Dr. Phil Jauncey is coming back during the month of May

23rd April, 2018

Media Release

Dr. Phil Jauncey, the Australian based performance psychologist, who worked with the Sri Lankan team during January 2018 will hold another session with the national team during the month of May, 2018.

During his first stint with the Lankan team, Jauncey worked on identifying the personality traits of each player, the best communication and learning method suited for each player and also of the coaching staff.

The second stint of Dr. Jauncey with the national team will be held from 05th to 23rd May, 2018 and this time, he will work with the players on an individual basis to help them perform consistently at the highest level.

“I will also continue to work with the coaching staff to facilitate their understanding of players’ learning styles and performance triggers;” said Jauncey.

Jauncey, who holds a Masters and Doctorate in Counselling and Educational Psychology, has lectured at Mt Gravatt CAE (now Griffith University), QUT and the University of Queensland in areas such as educational psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, counselling, marketing and multicultural psychology.

He has worked as the psychologist of the Australian Baseball and also has worked with the Queensland Bulls Cricket team. Jauncey has been the mental skills coach with the Brisbane Lions AFL team from 1994 until 2008 and sports psychologist with the Brisbane Broncos NRL team.

He has written 3 books: ‘Understanding Ourselves and Others’, ‘Managing Yourself and Others’ and ‘The power of Positive Doing’ (e-book). He is also a corporate educator and conference speaker.