India Tour of Sri Lanka 2012 – Itinerary

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18th July 2012


19th July 2012

Rest & Practice

20th July 2012

Rest & Practice

21st July 2012

1st ODI

Mahinda Rajapaksha International Cricket Stadium

22nd July 2012

Rain Reserve Day

23rd July 2012

Rest & Practice

24th July 2012

2nd ODI

Mahinda Rajapaksha International Cricket Stadium

25th July 2012

Rain Reserve Day

26th July 2012

Rest & Practice

27th July 2012

Rest & Practice

28th July 2012

3rd ODI

R. Permadasa International Cricket Stadium

29th July 2012

Rain Reserve Day

30th July 2012

Rest & Practice

31st July 2012

4th ODI

R. Permadasa International Cricket Stadium

1st Aug. 2012

Rain Reserve Day

2nd Aug. 2012

Rest & Practice

3rd Aug.2012

Rest & Practice

4th Aug. 2012

5th ODI

Pallekelle International Cricket Stadium

5th Aug.2012

Rain Reserve Day

6th Aug. 2012

Rest & Practice

7th Aug.2012


Pallekelle International Cricket Stadium

8th Aug.2012

Rain Reserve Day /Departure

  • Cricshare

    sri lankans shouldnt worry abt the loss. they should look at the positives they had in this series. thirimanne and jeven mendis batted well in the series.

  • Zain

    Why not bring DILHARA against week Indian Batting Agaisnt SHORT Deliveries.
    Jaywardhna should be take open slot along with Dilshan & keep THARANGA in Middle Order.

  • shasi

    tharim kamituwa watha sitiwa.every day ?

  • shasi

    t20 Sport sl tems.
    dhilshan munawira
    chandi (verry)
    chathura peris
    nuwan kulasera(no enjary)
    nuwan pradip serinha.senanaka.kusal janith.dimuth
    orinal sl tems……

  • shasi

  • Ravishanka

    we are sri lanken lionzzzzzzz .. sl vs ind,slpl,worldt20 wonderful.

  • Rizai sahabdeen

    Come on dilshan u have to wake up this time. coz sanga is injured. don’t put everything on mahala’s shoulder.

  • Annu Khera

    Hey Sri Lanka and India,

    Let us be sporting and support the sport!

    Let us not talk negative about the nations.

    Whoever wins is not important… The spirit is important.

    Hope we avoid the negative comments against nations! :)

    We should be seen UNITED! And United we stand…. keep the spirit alive..

    hope to enjoy the cricketing event.


  • Jit

    Could you please adv. the Corporate box in Pallekale stadium is a closed one?? There is no charm in watching the match in a closed box ..Appreciate any one could reply?? thanks Jit

  • http://ApprovalforPaparaBand Indika

    Do we need to get special permission from SLC to take ‘Papara Band’ to the ground?
    If yes, How do we get permission?

    • Ravishanka

      What is your town

      • http://ApprovalforPaparaBand Indika


  • Venkat

    Can some one share the ticket prices and let know whether tickets for 28th are avialble. I’am not sure why the site forces us to register without even letting us know the prices and availability.

  • Lanka puthraya

    1k mis una kiyala kawadawath sinhayo palathuru kane na ba.

  • Rahul

    Sorry….lankans, we won the first match…going for the 2nd match too..

    • nuwan

      now i can understand the diffrant between ind and sl.indian fans can expect 5-0 victory.but for sl fans.a series win against india will only be a dream.bcz ind play for win.but sl play for just complete 50 overs.i think sl hadn’t any idea to win last match.some shots which mahela,chandi and sanga tried to excicute showed it.really dissapointed performence. youngsters should been given chances t0 this least they will gain some experiances.surely ind will win easily against current team.

    • Thilanka

      Sorry Indians we humiliated you in second match, will same result in 3rd

      • karthick

        Good Guess…SL lost 3rd ODI and 4th ODC..hence lost the series…Need to provide youngsters a chance and grow confidence SL can win any team…Remove the mind block that SL can’t win Vs India…This happens since 1997….

  • pubudu hashan

    this is lion lanad.lions are never loss…….
    BEST OF LUCK for our team

  • dammika

    sorry…indians….this lions home….

  • M.L.B Costa

    I think of India Tour Win Srilanka Cricket team.

  • Dinuka

    How can I buy tickets in Kandy?

  • Akila

    Where can I buy tickets for this series?
    Not online tickets..I want to buy physically…
    Plz reply..

    • Sanga

      Akila, visit to SSC ground

      • Akila

        Thanx for your reply.
        Can I buy tickets before the match?I mean, can i buy tickets even today?

        • Anandh Arun Joseph

          yes I checked in the morning its available after 3

          • Akila

            Thank Anandh…

  • asanka

    sorry indians……………dis’ is lions growing seasion…………….growwwwwwwwwwww.

  • tehani

    is it a day and and night match..?

    • romesh

      Yes, all are day and night matches

  • sl gal

    I don’t have credit card
    where can I buy tickets in sri lanka?

  • Rahul

    Hey Nuwan!

    Well, Its will be huge challange for India too. Sanga & mahela are in good form. Team india hv not played any match since IPL. Sri lankn team is in good form, they won odi, & test. Oh! plz dont wish winning luck for india, true crick fan never does, but after Ending the series is ok, for their next series.
    But i think series would be very slow & bit :-).
    I mea..bit restness

  • LKW

    Im intending to buy tickets for the 1st 20 Twenty match vs India on 7th Aug @ Pallekele.

    If i purchase the tickets online, do i need to Collect them physically ? or with an e ticket will you allow me to go to the Ground ?

    • Moderator

      It is not an e ticket, you need to collect the tickets physically, our system will prompt a receipt of the ticket details and that must be presented at the point of collecting.
      Tickets can be collected 2 days prior to the match from SLC headquarters or at the respective venue on the “match day”.

  • nuwan

    hai rahul.thanks for ur response buddy.haven’t u got any idea to visit here 4 enjoy cricket?i’m really exciting to see batting power of ur young v-cap khol and will be a huge challange for us.who is ur faviroute bat(apart from sachin)?wish u and ur team have a wanderful series!

  • Anny

    Guys you can buy tickets from this site. You will have to Register on site and you can buy tickets.

  • mat in australia


    are there tickets still available for the 5th ODIvs India on 4 August? I want to buy a ticket but I have no credit card, and can’t register on the ticket website.I have emailed my hotel in Colombo to buy one for me . How much is a ticket? Are tickets hard to buy?

  • danu

    I think they should include Ajantha mendis in this series.replace for Herath.& also 6 batsman with 5 bowlers are should include for the main bowlers Malinga, Kulasekare,Thisara,Ajantha , jeevan / Randiv

  • nuwan

    i don’t angry with you rahul.i was so sad when i heard that.bcz every single srilakan has a sensetive bond with our team.if you ignore us,we have a same bond with india as plz can u tell me y indian players won’t participate for slpl? isn’t it highprofile as ipl or isn’t it suit for their standerd.

    • Rahul

      Well, I was also shocked to hear that bcci dont allowing cricketers taking part in slpl. Its big disadvantage for India, they lost the valuble opportunity to getting pratice for T20 world cup.
      Here, we also wanted to see our player in Slpl, action.

  • Rahul

    Hi Nuwan:-)

    Why do you think sl is weak team or indian people put sl down? Its not.
    Sl is a great team, and cricket asia or world dont complete without sl. Dont it was your team who make out india from CB series. Sl hv given world class cricketer like sanga, mahela, jayasurya, vaas, murli etc.
    You seems very angry at us.
    Sachin, is not taking part beacuse, he want to give more chance to youngester, for upcomming T20 world cup.

  • nuwan

    last nigt there was a debate on sachin’s uavailability of srilanka tour.and one person,i don’t remember the name said that this is not an important tour.bcz there is always a gap between ind and sl.i want to know why indian people always put sl down?if we are not a good criket team,why they buy our crickters for ipl with spending lots of money?if we are a cheep team why tendulkar coudn’t got at least 5o against us in past few matches between sl and ind.indians should learn to respect others.

  • ilango

    when we can buy tickets for sri lanka vs india match?

  • Anandh Arun Joseph

    Where can i get ticket information