Briefing on ICC Working Group Proposal

Media Release

Sri Lanka Cricket wishes to announce that the Executive Committee met with all the stake holders, Past Captains, Past Presidents and Secretaries of SLC and the Sports Ministry Representative to discuss the ICC Revised Working Group Proposals at the Auditorium of the Ministry of Sports.

Revised Proposals put forward by the ICC, the views of the legal advisory committee, and the financial evaluations were taken into consideration and discussed in detail. The views of the Executive Committee were expressed based on the above. It was explained at this meeting that the SLC Executive Committee was firmly of the view that all endeavors should be made to safe guard the current rights and privileges of Sri Lanka Cricket as a Full Member of the ICC.

All present at this meeting were in unanimous agreement with the decision taken by the Executive Committee to oppose the Revised Proposals.

  • Reality Check

    Since the crafty moves of three greedy p*** India, England & Australia, cricket is no more a gentleman’s game but it will be a money making machine where who ever will inject more money will write the fate of ICC. By the way, all the money pouring into ICC does not belongs to those countries where it comes from but it is the money that people paid to enjoy the game of cricket. Let me paint you an example, Film’s rights are not sold to cinemas at all they are hired, in a way if film get hit and attracts more money does not mean that the film distributors will start asking more money from the people who hired the film in the first time but here we are talking about cricket, a sport not a film where each cricketing nation have the democratic right to sit down and make things right in a democratic way but not face a veto power from a third nation to overcome and control a decision. Yes, I agree and is negotiable to have big bite if a country is injected more money in ICC, but to use veto power and interfere the decisions of all ICC members is not acceptable at all. Without being prejudice, what England & Australia are trying to do, they have control on cricketing nations with white skin but they have no control on those teams with dark skin, so they came out with plane to use India, the best bet as they wine and dine together, to have control on those teams with dark skin and by knowing a the mentality of Indians another form of Jews type, they gone ahead with this plane as money is their second ‘daavtta (god)’, in the current climate. Think and think hard, this trio was making plans without other cricketing nations knowing, and the worst part is if they can be such sneaky & crafty, what are they going to do, once they take over? I tell you what will happen, the graceful game of cricket will go into gutter but they will have their hands on the money that they were planning for the last six months. I feel disgusted and I better finish my comments before I puke.