Inquiry into Malinga’s behaviour

The Executive Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket has directed the Chief Executive Officer of SLC Mr. Ajit Jayasekara to conduct an Inquiry into the two incidents pertaining to  Mr. Lasith Malinga & the Media Personnel that took place outside SLC headquarters.
The CEO has been requested to forward a report on the same to the Executive Committee.


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    U are very correct my friend

    I am with U 100 %

    we must get together & fight for Sri Lanka



    Hi Everybody, 12-03-2013

    Sri Lanka’s SIRASA TV INSIDE SPORTS program is purposely picking on our own super star bowler for the 3rd consecutive week.
    They are really harassing the super star & violating the civil rights of an adult citizen living in a democratic society.

    They are really a bunch of Mafia Group, not any decent media group for sure.

    Tonight (11th March 2013), I called them during their live program & wanted to express my views about the recent incident. I also had a question regarding the player’s rights & their privacy in
    Sri Lanka.

    But they really cut me off from the show very cunningly.
    They first questioned me about my name & then about the question I was going to ask.
    This happened behind the live show.

    When they knew I was not in favor of so cold media networks in the island, they cut my line off.
    They said they were going to call back my number & asked me to reduce the volume of my TV set
    but that call never came tonight..

    This is really an organized crime.
    They are really abusing the civil rights of Malinga & trying very hard to create a huge hateful feeling among the general cricket lovers towards him. Any fool can see this now, it is happening every week on TV live !!!

    This is really called the MEDIA HARASSMENT & Malinga has all the rights in this world to take legal action against these media networks.

    I am not a relative or a personal friend of Lasith Malinga ,
    actually I have not even seen him so far in person, in real life.

    But I really love this boy & his talents. I know he can GO much further down the roads of cricket world.

    He maybe done something uncommon in front of the camera man,
    but what is so wrong about his reactions ??

    These days Just rich boys are fighting & killing each other in Pasikudah Beach under daylight.
    What is there to be surprised ??
    Boys are just boys. They wont do it when they are old men.

    I would have done much worse if I was Malinga on that moment.

    I would have smash the camera on the ground & kick the camera man’s buttocks. Depending on the mood I was in that afternoon.

    Then they had a real chance to sue me & take me to courts or to kick my ass down on that same ground.

    Every man & woman living in this island has their own rights to speak out & address public.
    It is called the “Freedom of Speech” & no F***ing media has any right to dictate terms regarding that.
    Maybe Malinga’s Mother & Father could comment on that.
    But I am not sure even that is democratic since he had not spoken any filth in public.

    Malinga was only Human & that news was just provincial type of news. There was no need to utilize that small incident as a breaking news & to create a HA—HO– around the island.

    A whole world is looking at us right now & it is really not the time to poke our fingers in to our own eyes.

    Big f***ing idiots are sitting in the chairs of media management & running these institutions in the country right now.
    Do they think they are really gods ???

    My honest question is
    “Who the F*** are these media people & who is really there to monitor, What they do & their behaviors??”

    I am not their FOOL so I want to really battle it out with these Pansy Mafia Groups acting like Media in public.
    I know my rights & I also know the Player’s Rights!!!

    What they are doing to Malinga, would have been attempted on SUPER STAR Michael Jackson also if he was in these neighborhoods.

    The low lives really could not understand the value of our cricketers & their honest sacrifice for the country.

    I ask U, do U really understand this game called cricket ????

    After 1977 the TV came to our homes & now U all think U are the masters of the game of cricket from its birth.

    But all player’s prospects are much different including lots of hardships & sacrifices.

    U F***ing media just need a SHIT NEWS to stop the world from turning & your 20,000 rupee payment at end of the month together with some bonus money.

    I love this country & our sports men & women
    and I hate this mafia type of media network!!

    They really don’t have any clue how they are abusing all our democratic & psychological rights as Television viewer’s in this country on 365 days, just to make their bucks.

    Do U really think that we are very happy with all your behaviors & your bullshit malpractices during programs ??

    Now this battle is just started & I am really going to teach U how to do your media jobs in this country from now on.


  • Niah

    Malinga think he is thug too. Now he got a big head he cant be a hero he is a thug. I heard that he does not even talk to his old friens or family now. malinga go to hell you dont deserve to play gentlamant’s sport go and play “Eta ball”

  • pradeep

    i feel sorry about this nation what they only learned to hate heroes and salute the thief thugs corrupted politician

  • Niah

    This is what happen when uneducated people become populer and Malinga act like this even towards his fans so media dont worry he need to learn how to be a gentlaman

  • Indike

    What right the media personal have to invade Lasith Malinga’s or any ones space? Let people have their privacy. Totally exceptionable behavior. We all know what happened to Princess Diana & Britney Spears. I would like the government to step in & end this nuisance by introducing new laws like in France.


      U are very correct my friend

      I am with U 100 %


  • Indike

    What right the media personal have to invade Lasith Malinga’s space?

    This vulture like new culture of media must stop.

    We don’t want TMZ paparazzi in Sri Lanka.


      U are very correct my friend

      I am with U 100 %


  • bai

    who cares.. i dont complain if we can win matches without malinga.. he is the only good bowler left and SLC and media is F**king him too.. if swarnawahini can find a replacement then no problem.. just dont mess with our players moral

  • pu**

    players are human too.. mistakes happen when some one is upset.. just leave malinga alone..

  • fucker

    what the hell is SLC doin?? they are doing every possible thing to keep our players moral down.. SLC is there to look after our players not to mess with them always.. keep in mind that tax payer are paying your salary??