India vs Sri Lanka – Match preview

England and Pakistan have qualified to play in the semi final round, while Australia who lead group “F” by a big margin are almost certain to qualify. Sri Lanka and India are fighting to stay in contention, hence today’s encounter between the Asian giants can be considered as a quarter final.

Beausejour Stadium, Gros Islet at St Lucia is an oasis for bounce – weary teams; hence India and Sri Lanka will battle it out on conditions familiar to them. The conventional wisdom about the venue for today’s game is as follows.

1)      The pitch is slow

2)      The outfield is slower

3)      It is a big ground, boundaries aren’t going to be easy to come by

4)      Spin should dominate.

Both India and Sri Lanka are so determined, one wonders if the above, wisdom of the conditions will be thrown out of the window.

Both teams are evenly matched. Sri Lanka will hope that their batting comes good, if they click, India will have a challenge in their hands taking into consideration that they need to beat their opponents by 20 runs or win the game in 18.3 overs.

Mahela Jayewardene is the leading run scorer in the tournament by a big margin. His only failure was against Australia. Sangakkara found touch against the Caribbean’s scoring 68 runs from 49 balls. Dilshan looked good for his 20 against Australia; hence there is a window opening for him to open the innings with Mahela. Sri Lanka has the fire power in the batting arena. Mathews, Kapugedera and Dinesh Chandimal are very capable of upsetting the Indian plans. Jayasuriya has always been a thorn in the flesh for the Indians. It will be very interesting to see what role he will play in this game. Sri Lanka has a better bowling unit than their opponents, but they will have to be spot on, bowling to a strong Indian batting line up.

India has World class batsmen capable of scoring big runs against any opposition. They have an additional advantage at this venue. They know how this ground well since they have played three games at this venue already.

Suresh Raina made a century against the Proteas in their group encounter. The rest of the batting is very strong. Gautam Gambhir, Murali Vijay, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni, Yusuf Pathan and Rohit Sharma are very good players.

Sri Lanka has a better bowling option. Lasith Malinga is yet to fire, Mathews has done a decent job with the new ball. Suraj Randiv who replaced spin king Muralitharan looks a good prospect, Ajantha Mendis is due for a good spell as well.

India has Harbhajan Singh, he is a World class spinner, Ashish Nehra, and Zaheer Khan have been effective when it matters.

Today it is a do or die battle between the two teams.

  • Rajitha


    dont blame to sanga. he is doing his best to the team. but sanath should retire from the cricket immidiatly. Mr mahinda dont mix cricket with politics. lot of sri lankans love to cricket, pls let them to enjoy they love to cricket & our country. kindly stop mixing politics with crickets. ask sanath to ritire from the cricket. i was hear that he is planning to play 2011 world cup. if you want to see that sri lankan team is loosing keep him no problems. but lot of sri lankans will be un happly for this


  • Nimal J

    Dear Navintha. Sanga has proved you wrong. I know he has nothing personal about Sanath. It is time that Sanath stepped down. People say that the legend must play. In that case, legends like Michael Tissera, H.I.K. Fernando, Aravinda De Silva and so many others should play as well. I’m sure all of them will do better than Sana. Sanga is one of the best captains Sri Lanka has ever had and he should lead our team for a few years till another captain is groomed. Politics have over shadowed SL cricket and the President should put a stop to it before it gets out of proportion and screws up the game.

  • http://GOOGLE Asela

    good luck to ou brave Sri Lankan boy GO WIN BOYS

  • Aminda

    It is really tragic even the general public take political agendas in to the field of cricket. For people who are uneducated on the game of cricket and perhaps who has never touched a bat this is about establishing political supremacy. For people like Nihal and Nivantha it might give them an utter pleasure knowing and seeing their political figures bulling the only real pride most of other Sri Lankan have.Talk about the greatness of SANGA and SANATH.

    Sanga Sanath

    Test(Avg) 55 40
    1 Day 36 32
    20/20 31 24

    Besides Sanga is an unflapable strategist and a real batsman with plenty of strokes at disposal for any ball, baller, or pitch. He is a real a real cricketer. How many of you can tell about sanatha the same way. And can even Sanath speak proper and articulate English in the same capacity as Sanga.Guys, Sanath is a unique cricketer. Admit that. We cant take away what he has done. I used to be proud of him. Now I have really lost the respect for him. He deserve it. When the dust settles we all know Sanath is several leagues below Sanga and Mahela. Look at what Sanath doing. His greed stops prolific new youngsters take the stage. Give Thisara more time, why can’t we. Because of Sanath. These players shown us what they got. They deserve more chances. Finall what I must say, if Sanga leave now, forget about SL Cricket Dominance for a while to come. Sanga, Mahela, Dilshan must be there till Mathews and Kapuwa ready to leaders. If Sanga (Modern day Arjuna), Mahela (Modern day Aravinda) and Dilshan (No comparison and there never will be) clicks be ready to embrase another world cup next year. They are the key to our success next year. To win any given match 2 of these player must click with the help of youngster like Mathews and Chamara. SANATH, LEAVE! WE WILL REMEMBER YOU FOR THE GREAT ENTERTAINER YOU WERE. BUT IF YOU DELAY YOU WILL BE ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED AS A LOOSER.

  • daveson

    heyy,look at those who don’t know about cricket,anyway sangakkara is the good captain,look at those trophys.sanath jayasooriya’s long way failing hit the sri lankan team,jayasooriya must place into bat,5 or middle bat man placements.because if mahela got down whole team will get pressure,why is that?but now we could get hope on this trophy.

  • randhima

    sanga is not the one who spoils our team. It’s sanath jayasooriya who’s doing so.

  • randhima

    hey nivantha, what r u tryin to say? I don’t see that sangakkara doesn’t like sanath. All I can see is that u don’t like sangakkara.

  • chinthana

    sanga is a good captain who says he is not good is who don’t know about cricket.whoever says sanga is not is kids like nihal rathnaweera & nivantha

  • Priyantha

    Can someone still stay in the team after proving himself that he cannot read the ball now. Jayasooriya now it is enough. It seems as if he likes to play even after his death. Now throw away your greediness and selfishness and go away. Of ourse you have proved that you were (but not anymore)a good batsman and entertaining cricketer to the whole world. It is appreciatable and admirable. Now move away.
    Today Sangakkara batted well. He has the problem when the ball comes 90+ miles per hour everytime

  • Nivantha

    Im Sri Lankan. But I would more like if our team loose today. BECaUSE, SaNGaKKaRa. He is the one who spoil our team. Main fact is he doesn’t like Jayasooriya. He said it to media also. Mr. Sangakkara didn’t gave a ball to Sanath to ball single over. Today Sangakkara pay the price. He drop Gautham Gambir today. Great. Sangakkara’s angry (with Sanath) keep our team down.

    See today our bowling attack. Thlilina Thushara is a useless man in our team. Sangakkara & Thilina Thushara are best friends. because of that he is in our National Team.




  • Nadee

    “Jayasuriya has always been a thorn in the flesh for the Indians. It will be very interesting to see what role he will play in this game.”
    – He has now become a thorn for the Sri Lankan team. For God sake, when will this political meddling in our team selections see an end?