Aravinda to receive viewer comments

Chairman of the National selection committee Aravinda De Silva will be receiving the comments forwarded by viewers of the SLC official website pertaining to the team selection for the upcoming Asia Cup.

This will be done at the scheduled press conference arranged in view of the team selection  for Asia Cup 2010 at the SLC head quarters at 2.30 pm.

Patrons of the website are requested to make their comments before 1330hrs (SLT) for their comments to reach Mr. De Silva.

  • Was car up on offer?

    Well wellWell Mr Aravinda and the selection team,
    you really screwed this one up in style what was that bowling team?and why didnt Ajantha Mendis play??? 1996 should not be the only year we could or Should win the world cup!!! Really disappointing selection! We played in to Indias strength I think :(

  • anjelo jeevan fernanderze

    its a great p to tell you prrevillage on my openion to tell you that untill i have enjoyed watching srilankan team in the world…..with isanga,mahela,mathews and our legend murali,dilshan…
    and im happy to see that srilankan team selected for quartr….finals…….in order to obtain a challengable to target for opposition…………
    when you see middle order batsman…..only angelo mathews is doing so….besides him nobody is contributing to runs particularly in depth overs…….i suggest kapu,and thisera should come to the instead of chamara silva,and thilan…especially kapu should be given a chance to play for quarter finals…..i still remember the time of 96 world cup….it was owesome batting lineup….sanath ayya and kalu made superb starting for us….(1st 15overs)… once again i emphasize the selectors make some changes in the middle orders …therby we can fullfil our worldcup dreams for our motherland…………………..

  • Merlin

    You will do a fantastic job no doubt. He is perhaps the greatest batsman ever produced from the island.

  • kalpa

    Mr . Aravinda this is not about the Asia cup because i think you will make the correct decision. But if we think about world cup 2010 I think we are in no position to win it
    I agree we have talented cricketers but that just won’t help. If you mainly take Australia for instant they are damn talented bunch , I m not saying this just to discourage our cricket or some thing, it just reality is harsh, they are talented and I believe we can beat them to but the main problem I see in this situation is that we don’t have that much exposure to the those teams (Australia , England, south Africa) like we use to have when we won the world cup on 1996 but of course we have enough and more exposure to Asian teams in comparison if you have any way of making our team comfortable with those main countries I think we have a shot at the world cup otherwise we will just end up going to a semi final and loosing like we have done in so many times in the past few years please take this to your consideration

  • rabel

    my batting line up bowling line up kuasekara
    mahela malinga
    dilshan murali
    chandimal fernando
    jeewantha kulatunga

  • Suren

    Dear Aravinda,

    Let me first of all congratulate you on your appointment as the Chairman of the National Selection Committee.
    As you are undoubtedly one of the greatest cricketers Sri Lanka has ever produced, I am not going to advise you as to who you should pick and who you shouldn’t.
    All what I humbly request you to do is work with your brain and not your heart when it comes to the selection of the team for major tournaments.

    You must have the courage to perform as the Chairman of the selection committee to the best of your ability with honesty and intergrity.
    If you are unable to do it for whatever reason, gracefully step down, without leaving room for your reputation to be tarnished. You retired from first class cricket at the right time and I have no doubt that you will not do anything to damage the great respect you have earned over the years from the cricket loving public in Sri Lanka.

    Finally, I would like to wish you all the very best and Good Luck in your future endeavours in your capacity as the Chairman of selectors.

    This is your old friend Suren from Sirimal Uyana.

  • http://slc udara

    I think mahela & dilshan is the best opening pair as they have the maximum capability to get the best use of the powerplay.Tharanga consumes too many powerplay balls without making maximum use of it.Tharanga has always opened for sri lanka and got the opportunity to use the powerplay and still his strike rate is about 70.Is that enough for an opening batsman?he is not technically very elegant as well.In the field he is very slow to move.

    as we have mathews in the middle order(who seems to be mature enough to read the situation and play according to that.)we can use mahela as an opener together with dilshan to a good effect.

    i really don’t think tharanga should be picked for the we can remember what he did in 2007.


    hey chama thats good batting line up true but JEEVANTHA KULATUNGA?????? where is he

  • http://no chama

    sl’s dream batting line up for wc 2011 – 1)tharanga 2)Dilshan 3)Chandimal(w/k) 4)Mahela 5)sanga 6)Mathews .
    This line up will put oppesition bowlers on the back foot and lot of pressure.also will make thinkng on oppsition captains and management.

  • http://SS sygcj


  • http://Cricinfo Sudantha Vidanage

    Well done Mr. De silva, Introduce Chandimal gradually to International Cricket. It is very wise to hide Mendis as he can be very useful in the world cup. Please expose Mendis sparingly.

  • Susith

    I appreciate Aravinda being the chairman of the selectors. I hope he will not work for mere political gains. Aravinda, please keep up with your intelligence and honesty and that will be appreciated by almost all cricket-loving people in Sri Lanka. We criket lovers do not need any poliltical gain or similar but only to shine Sri Lanka as a cricketing nation and ultimately the betterment of the game of cricket -such a wonderful game. I am sure many of our cricket lovers lament that they could not in fact play cricket.

    I think this selction is good if you exclude Samaraweera and Kapugedera. It is better to bring in young Chandimal and perhaps Jeewantha too if he will be ultimately selected play few games: not just to sit in the dressing room. Can you make a space for Dilhara too. My guess is we should not include too many spinners in the squad but four fast bowlers

    When you select the players I think you should give priority to players who have got talent (that includes current form too), intelligence and composure. Sometimes we see many of our players have got the talent but not the intelligence and compusure. But those two are also equally vital for being a good player who can bring victories.

    I wish Aravinda good luck for his responsibility. Again I emphasize that we only need the betterment of cricket in Sri Lanak and that of game of cricket.

  • people’s champ

    calm down guys A de silva doing da right thing we already won asia cup 5 times don’t forget dat maybe A de silva targeting next world cup so stay calm

  • Chanaka

    Mr. De Silva we respect your abilities as a crickter but the team composition for the Asia Cup is some what questionable, what I feel is the criteria for selection should be based on current form of players & their recent performances against opposing teams as well as recent performances in domestic competitions. In this context I feel that inclusion of Malinga Bandara,Jeewantha Kulatunga,Chandimal would have made our team more formidable . Kandambi ‘s inclusion doesn’t justify his performances, which needs to be reviewed by the selectors.

  • Ravi

    Seems like a good team but really lacking on the bowling depetment.
    Normally Inida and Pakistan are very strong in their batting and he question is how many regular bowlers we have in the team who can take wickets in presure times. Still chandimal could’ve been a better option against Samaraweera. Some of your sellections are not justifiable. We are lacking hitting power in the middle overs in this team.

  • shenuka

    first of all we are really happy to have u as the presiden of the selection comittee.
    the squad for the asia cup looks okay but why is ajantha and thissara dropped..ajantha has performed well esp in the asia cup when we faced inida he gt 6 wickets and thisaara is a allrounder plus he is a good hitter too esp in the powerplays .including kandamby..i dont agree ..we shud have got dinesh .but he lacks in experience ..well u took all these decision to a plan so i hope evrythng wrks very well..good luck sl team..lets keep the cup in sl ..:)

  • ela

    Everything fine

  • http://MakeMAHELAOPENWITHUpulTharanga Indike

    Aravinda de Silava,

    Mahela Jayawardena is Sri Lnaka’s best batsmen. From what I read and heard Mahela believes that he can better express himself if he opens the batting for Sri Lanka.
    So my question is why can’t you get Mahela to open the batting with Upul Tharanga? Because just like we make cricket pitches for our best bowler–Murali, why can’t you accommodate Sri Lanka’s best batsmen with his preferred batting position in the batting order. I’m sure Dilshan will make a very good 2down batsmen.


    yes you ok

  • madhawa

    who cares these comments…??no respond from any1….useless thing…

  • Tivanka

    I think this is a great start to your tenure as the chairman of selectors. You’ve made some wise choices, and thats great to see especially as we take our next step towards winning the 2011 world cup.

    I believe Upul Tharanga and Dilshan is our best opening combination, especially in pitches in Asia. (Since Tharanga is still not the best in tackling swing outside the off stump against good bowlers in foreign conditions). But the world cup is in Asia next year, so he should come good. Mahela should come in at No 3 so that if we do lose an early wicket he can still build an innings. Sanga at No.4 of course.

    Great decision to send Chandimal and Jeevan to Australia rather than having them on the bench not playing any games. Chandimal is still in its early stages and should come good with tough experiences. Australia A should be a great experience for him. I believe Mathews came in to the limelight after a tour to South Africa A. These kind of tours make players and if they perform well instills so much confidence in them cause’ they’ve come good against tough opposition.

    Kudos for bringing Maharoof back. He is our 2nd best allrounder behind Mathews. Perera has to improve his bowling and maybe his shot selection and learn to build an innings.

    A couple of things, not sure why you brought in Herath. Good players against spin will take him apart in shorter formats. (Which you will find at the Asia cup). Since we already have murali and randiv as good spinners maybe going in with Dilhara (since he is regaining some rhythm and bowling with good pace) would have been a better choice in my opinion. Also, not sure about having both samaraweera and kandamby in the middle order. We should look at samaraweera in the middle order for the world cup. (better fielder and more experience and knows how to build an innings and play in the middle order).

    So, just my two cents above. All the best to you and you committee..

  • Ruween

    Actually I’m impressed with the current selector & world class player one & only genius Aravinda de silva who looking for the best Sri Lankan Team targeting for the world cup 2010 through Zimbabwe Tri-Nation Series, Acc Cup, Tournament with Australia A Team So on. That means Those tournaments filtered out the very B E S T Sri Lankan Cricket Team for 2010. It further imply that the features of Sri Lankan Team should have for the 2010 WORLD CUP which will held on Sub continent.


    So on………

    Sri Lanka Sindha Bath…..

  • Gerard

    At last there is someone to listen to the viewers. Thanks Aravinda.

  • Gerard

    I suggest Dilhara!

  • rrrr

    what has happened to chaminda vaas???he did perfem well in the ipl n stl he has the potntl.

  • Chris

    Mr. De Silva i want to ask you, what can Kandamby & Maharoof seriously offer sri lanka, whether it be asia cup or any other cup??? they can’t field for crying out loud amongst other things. Isn’t it better to have a much quality batsman in the calibre of chandimal and a leg spinning allrounder in the caliber of jeewan mendis in the side???

  • Kasun

    I would like to ask from Mr. De silva what’s his opinion about jeewantha kulathunga. Is he not even suits for A squad?


    Its good think. but cHANDIMAL Shoild be here> but Kandammabi. maruf useless? i dont know Aravinda what are doing?

  • sajitha

    Mr. Aravinda why dont put Chandimal in to the team.We saw less of experience didnt effect him much as we thought.When the world cup comes he will be a even better player.If you dont put him to the team all the youngsters will feel that there is no value for talent in sri lankan team as much as experience.and that will effect very badly on them.

  • kalu

    why its not inluding chandimal? my question only?

  • Chalana

    Mr. Aravinda de Silva, it is sad to see that you, being a very matured proffessional and a person not tarnished by politics, have not been able to recognize and give due consideration for the talents of Jeevantha Kulatunga.

    You know how consistant an alrounder Jeevantha Kulatunga is. To remind you, Jeevantha is the only player to score centuries in all Prov. formats : 4 dayers, 50 overs and T20 Tournaments in 2010. Dilshan like (or better) fielder, he can also bowl well as he has shown in domestc 4 dayers this year taking 4 wickets in the small number of overs given to him for bowling by the team captain while captain himself was bowling more than a regular bowler with no impact. (No impact, but surprisingly that captin is seen as a reserve somewhere). It is puzzeling that even at a time when so many tournaments are present this talented player (Jeevantha Kulatunga) is not seen around.

    Aravinda please give us spectators a few chances to see how this very committed palyer (Jeevantha Kulatunga) would employ his talents against a few international sides before it is too late.

  • Pakeerathan

    I am really disappointet, that you omit chandimal.He is a great young talented player and the player of future.




    Well done Ara, we liked u as a great cricketer and now we admire u as an unbiased selector.
    U have proved that political pressure is nothing to do with cricket team selections.

    Only few questions in this squad..

    Y Dinesh Chandimal is dropped eventhough he scored a century in the triangular?

    Who will be the opener?
    Mahela or Tharanga?

    Are we going to put pressure on Sanga as a keeper too?
    I thought its time to ease him out as a captain and give chance to Chandimal to be the keeper and aggressive batsman.

  • http://no chama

    mr. aravinda, chandimal should bat @ no.03 and keep wickets , sanga should bat in the middle order to stregnten our batting line up. we have to do some wonders where other countries may not even think,so you have good option, that’s chandimal, he can upset oppesitions with dilshan and mahela.use new stratergies as what you all have done in 96′ by sending kalu and sana to blast in first 15 overs. So trumph cards are there.just need to use them in correct time and correct manner. that’s it. we know our bowling line up was the key factor in odi’s in recent past. but now we have chance to prepare good batting line up where other countries may not even come close to it.
    suggesting dream batting line up for up comming world cup is .
    1)dilshan 2) tharanga 3)chandimal(w/k) 4)mahela 5)sanga 6) Mathews. this would be best bating line up for sri lanka in recnt past and most similer to the one in 96′ comparing with talent.this line up will causes many problems for oppesitions and captains,coz they have to have lot of plans when they come to play against us.
    SLC moderator-pls forward this to mr. aravinda.


    handimal, thirimanne and jeewan mendis are out due to aus a tour so one thing sure this squard will be d same squard we saw every day MR ARAVINDA U HAVE TO DO ONLY ONE CHANGE THAT CONFIRM JEEWANTHA KULATUNGA INSTEAD OF SAMARAWEERA OR KAPUGEDARA BEC KULATUNGA CAN PLAY AS A OPENER OR MIDDLE ORDER BASTMAN ALSO HE CAN BOWL AND A GOOD HITTER GOOD FIELDER expirence player i hope he will get a chance but if it will not happen srilanka cricket go down bec upcoming players will not consider interprovincial mathes bec kulatunga was the best player of last interprovincial tourment but still he struggle to get a plase

  • vimal

    chandimal is better than samaraweera

  • http://slc udara

    why did you pick kandamby?he is out of form and slow in field as well.
    and why Tharanga? he consumes too many balls and put pressure on dilshan.
    and technically very poor.



  • subash

    Where is Chaminda VASS?
    He Should include this team.

    • Disney

      Shiver me timbers, them’s some great ionfrmtaion.

    • Dollie

      I love reading these articles because they’re short but infrotmiave.

  • Sir pls add dinesh chandimal to the team…

    Sir plz add chandimal to the team

  • Deva

    I like your selection but why ajantha mendis not that squad..

  • Ryan Jansz

    It’s a great privilege to have you as the Chairman of the National Selection Committee. You have provided an unbiased selection based on performances and I’m confident you would be consistent in your selection policy. My question is why Chaminda Vaas is not given the opportunity as we observed him being in his prime form in IPL and County matches? As you emphasized the importance of experience in a squad I expected you to consider him based on his experiences and present form.

  • http://yahoo athirasa

    I suggest that Dinesh, Dilhara and Jeewan be included in the squad.