Findings of the Disciplinary Inquiry

Press Release

Sri Lanka Cricket wishes to formally clarify the position with regard to articles published in the Print Media pertaining to the alleged ‘Sex Scandal’ at the SLC Head Office.

The five (05) member Disciplinary Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket appointed to inquire into the supposed incident, comprised of the following,

–          Mr. Palitha Kumarasinghe – President’s Counsel

–          Mr. Dinal Philips – President’s Counsel

–          Mr. Hariguptha Rohanadheera – Attorney-at-Law/Executive Committee member of       Sri Lanka Cricket

–          Mr. Cammilus Abeygunawardena – Rtd. DIG, Sri Lanka Police/Executive Committee member of Sri Lanka Cricket

–          Mr. Lucian Merinage – Former Executive Committee Member of Sri Lanka Cricket

Extracts, of the report submitted by the Committee subsequent to the execution of a thorough formal investigation has firmly established that no such act of any nature had occurred at the Sri Lanka Cricket Head Office.

The report states that there is not a shred of evidence to remotely suggest that any such conduct or incident had taken place at SLC. It further states that it is apparent that the alleged incident is entirely fabricated by malicious third parties to bring disrepute to SLC and its employees.

In conclusion the Disciplinary Committee states that there is no proof of any misconduct on the part of any employee of SLC be it sexual in nature or otherwise; as such all publications pertaining to the alleged ‘sex scandal’ are absolutely false, unfounded and fabricated with malicious intent.

Sri Lanka Cricket wishes to place on record that it will be taking necessary measures to counter the baseless allegations given undue publicity by the Media in this connection and that it does not endorse acts of this nature by any party as it is damaging to the image of the institution and its employees, painting an incorrect picture to fans, stakeholders and patrons of Sri Lanka Cricket, with the sole purpose of bringing disrepute to the organization and its staff.

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