Cricketers greatly benefited by Skills Development Training

Skills development program organized by SLC for the benefit of Cricketers was well received by the participants with high enthusiasm. In perspective, the participants were rather unanimous in commending the first phase of the training program which was on psychology& Behavioral Science conducted by Dr. Naomal Balasooriya, a well reputed corporate trainer in Sri Lanka.

In fact, this skills training program was aimed at making vital behavioral changes and a positive mindset in budding cricketers, in order to groom them to face future challenges constructively and also resort to out of the box thinking. In analyzing the feedback given by Cricketers and Coachers who were present during this training session, it could be presumed that the objectives of the training were all met-and it brought about a phenomenal change as envisaged.

Mostly, youngsters were given an impetus to their self confidence and mental vigour to reach their peak performance on and off the field, through this skills development training program. SLC Administration firmly believes that enhanced skills acquired by youngsters will not only help them to react to any adversity in the field of cricket but face life’s obstacles with better mental soundness and concentration.

Glimpses of comment made by Cricketers and Coachers in charge are appended below.

Cricketers’ Views



Firstly, I wish to extend to the organizers my sincere appreciation for having conducted this program. Having been a participant at this program, I give below the areas where I gained much knowledge and to my benefit, i.e.

1)      How to achieve leadership qualities.

2)      How to work in a team environment

3)      How to develop our character

4)      Public speaking

5)      How to set goals in life and how to reach them.

We appeal to our Heads to please organize such programs on a regular basis which will enable us gain more experiences in our career and which will hold us in good stead.

I look forward to participate in future programs too.





Just a few lines on the above program.

From my point of view, I felt that this program led me to understand what positive thinking was all about.

Also, I learnt how to be a listener and when somebody is wrong how to handle such a person and how to be effective in whatever we do.

With regard to Public Speaking – I gained a vast knowledge in how to present myself with full confidence in myself.  This really made me feel proud and I can say that I have got over my fears at a presentations.

I would like to thank the organizers of this program for all the good work on our behalf and look forward to further participation at such program, which will be to our advantage.




Having been a keen participant at the above Program of Behavioural Science & Psychology,  I find that I can now Speak without fear in front of a crowd.  This was one of my main weaknesses which I have now got rid of.

By following this program on a regular basis, I think that Nothing is impossible, if you really try.

Also, I am now aware as to how to improve my effectiveness, how to express myself clearly and confidently and how to achieve the desired goals.

Much thanks to the organizers and hope there will be more such programs in the near future to make a good improvement.


Coachers’ Views

This program was held for approximately six days continuously and what we felt was that the program attendees will use their new skills immediately to :

  • Increase their confidence and improve
  • Their effectiveness
  • Make a good improvement
  • Express themselves clearly and confidently
  • Achieve the desired goals.

We recommend that more such programs be conducted on a regular basis to enable the players to continue to improve themselves further by being more mature in their thinking and behavior, and to get their fear factor out of them completely.  By this way, we will be giving the players an opportunity to groom themselves up to international level.