESSON FROM SEHWAG.

    • kk

      very good comment,
      randiv must be banned and sehwaag should be awarded.The whole lankan team should go to sehwaag and apologise.

  • Rahul

    This is the 3rd time Sri Lankan team has done it with the Indians. There is nothing wrong as long as one plays within the rules. But hope they grow up to become men rather than being kids.

  • spencer

    @ Siddharth >>> so whats your point siddharth? the bottom line is you Indians always blame other countries for cheating when you guys have a lot of garbage to clear out. so dont be a cry baby be a man and face the truth after all winning a match for your country is the important part not individual brillience or records as they come as complimentary to the package and why so much bothered about shewag’s ton …hmmmm let me think …. now all the indian media will cover up the 200 run defeat in front of the kiwis with this one so that the so called team india could come out of humiliation. pathetic is the word you describe when it is team india,

    • Siddharth

      @spencer Ha ha ha!! now sangakkara has to be a man and face the truth. He has been found guilty of provoking randiv. And excuse me?? who is got more crap in the country, india or sri lanka??? he he he!!! im on the floor laughing!

    • Fairplay you have a point of value somewhere in there. I dont understand what you mean by saying we blame others. You do something stupid on the sporting field ( be it right or wrong) and someone else is at fault. Is that what you are trying to say. Moreover we have accepted it and put it to rest but you still seem to try and justify yourself by talking about individual brillance etc..hhmm wonder who is the cry baby in reality. Just let it go. You will feel a lot more better.

  • DocRay

    Apparently the stump mic has picked up instructions in Sinhalese to Randiv to bowl a new bowl. If that is true, it is not only against the spirit of the game but also illegal. I’m glad SLC ordered a probe.

    This and the previous incident (against Sachin) makes Sri Lanka’s commitment to the spirit of the game seem dubious. Maybe they won the SOC award twice by hiding pranks like this effectively. Maybe, like Australia (who are the world’s worst sledgers and cheaters), they know how to circumvent the rules and get away with unbecoming conduct. A clean slate does not mean one is clean. It can mean that one was careful about not getting caught.

    The inquiry begin. For those of us who speak only English (and not Sinhalese), it would be good to have a translated transcript of the stump mic instructions. If true, such conduct should be dealt with for being unsportsmanlike and illegal.

  • Siddharth

    Ok now to defend sehwag, the reason why he pushed the ball to the boundary was not to prevent amla his century but to get the other tail ender on strike the next over so that the indian bowlers can have a go at the tail ender. The reason being it was the last wicket standing and if india can get the last wicket they win the match. That was the scenario there. Now let me put up situation here, When murali was trying for his 800th wicket the two indian tailenders were batting. They could have easily thrown their wicket away to any bowler or even get run out abd that would have actually been an anti climax for Murali’s exit. Instead they played each ball at its merit even though they know for a fact that the runs they score will not save india. So which team is playing fair cricket?

  • Ka

    Well done india
    Viru you are
    Great one

  • Ka

    Well done india

  • kuma

    SLC has forgotten Farveez Maharoof, i think it has deliberate has done some thing against to him, taking revenge or RACIAL discrimination against him? for limited over matches, players should be all rounders, can Dilhara bat, if top order collapse. so many chances has given to Kapugedara, what is he doing in the middle of the field.

  • Ron

    Alex is off his rocker when he blames Sehwag for denying Amla his century by deliberately knocking the ball over the ropes. He made a sincere effort to stop the ball but was unable. But Randiv’s action was shameful and if Alex thinks there it wasn’t, why did the SL manager, SL board and Randiv himself apologise to Sehwag?

  • praveen

    hey SLC dont dance to indian tunes ok…he bowled 3 deliveries before bowling a noball so wts d fuss????
    Everybody blaming Suraj Randiv & other lankan players for denying Sehwag the century, but Sehwag is no different.. why are we forgetting that he too deliberately pushed the ball for four runs todeny Amla from retaining the strike during the South Africa series.. forgot that??

    Sehwag earns dubious distinction as fielder

    Virender Sehwag earned the dubious distinction during the last day’s play at the Eden Gardens on Thursday for deliberately kicking the ball away over the ropes, with the intention of keeping Hashim Amla him on strike.

    It was the fifth ball of Sachin Tendulkar’s over, the South African innings’ 130th , when Amla smacked a square off a short-pitched delivery. The ball raced away towards the fence but stopped just short of the boundary line. Sehwag intentionally kicked it over to deny opportunity to Amla to change ends. South Africa were on 284 for 9 at that time with Amla and No 11 Morne Morkel at the crease.

    The umpires decided to award South Africa four penalty runs and also awarded a run to Amla for crossing over. The penalty, termed as ‘willful illegal act of fielder’ — the first such instance in Test cricket in India—- is covered under Law 19.6 of the Laws of Cricket, the ICC’s manual. BCCI statistician Dinar Gupte, when asked to recollect previous instances of such penalty for willful illegal act of a fielder by an Indian cricketer in Tests, said that there’s no such instance.

  • spencer

    @S KUMAR >>> dont be a cry baby kumar .shewag had four balls in that over to score one run and he was unable so why dont you people talk about the inability of shewag to get a single to get his hundred rather than blaming on randiv or sanga.Yes sri lanka deserves icc spirit of cricket award and won twice and my question is why india were unable to win it at least once? so any excuse for that? pathetic Indians always cry like babies.

  • Alex

    oh c’mon kumar..sehwag also did the same thing…no different..,,he too deliberately pushed the ball for four runs to deny Amla from retaining the strike during the South Africa series.. forgot that?? Sehwag earns dubious distinction as fielder..