ICC World Twenty20 champions Sri Lanka maintains top spot in T20I table

ICC World Twenty20 winner Sri Lanka maintains top spot in T20I table
World Cup winner Australia has doubled its lead over second-ranked India on the Reliance ICC ODI Team Rankings from six to 12 points following the annual update while the West Indies, Bangladesh and Pakistan are now locked in a tight struggle for the remaining two slots in the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 whose cut-off date is 30 September 2015.

The ICC Champions Trophy 2017 will be played from 1 to 19 June in England and Wales, and the host country (England), plus the next seven highest-ranked ODI sides will participate in the event.

The annual update is carried out to ensure the table continues to reflect results from the last three years. As such, results from 2011-12 have been dropped while the results from 2013-14 have been reduced to a weighting of 50 per cent.

The updated rankings now see a battle between the West Indies (seventh, 88 points), Bangladesh (eighth, 88 points) and Pakistan (ninth, 87 points). The three sides are separated by one   point and will be vying for the last two places in the ICC Champions Trophy 2017, adding significant interest to their ODIs in the lead up to the cut-off date.

The latest Future Tours Program lists the following ODI series for these teams.

West Indies (88)         No ODIs scheduled
Bangladesh (88)          vs India (home, 3 ODIs, June)
vs South Africa (home, 3 ODIs, July)
Pakistan (87)               vs Zimbabwe (home, 3 ODIs, May)
vs Sri Lanka (away, 5 ODIs, July)

To find out exactly how the forthcoming series will affect the ODI rankings table, please click here. The ODI and T20I rankings tables, unlike the Test ranking table, are updated after each match.

The annual ODI update has also seen New Zealand and England head in opposite directions.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 runner-up New Zealand has made the biggest move, jumping eight   points to be third-ranked ahead of South Africa. In contrast, England has had the biggest fall as it has surrendered seven points, dropping to sixth-ranked, 12 points behind fifth-ranked Sri Lanka.

In the T20I update, ICC World Twenty20 champion Sri Lanka has extended its lead over second-ranked India to 11 points. The top three positions in the updated T20I table are unchanged while the West Indies has gained two places to rise to fourth, pushing Pakistan into fifth spot. South Africa has also slipped two places to seventh, allowing New Zealand to move up one place to sixth.

Australia and West Indies have gained five points each while Netherlands has conceded eight, Scotland seven and South Africa six points.

The annual Test Championship update will be released after the completion of West Indies versus England and Bangladesh versus Pakistan series.

RELIANCE ICC ODI RANKINGS (following annual update)

Rank*              Team               Ratings Points*           
1 (-)                  Australia           129 (+7)
2 (-)                  India                 117 (+1)
3 (+1)               New Zealand    116 (+8)
4 (-1)                South Africa     112 (0)
5 (-)                  Sri Lanka          106 (-1)
6 (-)                  England            94 (-7)
7 (-)                  West Indies      88 (-4)
8 (+1)               Bangladesh       88 (+7)
9 (-1)                Pakistan            87 (-5)
10 (+1)             Ireland              50 (+6)
11 (-1)              Zimbabwe        45 (-5)
12 (-)                Afghanistan      41 (+3)

* Figures in brackets denote changes in rankings and ratings post annual update

RELIANCE ICC T20I RANKINGS (following annual update)

Rank*              Team               Ratings*
1 (-)                  Sri Lanka          135 (4)
2 (-)                  India                 124 (-2)
3 (-)                  Australia           122 (+5)
4 (+2)               West Indies      117 (+5)
5 (-1)                Pakistan            113 (-4)
6 (+1)               New Zealand    110 (-1)
7 (-2)                South Africa     110 (-6)
8 (-)                  England            100 (+1)
9 (+1)               Bangladesh       77 (0)
10 (+2)             Afghanistan      62 (0)
11 (-2)              Netherlands      60 (-8)
12 (+1)             Zimbabwe        51 (-1)
13 (+1)             Scotland           44 (-7)

* Figures in brackets denote changes in rankings and ratings post annual update

The following sides have T20I status but because they have not completed eight rated T20Is during the rating period, they have not been ranked.

Team               Qualifying matches      Rating
Ireland                          7                      84
Hong Kong                   4                      63
Nepal                           4                      30
UAE                             3                      0

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