Dew prompts tomorrow’s match to start early

Tomorrow’s match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will be starting at 1330hrs Sri Lankan time (1400hrs local), which is 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled start of play.

The reason for the time change has been the excessive dew factor which prompts the ball to get slippery thus placing the side bowling second at a distinctively disadvantageous position.

All three captains have expressed their willingness to the match officials to adhere to the new starting time .

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  • MuizUzair

    Playing the match 30minutes earlier is not going to make much of a difference. As Sanga had suggested after the first match to start at 11 am would be ideal. Anyhow, something is better than nothing. The BCB had done something to help the team fielding second in whatever was possible for them. So, the team batting second still has the advantage unless a score of 325plus is set by the team batting first.It would be better for us to bat first on Sunday and expose our bowlers to the dewy conditions before the finals.

  • Sulochani.B

    I think it is good for the Teams and happy that the Bangladesh Cricket Board arrested the situation. It is really tuff on the players and very demanding. The fielding side and bowlers need to have a fair chance.

    About the selection of the standby players, dear Selectors please back your earlier selection decision/s and the Nation is with you, do not bring back the players you have dropped for obvious reasons. So Dima, Don, Chami and John do not take a step back, give the youngsters you picked for this series a good run and ensure that the competition is healthy within the squad. That will also ensure that the Captain and the Coach be given ample time to build the Team for 2011 World Cup.

    So selectors we are with you and the Nation will back you all.

    Good Luck Asantha and your Team