Inquiries pertaining to Mr.Paul Farbrace

Media Release

SLC has received numerous inquiries from the Media in relation to England and Wales Cricket Board’s interest in recruiting Paul Farbrace as one of their coaches.

Unfortunately, Paul Farbrace has not been in communication with SLC on this subject matter at this point of time. Efforts to contact Paul Farbrace, who is currently in England have proved futile.

However, ECB has communicated to us their interest in considering Paul Farbrace to be recruited as one of their coaches. SLC have in no uncertain terms expressed it’s surprise and disappointment with regard to this development since Paul is in contract with SLC for a two year term (which includes a six month probation period) ending in December 2015 and particularly because the Sri Lanka national team will be visiting England within the next few weeks.

SLC is currently in communication with ECB, but however have informed them that we cannot progress this matter further until Paul Farbrace establishes a dialogue with SLC since our contractual obligations are with the individual.

SLC will be closely monitoring the progress of this matter and further developments on this matter will be communicated to the press in due course.

  • Dennis Freedman

    Sounds like his phone battery just died and he can’t find his charger. Just relax.