ICC Board Meeting held on 28th January 2014

This is to inform the general public and the media pertaining to the discussions taken place at the ICC Board Meeting held at the ICC Headquarters in Dubai on 28th January 2014.

At the meeting revised position papers were forwarded taking in to deliberation the concerns faced by the member nations, for the consideration of ICC as opposed to the original position paper circulated among the full member nations.

SLC representative Mr. Jayantha Dharmadasa (President) informed the ICC the need for further discussions on the matter pertaining to the revised position papers with the Executive Committee prior to arriving at a decision in this regard.

The ICC Board consists of the chairman or president from each of the 10 Full Members plus three elected Associate Member representatives. Also present at ICC Board meetings is the ICC President, who chairs proceedings, the ICC Chief Executive and the ICC Vice-President.

  • Alan Isaac – ICC President
  • Mustafa Kamal – ICC Vice-President
  • David Richardson – ICC Chief Executive
  • Zaka Ashraf – Pakistan
  • Dave Cameron – West Indies
  • Peter Chingoka – Zimbabwe
  • Giles Clarke – England and Wales
  • Jayantha Dharmadasa – Sri Lanka
  • Wally Edwards – Australia
  • Nazmul Hassan – Bangladesh
  • Imran Khwaja – Associate Member Representative
  • Chris Nenzani – South Africa
  • Keith Oliver – Associate Member Representative
  • Martin Snedden – New Zealand
  • Neil Speight – Associate Member Representative
  • Narayanaswami Srinivasan – India
  • Jayasingha Perera

    SLC must realize that we are a top cricketing nation having won the world cup once compared to England, South Africa and New Zealand who have not achieved this before. We have played good cricket in all forms of the game and is a respected and a formidable side acknowledged by any opposing side.This is our strength, and we must be given our rightful position for the greater glory of this noble game cricket. We may be a country small in size and population and may not be able to get heavy broadcasting rights but we can stand tall against any cricketing nation in the sport.
    SLC does not have to bow down to handouts and charity from these colonial minded bullies but fight for our rights on our own being a great cricketing nation.
    If it comes to the worst SLC must pull out from the ICC and we Sri Lankans will not blame SLC for this. We have nothing to lose as other like minded countries will follow us.