Generator Failure at Hambantota – Press Release

Press Release

Sri Lanka Cricket wishes to explain the reasons behind the Generator Failure at Hambantota tonight during the first ODI between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

2 of the 4 light towers had failed due to both the operating generator and the standby generator for the said 2 light towers that is provided by the Ceylon Electricity Board, failing due to a technical failure. The cause of the said generator failure is to be investigated by CEB.

The main pavilion stand by generator was used to provide the necessary power to the light towers. It should also be noted that these generators were tested the day before and was fully functional during the said testing period.

Sri Lanka Cricket wish to thank CEB Engineering Staff, and the Technical staff of MRICS and the Engineering staff of SLC for the untiring efforts they put in, to get the power back on line in such a short period of time.Sri Lanka Cricket wishes to apologize to the millions of viewers & the general public for the inconvenience caused due to this technical fault.

  • Praveen

    No problem .. I thought it has part of Earth hour.. power has gone !!