Hooters are Banned at Cricket Matches

Sri Lanka Cricket wishes to announce that it has taken a decision to ban ‘Portable Horns’ / “Hooters” to be brought in by spectators with immediate effect.

Sri Lanka Cricket arrived at this decision to generally safeguard spectator comfort inside spectator areas of the stadium. This does not mean that the papare bands are banned. These are individual horns brought in by the spectators. We will be implementing this ruleon Tuesday.

The general public are warned that the Security Personnel will search for the above items very strictly and will confiscate the item if found on the spectator.

  • Sahan

    Great. Good decision by Sri Lanka Cricket. These hooters culture has become crazy recently. They are really uncomfortable people as well as players. That should be band forever. Papare band is the Sri Lankan culture and it makes very funny environment in the stadium.