Sri Lanka U19 Cricket team arrival

To all print and electronic media (Press Release)

Sri Lanka U19 Cricket Team will be arriving in Colombo (B.I.A) at 1.35 p.m. on 31st January, 2010 after competing in the U19 World Cup played in New Zealand.

Flight Details

EK384 31-Jan –DXB/CMB -0740/1325

  • ramesh

    Wow Roger Wijesooria coach is a best coach in our beautiful country.He know who is a best player? & give him to chance show her i think doing well her job & specailly in this year SRI LANKA U19 side be luky to have great captain Sanitha De Mel,he is a match winner .He know how to handdle her team.I think he is a better captain better than other i think srilanka u19 team can do something special this year.Best of luck sanitha & his team..

  • http://islandcricket S De Silva

    Well done boys for getting as far as you could. Bad luck in the semis.

    Hope all of you had a wonderful experience that you can take on to use in your future careers as you progress through ranks.

    Glad to have you all back home safely.

  • colvin de silva

    What happened to the u-19 side? what was coach doing? Didnt the chairman of SLC give all the facilities and the pet project to win the world cup. Roger Wijesuriya was sacked for losing with Bangladesh. How about with the new coach?? How many coaches ar elooking after the U-19 side?? Waht was so called consultant caoch doing? wasnt he there for the 2008 world cup too? No point giving excuses..better accept that they failed in there choosen field… Will they bring back Roger Wijesuriya to caoch the U-19 side again.