Chamara Silva returns

Chamara Silva is tipped to replace Thilan Samaraweera for today’s Micromax tri series ODI game against New Zealand to be played in Dambulla.

Sri Lankan team management has made 2 more changes to the side which lost against India on Monday by bringing in Rangana Herath and Ajantha Mendis in place of suspended Off Spinner Suraj Randiv and Fast Bowler Dilhara Fernando.

The pitch to be used for today’s game is expected to offer less assistance to Fast  Bowlers as it’s freshness has subsided after being previously used in the tournament.


    SELECTORS!!!…Consider Jeewantha For The World Cup Squad… He can come at Number 3 if not Open… Dilshan,Mahela,Jeewantha…Sanga,Matthews,Silva/Kapu,Perera,Herath,Kulasekara,Randiv,Malinga…

  • http://slc udara

    Best Playing xi and batting order

    Chamara silva
    Jeewan mendis

    With this team all three departments are fully covered.

    • Thilina

      Yes.. Agreed

  • Thilina

    Best Team for ME :

    3.Dinesh Chandimal
    4.Chamara Silva
    5.Sangakkara (No 5 is Dhoni’s place , #1 ranked in the world [[Why sanga can’t????]])
    8.Thisara Perera
    9.Suraj Randiv / Ajantha Mendis

  • http://slc udara

    To day we saw how good it is when mahela and dilshan open together . It just gives us the ideal opening partnership (foundation)in quick time to build our innings. we can get more runs quickly from mahela in the power plays as he got the ability to play over the top. As players like Chandimal and chamara silva coming good we can take this gamble to remove Mahela from the middle order and to open with him. This is why I always felt that we must replace Tharanga. With mahela opening and chandimal as the one down, makes our batting line up lot stronger.Give a chance to Jeewan mendis as well.


    Going with Consistency… Actually Chamara is back in the side After a Good Outing in Australia… He did the same Last World Cup too, entering the side Just wen it mattered and He played some good knocks at last WC too… Its nice 2 C him back in Form… I personally think Thiran wasnt dropped, they are just seeing if Kapu can fire…he does have potential..but how Consistent is he?? Thiran,Chamara,Kapu,Thisara,Kanda n Chandimal are All fighting 4 the 2 spots available in the middle order… Then the issue of Tharanga…do v stick with him or let Mahela open? Tharanga scores once in a while n that just keeps him his place…a little bit more consistency and A Score UNDER PRESSURE wud Solidify his Place.. God Bless Srilanka! ;-)

  • srilanka cricket

    well. talking about chandimal.. superb youngster have a good future ..also got 244 recently….. so if he maintains this good form futher…. he will be confirmed… and also he has to get more and more experience…
    talking about jeevantha kulatunga .. he will get a big chance ..that he play champions leauge this September so if he play well as an opener or middle order batsman he must be selected no doubt so he has to play well in champions leauge… if he fails .. there is no point to get into squard so selecters look at his performance in champions leauge…..
    talking about tharanga … he is an inconsistent player… so he has to maintain his form further…. but any way tharanga and dilshan are playing together from long time… so both are suit have a understand…. it’s good for worldcup….but we need an extra opener.. surely it will be jeevantha kulatunga ( if he play well in champions leauge ) or udawatte
    talking about kapugedara his has a good young talent but unfortunely inconsistent have been given enough chances… still not mature… but there is a limmit to give that type of chances

  • Randika Ekanayake


    1.TM Dilshan
    2.Mahela Jayawardena
    3.Dinesh Chandimal
    4.Kumar Sangakkara
    5.Chamara Silva
    6.Anjalo Mathews
    7.Thisara Perera
    8.Suraj Randiv
    9.Nuwan Kulasekara
    10. Rangana Herath
    11. Lasith Malinga


    Since we have to participate in the world cup with in another six months down the line, we should have a strong side to get the advantage of Asian conditions. As I analyzed, current Sri Lankan team has following problems in their line up. As I believe selectors should have a mentality to think out from the box to pick a good side.

    1. Upul tharanga is not the ideal opening batsman who should coupled with dilshan
    Because tharanga is a slow starter of an innings. Even thought he gets a start, he does not score at a good strike rate. Since he is not scoring at a good strike rate, it will put pressure on other players like sanga and mahela. Further more, If Sri Lanka team has to chase a score above 260, tharanga will play the mach to the hands of the opponents(because of his strike rate).
    So, Mahela should open the innings with dilshan. Because, he is quit capable of maintaining a good strike rate when he opens the innings. Further more he has the experience to play the anquar role of an innings. So others can play around him.

    2. Dinesh Chandimal should include to the side and he should bat at No 3 position. Sanga should play @ NO 4.

    3. Chamara Silva should given the place instead of Thilan Samaravera. (Since he is in a good form) Smarawera is a wonderful test batsman. But samarawera is not up to the standard of 50 over cricket.

    4. Thisara Perera sould play @ No7 instead of inconsistent Chamara Kapugedara. Thisara will add fire power to the lower middle order. It will be useful in batting power plays as well as when we have to chase scores more than 275. He is quit capable of big hitting. His bowling will be useful to fill up more than 5 overs when ever needed. HE WILL ADD MUCH MORE DEPTH TO THE SIDE

    5. Suraj Randiv and Rangana Herath should play. It will add much more verity in the bowling attack. Both spinners are quite capable of picking wickets in regular intervals.


    • Sanjaya Ekanayake

      Randika I agree with you to most of thing that you have mentioned but I think Chamara Silva and Rangana Herath not ideal players for next world cup team.
      I also think Mahela or Chandimal are better than Tharanga to open the innings with Dilshan.
      My World Cup Squad:
      1. Thilakaratne Dilshan
      2. Mahela Jayawardena
      3. Dinesh Chandimal
      4. Kumar Sangakkara
      5. Jeewan Mendis/Thilina Kandambi
      6. Anjalo Mathews
      7. Thisara Perera
      8. Suraj Randiv
      9. Nuwan Kulasekara
      10. Malinga Bandara/Sachithra Senanayake
      11. Lasith Malinga
      Thilina Thushara, Ajantha Mendis, Jeewantha Kulathunga, Mahela Udawatte

  • sachin

    srilanka don’t have an extra openner yet………………if tharanga or dilly fails who will be added …… poor selections… so give chanses to jeevantha kulatunga to play international leval before it’s tooo late … not only for t20 he is more suit for one dayers…..

  • http://slc udara

    Aravinda, enough is enough. replace Tharanga. you , being the best batsman sri lanka ever produced, can’t you see Tharanga is not even close to the international level with his technique and or at least with his aggression. If you still want to keep him for any other stupid reason then teach him at least one shot other than drive and cut.Because those are the only two shots he knows to play.

  • S.Ekanayake

    Samaraweera is good test batsman. That’s true It’s no doubt but he’s not a one day cricketer. Chamara Silva is also same. We have more talented young cricketers like Chandimal, Thissara Perera, Malinga Bandara, Thilina Thushara, Jeevantha Kulatunga, Jeevan Mendis, Sachithra Senanayake, Janaka Gunarathne, Sikkuge Prassanna but these players not get chances due to sanga’s involvement of selection. Aravinda if you are genuine selector please drop Samaraweera, Chamara Silva, Kapugedara, Tharanga, Dilhara from the next World Cup squad and replace of them from tyoung cricketers like Chandimal, Thissara Perera, Malinga Bandara, Thilina Thushara, Jeevan Mendis, Sachithra Senanayake.


    what is joke? kapu is only batsman he is not getting run , but still he is play? i cant undersrand awhat are you doing Aravibda? he also same as Asantha?
    Chanidimam is very telant player but still he is A team? Thrssera perera is allroundeer he is more than kapu?

    aravida dont eat our Cricket


    srilankan cricket commentator yesterday at channle eye before the match said that ” srilanka now use their limited resources .. that;s why kapu, chamara, samare use this not a tactic .. reason is srilanka only have limmited resources “” what a joke we have enough resources to play like chandimal, jeevantha kulatunga , jeevan mendis , janka gunarathne, sikkuge prassanna , thissara .. may be indika de saram for t20 but these players not get chances due to sanga’s involvement…… of selection. it’s led to injustice specially for chandimal , kulatunga …….

  • Sri lankan cricket lover

    I thnk kapu gt more than enough oppertunities 2 cement his place in da team..i knw kapu z a wonderful talent 2 sri lanka cricket bt juz gv hm a break (kind of warning abt his perfomances)so he wil come back with all guns blazing..i thnk we should gv thisara perera a chance..he is a hard hitting batsman who cn change da match in a very small time period…i thnk if he playd dt match aganst new zealnd we would hv certainly gt da bonus stil its nt too late jus gv hm a chance in friday match


    Looks like Premasiri is actually Samaraweera writing….

  • Ben

    IO, why samaraweera has been dropped, why is kapu not been penalised a single match..
    very ridiculous, he use to play every match, is he the next mahela jayawardena

  • http://no chama

    ara and sanga ….we need chandimaaaaallllllllllllll………that’s it……he scored briliant 242 against south afirca ‘A’ yesterday….may be aravinda and selectors don’t know about pls find out it in cricinfo/sri lanka page.Also we know that’s is not the fact to select for SL national side( how pathetic sl selection process). he may have to pay good sum to sl selectors and baby sitting with sanga’s kids too… if he do that he will get chance , otherwise scoring runs is not the factor to select ….

  • ayesha

    what a joke. samara is replaced by chamara silva!!! if crapgedara was replaced by chamara silva, i donot mind. but samara!!! it looks like aravinda has also become a joker now!!! he has more faith in crapgadara more than samaraweera.

  • Kevin

    This is absolutely madness..!! How come a player like Samaraweera gets replaced by this useless Chamara Silva..!! Whats happening here..??!! Mr. Aravinda De Silva, we expected much more logical and professional thinking from you!! This Chamara silva may be a talented cricketer alright, but his performance up to date has not indicated that he is suitable for this class of cricket. Most of all, how come Samaraweera getting replaced by him..??? Can’t you find any other player who is performing worse than Samaraweera at present?? Or is there something funny behind this whole episode? Is it purely because someone wanted to give Chamara a chance and samaraweera had to sacrifice his position?? Just imaging, if Chamara Silva gets a fifty in this match, he will get permanent position in the team..!!! Someone over there wants this guy in the team at whatever the cost..!! This is seriously disturbing news for all Sri Lankan Cricket followers..!! Of course, except Chamara Silva’s fans and friends..!

    • Sachindra

      Mr Kevin this is not the 1st time he was dropped to make way for selectors’ favorites it did happen in 2003 as well for the reasons of failures in just two Test Innings. That is why the number of Test innings that Samaraweera has played so far is almost half, that of Mahela, in spite of he ( Samaraweera) is being one of the very few batsmen in the history of Test Cricket who has never allowed the Test Batting Average to go below 40 run mark. Above all he is the only batsmen in this squad who has won the Best Schoolboy Batsman’s Award in two instances (in 1994 & 1995). Others in this present squad could not come even any closer in winning it, only exception is Angelo Mathews who was adjudged as the 2nd Best Batsman in 2007 after Nilusan Nonis who has won the Best Schoolboy Batsman’s Award.

  • Premasiri

    To replace Samaraweera we need a Tendulkar type of a batsman. What has Chamara Silva has done in his 10 year career of International Cricket with a 1st Class Batting Ave of 37.50? Samaraweera is the most complete batsman in the National side who can stroke the ball all along the ground right from the bat at will, a thing which all other top order batsmen find it difficult to execute. He should be sent to bat at No 3 (instead of dropping him) but not very low down in the batting order. That was what he did with a fighting innings of 100 at Premadasa when he last met NZ in the Idea Cup, at a time all other batsmen of half technique ( Majority of their strokes are edgy or travel some distant before kissing the ground.) were all at sea under difficult batting conditions. We badly need a quality batsman at this position who has skill to demoralize any class of bowlers on a difficult wicket under difficult batting conditions. If Samaraweera is not suited to play in this Side then all others have to be dropped before him. One cannot survive with his risky stroke play all the time. That is what has been happening since the retirement of Atthapathu, there is not a single solid stroke maker at the top to hold the batting together at regular basis that was why we have drop down to the No 7 position from No2 in the ODI rankings since 2007. My advice to selectors is, please don’t have too much faith on Mahela & Sangakkra because their fragile technique is not good enough to do what Aravinda, Hashan & Mahanama did in the 1996 WC. They were complete failures in the 2003 WC when they were 8 years younger. It want be any different in 2011 as well.

  • Mr. Cricket

    Kapugedara must be paying 50% of his match fees to the selectors…

    • Ajith

      Thank god smarweea dropped. He is not a 50 over cricketer. At lease selctors have done their job now brininging Chamara silva.

  • kalpa

    stl kapugedara playing,i dnt kno wts goin on with the selectors???kapugedara playing as a specialist batsmen bt he’s avr arnd 23 so wts the use of playing him as a batsmen.i thnk thissara perera must play not kapugedara.anyway adding chamara silva is a good move.