DS’ scoring heavily for school cricket

In keeping with President Rajapaksa’s vision:

‘DS’ scoring heavily for school cricket

Three stadiums in Jaffna soon:

Elmo Rodrigopulle

The irrepressible Chairman of the Interim Committee for Sri Lanka Cricket, D. Somachandra de Silva is on the ball as the saying goes, doing wonders so that the game will reach Himalayan heights. A captain’s dream all rounder during his playing days, ‘DS’ as he is fondly referred to has been involved in the game as coach and administrator after his playing days were over and now has the panacea for the ills that afflict the game here.

Now that the country is enjoying the peace and tranquility that everyone prayed for thanks to the admirable leadership by President Mahinda Rajapaksa which helped end the dreaded 30 year war, the North which suffered most is now a city bubbling with enthusiasm and bursting at the seams, wanting to enjoy the good things in life.

Before the senseless war, Jaffna produced some of the best sportsmen and women, especially cricketers, who went on to sport national colours with great pride and aplomb.

Knowing the talent that is existing in Jaffna and with a view of bringing them back into the main stream of sport again, ‘DS’ has set in motion the machinery to have three stadiums in the North.

In this aspect, the chairman of the Interim Committee, had the blessings of the sports loving President Rajapaksa who has given him the all clear and the encouragement to see to the stadiums in Jaffna being a reality soon. Cricket, especially in the schools in the North was of a very high standard. They produced some cricketers who could have held their own or done better against the best that their better trained counterparts in Colombo could produce.

Names that come to mind are Nadarajasunderam, Ganeshkumar, Naguleswaram, Sivaratnam, Deviendren, Anton Benedict and several others whose names do not come to mind. Not only the North, but the East too is in for good times. Even during the height of the war in the North, ‘DS’ managed to find time to spend with the cricket officials of Jaffna schools to ensure that necessary support and assistance is provided to them to develop cricket.

Plans are on the drawing boards to construct two turf wickets at selected Jaffna schools and the focus will be to develop the game in the North and East without further delay. Advisor to President Mahinda Rajapaksa on school cricket, ‘DS’ has formulated a project proposal to develop cricket in the schools based on the ‘Mahinda Chintanaya’ which has been highly acclaimed by all members of the Interim Committee as the way forward.

School cricket in Sri Lanka has been acclaimed by many visiting international cricketers and officials as the best in the world. Schools are the nurseries of the cricketers of tomorrow and ‘DS’ and his committee must be given all the encouragement and support to keep the high standard of cricket in the schools going.

Courtesy: Daily News

  • suthagar


  • C Bernardus

    It is very encouraging to note that the Head of Sri Lanka Cricket is very keen to ensure that School cricket progresses in the right direction. Over the last 2 years SLC have kept on pumping money to develop school cricket.

    The results will automatically be forthcoming if this is followed on a continuous basis. It is already proven by the performance of Sri Lanka U19 during the ICC U19 World Cup. SL made it to the semi – final after a very long time.

    We find that lots of school boys have made it to the top during this short period, namely Chandimal, and Angelo, since it was lacking for some time.

    This process will augur well for Sri Lanka’s future, keep it up and good luck. I sincerely wish the Chairman and his team of competent men the very best.

    Carlton Bernardus