Asia Cup squad announced

The Hon. Minister of Sports has granted approval for the following team to participate in the above mentioned tour

  1. Kumar Sangakkara                           –     Captain
  2. Muttiah  Muralidharan                   –  V Captain
  3. Mahela Jayawardana
  4. T.M. Dilshan
  5. Upul Tharanga
  6. Thilan Samaraweera
  7. Anjelo Mathews
  8. F. Maharoof
  9. Chamara Kapugedara
  10. Nuwan Kulasekera
  11. Chanaka Welagedara
  12. Lasith Malinga
  13. Suraj Randiv
  14. Rangana Herath
  15. Thilina Kandamby
  • deva

    firstly i would like to thank for the chairman of the scb.he has great advantage to select a squad.i think this is great decision.but the problem is why does kandamby included to squad.he has not able to came to good manner with batting in which he participated in recent series.
    he has struggled with batting and he is not a good we should found a good player for that position.

  • vajira

    with kandamby ,samaraweera,maharoof we will lose asia cup and also2011 worldcup

  • dixon

    aravinda we hoped that u will n’t confirm sanga’s poor ideas oneday i remember i said that if u confirm sangas ideas u will have to face same consequences as asanta bec …. sanga select players base on relationship…………..but it was happened kandamby, kapugedara, samaraweera, still in the side due to sangas relationship talented players still in outdoor ex kulatunga , munaweera, gunarathne,chandimal if u go this way defa u cann’t be a good selecter

  • Udara Vimukthi

    Dear Aravinda,
    We are glad that u are the chief selector now, we have trust in you,thanks for dropping Sanath, bcoz he was insulting himself by playing when he should have retired. A pretty good squad, but my question is why samaraweera and kandamby both are included, bcoz they both are similar type and they both are not good fielders, so isnt it much better to have a guy like Thisara who is a hard hitting batsman who is also a capable bowler, he only had one bad series,he is the type of batsman SL need in the powerplays bcoz he can hit sixes unlike Kandamby. I’m baffled especially by his selection what has he done to warrant selection?…He gets stuck in the middle of the innings against even part time spinners and has he won any matches for us?the answer is no so please we need impact players like Thisara and Chandimal for the world cup…You also said that Chandimal wont be able to get a place as there are two other wicketkeepers,but why cannot he play as a specialist batsman, then we can open with Mahela & Dilshan & drop Tharanga who in my opinion is not good enough against quality opposition, Chandimal should be given a chance in the world cup. Please i hope your theory on 50+ ODIs will not effect Thisara and Chandimal’s inclusion for the world cup. Because performers should be rewarded unlike players like Kapugedera inspite of his immense potential has not performed according to expectations…
    But thank you sir for having the backbone to drop Jayasuriya, Mendis and been so forthright about the reasons for your selection.

  • madhawa

    what happened to Chandimal and Thisara..???????????????????

  • bandi

    WOW i thought that aravida got it all wrong but he gave a nice explanation about the squad …

    i think he did a good job..

    and good luck 4 our lions and be the champs of Asia again .. !

  • rrrr

    wiil chaminda vass gt d oprtunty 2 bk in the side???anyone cmnt on ds..i thnk stl he has the potnl 2 b n d side.

  • crckt

    what has happnd to chaminda vass???

  • Rapa

    I do agree that Chandimal is a gud player but I think he lacks a good cricketing mind like Sanga or Mahela has. the only place he will be useful is to open the batting (given free licence to hit every ball out of the park) but the problem is he is good against the spin bowlers than the pacemen so thus his talents and mind set contradict.
    Speaking about Thisara I do agree again that he is a very good player, but don’t forget what Maha has done bofore he got injured, so I think this is a 50 50 call. So I think Aravinda and the others must have thought give some experiance in Aussie soil for Thisara and another chance to Maha, but I won’t mind the other way around either.(Note: The team selected before to tour Australia didn’t include Maha which was stupid.)

  • Upali Jayamanne

    Everybody cannot be selectors. I feel that they have done the best taking in to consideration, everything. You cannot have more than 11 in the playing team, and only 15 in the quad. If SL becomes successful with this team, the selectors’ decision will be applauded, if not they would be taken to task. That is the reality in this part of the world. However, Chandimal seems to be a good prospect. It would have been good to see him in the squad had there been sufficient places. Just because he scored a century in his second outing against the Zimbabweans we ought not hasten him though, and expect a lot so soon and too fast and consistently. If he were selected to play, and failed against strong opposition, people will question the wisdom of selecting him. The psychological effect would also be great for him. Thilina and Farveez too are capabale of great things. Farveez is a bonus being a good allrounder. I think we should give them a chance to develope. The selectors’ job is a tough one. A thousand fans would have a thousand different opinions. I believe the selectors know what they are doing…as long as there is undue favouritism. Good Luck our team, good luck selection committe!

  • riyaz

    v v v dirty team wher is sanath / where is medis and peera why kandmy why kapugadera where is chandimal. arvinda is mad yar . i cnt belive that same on u arvinda . sanath has scored 5 hunds in asia cup . he is hst scorer

  • http://slc udara


  • Anony

    Mr De Silva i would like if you could answer this question…
    Why have you selected Thilina Kandamby and Rangana Herath ahead of Dinesh Chandimal and Jeevan Mendis?? If you take Kandambi, has he proved himself capable in the domestic games?? Herath, didn’t even play in the inter provincial games… Chandimal and J.Mendis are up and coming cricketers who proved themselves at the Zimbabwe tour… If you want to play experienced players, then you aren’t thinking about the future of Sri Lankan cricket… This squad has experience, its true… But give the up and coming youngsters a chance as well… I know you have a plan and would love to here as to why you omitted the duo of Dinesh Chandimal and Jeevan Mendis from the Asia Cup 2010…


  • http://SS sygcj

    Sanga ,Kandumbi ,Samaraweera ta Kamathi

    Eeth Chandimal ta kamathi na



  • Manula

    I think Aravinda said team selection depend on fitness and performance? I have few questions for Aravinda. If ts about fitness and performance why did you drop Jeewan Mendis and Thisara Perera? Kandamby, Thilan and Maharoof are worst fielders in Sri Lanka. And when did they play a match winning innings for Sri Lanka in recent past? Please don’t do this for players like Jeewan and Thisara. Thisara is also replaced by Maharoof in the A team. That’s ridiculous. Chandimal is still young and he should not be wasted like Chamara. But I’m really dissapointed with what Selection comittee is doing with players like Jeewan Mendis and Thisara Perera

  • Manula

    It’s a good selection. Chandimal will get his chance in the future. I think it’s a good thing to give them more exposure in Ausi rather than playing in Sri Lanka. But why did they replaced Thisara Perera with Maharoof in the Sri Lanka A side? It’s not fair for Thisara. He has performed well for Sri Lanka in recent months in the absence of Mathews. He might not be a better bowler than Maharoof but he’s obviously a better batsmen and a fielder than him. Since we have two good spinners in Murali and Suraj we also could have given a chance to Jeewan Mendis. He’s a good all round cricketer. Since we don’t have Sanath in the team we miss that allround spinner in the side. If we had him in the team we could have played both Mathews and Jeewan with four bowlers Murali, Suraj, Lasith and Kulasekara. Then ts a more balanced team.




    handimal, thirimanne and jeewan mendis are out due to aus a tour so one thing sure this squard will be d same squard we saw every day MR ARAVINDA U HAVE TO DO ONLY ONE CHANGE THAT CONFIRM JEEWANTHA KULATUNGA INSTEAD OF SAMARAWEERA OR KAPUGEDARA BEC KULATUNGA CAN PLAY AS A OPENER OR MIDDLE ORDER BASTMAN ALSO HE CAN BOWL AND A GOOD HITTER GOOD FIELDER expirence player i hope he will get a chance but if it will not happen srilanka cricket go down bec upcoming players will not consider interprovincial mathes bec kulatunga was the best player of last interprovincial tourment but still he struggle to get a plase

  • Mohamed

    Upula Tharabga and T. Samaraweera better to play againts low rank teams like Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and Holland

  • Mohamed

    Overage T.Kandambay for what?

    Poor fielding, Poor bowling and Poor batting

  • ravi

    what are they doing? why Maraaf? chindimal better than samaraweera & KAPU?
    if you have think experince player better to play than why stop sanath( its good dession) than he must play?

    i think we will give chance for chandimal oterwise how to he is get experince? kandamabi also not good form.

    any way Aravinda’s 01st selecttion we will see asia cup?

    good day



  • Benildus

    Hi All,

    let everyone give ample time for the maestro Mr Aravinda De Silva, I anm very confident that his decisions would not go wrong.

    He was in the team playing XI, for nearly 1.5 decade, when he represented the national team.

    Watch everyone, he brought the under 19 SL team almost to the Finals, in the NZ wickets, where none of our under 19 players aren’t used of the fast bouncy tracks.

    So I ask everyone, not to criticize the Veteran Mr Aravinda, I am sure he would pick the best of the squad, more than anyone, to win the world cup 2011, in the sub continental

    All the Best Mr.Aravinda De Silva

    He knows better than all of us !!!



  • shaaaaaaa

    shet that old samaraweer can’t run 2 runs ….but he s in the teem …..but that young chandi drops the teem …..this s very unfear……….
    heiii mr arvinda….we think u will do god work but………
    & wt happn 2 thisara.thees r or qeus….


  • http://no chama

    mr. aravinda, Seems to me this sqaud is more likly to announce for wc too since time running short.My simple question is can we have some players for wc who r under prforming while who are talented and inform players are not even in the sqaud?
    another thing is , are you trying to securing the future of senior players or future of sl cricket ?
    One thing is very cleary to me that, If dinesh chandimal was in India , defenetly he will select for asia cup as well as wc too,also dhoni backs him by giving gloves , considering the fact how faith they have shown towards, virat, rohit, ravin jadeja.My point will reflect in next IPL players auction, chandimal would get what he desrved to be.
    As a sri lankan I feel so sory about this young talent,coz our pundiths not understand or ignoring his talent.

  • Chalana

    Where is Jeevantha Kulatunga , who excelled in Domestic Twenty20, 4days and 50 over matches in all forms and being the only player to score centuries in the all three formats in 2010. He even excelled in taking good number of wickets in the limited number of overs given to him for bowling by the captain in 4 Prov. dayers. Sad to note even the new selectors are turning a blind eye on this talented player.

  • Sinthujen

    hei where is chandimal & tissera perera

  • nilupa

    I agree with Poorna, they can get experience from that tour but Chandimal is very good palyer to miss out.

  • http://- Poorna

    Chnadimal,Thissara & Jeewan Mendis already selected for the SL “A” squad to tour Aus,for both 4day and oneday versions,so to give experience in Aussie conditions.Thats why they were not in Asia cup squad.

    These types of tours are very important for young players like Chandimal and Thissara,

    Dilhara and Mendis not included even they performed really well coz SLC wants 15-16 players who will be in equal form for 2011 world cup,that why they included Herath and Welagedara,if one get injured then that player will replaced by a same type of talented in form player.

    Overall this is a very good squad!!!!
    Aravinda will explain this today at press conference !!!!

  • Ivan

    who is better??? Dilhara or Welagedara??
    Sometimes you can’t understand the mindset of these sellectors and on what base they make their decesions. Maharoof and Kapu both were included in Ausie tour and without any propper reason both of them bein called back on the day they were suppposed to leave for Ausie.. I wonder the involvement in Sanga in these sellections!!!!

  • http://- Poorna

    heyyy guys this is a very good experienced squad,
    wait till Aravinda and SLC selecting panel’s explanation for this squad!!!

  • Chris

    I cant ever remember kandamby winning a match for us, the 93 he scored against india was in a losing cause. For me he is quite selfish, slow and he is purely played as a batsman. What’s the point of playing him if he’s not a match winning batsman though. Would have been better to include somebody like Jeevan Mendis who is very useful with both bat and ball and can field a ball for one. Also D. Chandimal. Some mistakes in this squad definitely. Eg: samaraweera (once in a blue moon great innings don’t guarantee inclusion) herath (not sure bout him for one day’s) maha (the jury is still out on him) btw kandamby, herath & maha are not good fielders.

  • Nipuna

    On my view playing 11 for the first match must be [according to the aquad),
    T.M. Dilshan
    Mahela Jayawardana
    Kumar Sangakkara
    Thilan Samaraweera
    Chamara Kapugedara
    Anjelo Mathews
    F. Maharoof
    Nuwan Kulasekera
    Suraj Randiv
    Muttiah Muralidharan
    Lasith Malinga

    But just look at this 11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    T.M. Dilshan
    Mahela Jayawardana
    Dinesh Chandimal
    Kumar Sangakkara
    Chamara Kapugedara
    Angalo Mathews
    Jeevan Mendis
    Thissara perera
    Nuwan Kulasekara
    Suraj Randive
    Lasith Malinga

    This is a good Young n well balanced side…Have a good batting depth and have a great bowling unit….3 main bowlers,5 part time bowlers, 5 main batsmen, 3 great all-rounders.
    I’m telling u ……………this is a good team…….comment on this people……what do u say?

  • http://SS sy


    @SLC moderator-

    DID BCCI bribed our bankrupted Cricket board to not to include Chanimal & Tissara Perera???????

    or our senior players are afraid of Chandimal`s Talent..?

  • Nipuna

    It’s not too bad….But I think chandimal is better than kandamby…..and thissara perera is better than welagedara….batting department is little weak in this squad…i think thissara perera is a very good in batting power play and chandimal is very good with sprin bowling attack. Its gud that maha n herath got a chance…. if aravinda is thinking that old faces will win the WC for us…its not a good idea…all new teams have won the icc trophys. like SL in 96, India in 2007 t20, England in this year,Pakistan and many more….its young blood which have that ability….so we should get them some experience….For the WC 2011 you must consider chandima and thissara or jeevan mendis.

  • SL Man

    I hope Chandimal isn’t picked thinking that AUS tour is going to help him more.He is a must for SL because he will take pressure off Sangakkara by taking gloves.Sangakkara’s captaincy can improve when he gets the chance to move around the field.Chandimal contributes in so many ways.Match winner with bat & energetic wicket keeper.I hope Aravinda’s theory of 50+ ODIs won’t keep Chandimal out of WC team.He can do better things than most batsman we got in the team at this moment.

  • kush

    omg what happens to chandimal and jeevan mendis.. :( very poor selection

  • thushith arachchige

    whr z Chandimal? he shd hv gvn a optuni? bcoz he had done bettr dan Samaraweera and kapugedara… i would make few changes to this squad…

    Rangana Herath



    LD Chandimal (SL) 4 4 2 143 111 71.50 168 85.11
    better than
    TT Samaraweera (SL) 4 3 1 63 28* 31.50 76 82.89
    records even impressive than

    CK Kapugedera (SL) 5 3 0 74 42 24.66 124 59.67

    Jeewan mendis ( v dfnty ned a spin allrounder in case f v r 2 ply 3 fast bowlers so he shd hv inld)

    Thisara perera (v r missing a hard hitting all rounder for batting power plays guy like a albie morkal so should hav given a run)

    Dilhara Fernando ( though he dosent deserve it …but he is a better strike bowler than welagedara so i would hav him bcoz he can bowl arnd mid 140kmh so )

    so v can play

    1. Dilshan 2. Tharanga 3.Chandimal 4. MAhela 5. sangakkara 6. angelo 7. chamara/ jeewan 8. kulasekara /thisara/Dilhara 9.suraj 10. malinga 11. murali

    side seems more balnce with

    4 frontline bowlers v cn make up 10 overs from mathews/ jeewan
    3 front line bowlers v can make up 20 overs from (Mathews/jeewan/thisara/)

    playing IX from selected XV

    1.Dilshan 2. Tharanga 3. Mahela 4.Sangakkara 5.Samaraweera 6.Kapugedara 7.Mathews 8.kulasekara 9.suraj 10. murali 11. malinga

    its not a bad side at all but when we consdr bench strngth and bating fire power we r bit lacking….

    Im suprzd that the greatest ever batsmen srilanka has ever produced made this mistake..

    Kandambi/welagedara/rangana herath/maharoof….

    lack in batting firepower and also the feilding

    Chandimal/thisra/jeewan/dilhara (X-clude)

  • sajitha

    same old same old.Aravinda spoke so high and done even worst.Kandamby is a good player.But not enough for this Sri Lankan team.We have good youngsters like Chandimal,Jeevan Mendis,….but 28 years old Kandamby is in team.he is not surely a future star.If century against india not enough for chandimal to be in squad,what should he do to impress selection commitee.let me remind you still kandamby hasnt made a century yet.

  • http://yahoo Vasudev.A

    S.T.Jayasuriya,once the pillar of Srilanka Cricket is now given a clear message by his non-inclusion. Mate, We need youngsters, it’s time for you to go.If he doesnt realise that before the 2011WC he might have to retire for not being included in the ODI WC Squad.

  • Vijesh

    Dame Squad…
    No Chandi, thisaara
    Mahaa kk he can make an impact
    No Mendis that’s good otherwise Indians will hammer hm!!!

    We are now strong in batting but we should improve ur bowling
    Mathews, Malinga, Murali, Randiv, Kula, Wela, Mahaa superb!!!

  • ashean thuduwage

    where is our new star dinesh chandimal? welawa damme ai? aparade chandimal

  • Indian


  • Indian

    I am an INdian


  • Pradeep

    why chamara kapu?

  • http://yahoo athirasa

    Dilhara and Chandimal supposed to have been included in the team. Good that Bindusuriya is not included.

  • shenuka

    disappointed ..chandimal,thissara left out ????

  • nixy

    Well not a bad team at all … but just a bit suprised to see the inclusions of maharoof, samaraweera & even kandamby .. not that the new selection committee has made any blunders of sorts but i think those 3 players shouldn’t have been retained .. its pretty unfair on a player like chandimal who has scored enough runs in his debut series … even though it was a series involving zimbabwe & a 2nd string indian side he played well enough to score a hundred against india in just his 2nd game … and i think even jeewan mendis did well in this tour so even he should have been given an opportunity against tough & quality opponents like pakistan and a full strength india team .. i’m sure chandimal and jeewan would have both fared well …

    Farveez maharoof in for thisara perera is an absolute joke … I dont think maha has done enough to regain the 2nd allrounders spot in e squad .. true that thisara was whacked for 40 runs in around 4 overs but basically most of the bowlers gave away runs … thisara for me is more of a batting all rounder somewhat similar to angelo …so i think he deserves to continue been in the squad .. he has made contributions in his own manner.. Maha infact has too much of an attitude .. it has been there ever since he joined the team @ the age of 19 … so dat selection for me is a BIG NOOOOOO !!!!! 4 me there would have been 3 changes to this line up which wud be samaraweera,kandamby & maharoof – OUT & chandimal , jeewan & thisara in …

    But i’m sure the committee is gonna do the best for sri lankan cricket so i’d like to congratulate aravinda and his team on there appointment and hope they will bring the best cricketers in srilanka to e helm …

  • Pawanjaya

    Chandimaluth hitiyanam elama thama.

  • saranga

    What happened to Dinesh Chandimal and Jeevan Mendis?