Jayawardena calls upon his side to be ruthless

Courtesy: International Cricket Council

Sri Lankan captain Mahela Jayawardena called upon his teammates to show more focus and be ruthless in finishing off games, after their tri – series match against India resulted in a tie on Tuesday.

“We are not finishing games off. The way we are making mistakes, I want boys to bring more focus and be ruthless in finishing games off against these top two (Australia and India) teams,” said Jayawardena.

India, needing four to win off the last ball, took three runs off a Mahendra Singh Dhoni hit to level the scores.

“With one ball and four runs, and (Lasith) Malinga bowling, you would back yourself (to win the game). I was disappointed but then we have two points on the board and got some momentum going forward.

“We were not in the game only in the last couple of overs. We didn’t do well in the last 15 overs. But overall, we came back strongly in this game. A score of 235 wasn’t enough on this surface. After making so many mistakes, if you get two points, you should be happy,” he said.

In many ways, the 49th over, bowled by Angelo Matthews, was critical to India’s strong finish as 15 runs came off it.

“This is how these guys would learn. I believe Matthews is ready to take more responsibility. But for couple of bad balls, he bowled a really good over. It’s important for them to learn and go through this situation. One inch here and there and a guy like Dhoni could take you apart.”

Jayawardena was asked for his reaction to the 30th over by Malinga, which ended after only five balls were delivered due to an umpiring error.

“I’m not complaining But frankly I didn’t know about it.”

The skipper also had words of praise for Malinga, who took two wickets.

“I think he bowled beautifully. You would love to have a guy like Malinga. His ends were changed but it was not a problem. He didn’t bowl a single loose ball. He created the pressure for us. Otherwise, the game could have finished in the 47th over itself. Lasith was the difference we could come back strongly,” he said.

Jayawardena claimed that he goes by his instinct and doesn’t pre-plan a lot in the field.

“You can’t pre-plan. Sometimes it’s one ball at a time, one over at a time. You try and create problems for the batsmen. I just go with my instinct. I make calls, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t take it back (to my room).

“I ask bowler what he is comfortable to do and go with him. After all, he has the balls in his hands, I can’t force it. All bowlers got to do what they want to do.”

The Sri Lankan skipper wasn’t overtly critical of his fielders even though there were a few critical fumbles in the final overs.

“It was fielding which got us into the game. They saved 20-25 runs on the field. There were few fumbles and that’s the thing we have to be ruthless. I am quite happy with the efforts of the guys. There’s no break in the last 12 months. I think we have had close games. We just need to reduce mistakes, be positive about it and give them a good run.”

Jayawardena praised Dhoni for his ability to finish off a game as well as the emergence of young Dinesh Chandimal as a rising youngster in his team.

“Chandimal is going to be our future. He is comfortable and showing what he is capable of. It could be a good mix between experienced and young guys.

“Dhoni is a great finisher, he is cool and calm and backs himself. He is a strong character. We have to get his wickets early. We were close but not close enough,” he said.

  • Muhammad Jehan

    our team is playing a good Cricket under Mahela and i congratulate our new selectors to invite mahroof back to the Team. And i say honestly, Do not look at ethinity rather look at talents. This was been the reason behind every utmost engraves that hit badly to SLC.

    • Kavan

      Its not the selections based on ethnicity make the resent downfall of SLC, its the foolishness, act without a vision and poor management took it there.

  • http://tgrtrustforpeople.blogspot.com muhammadh rikzy


    ” The concept took form when Australian cricket reached its crescendo in the
    early 2000s. Those were times when not only were they indomitable both
    home and away, the manner in which they destroyed oppositions gave
    them an aura of invincibility. Teams seemed to turn up against them merely
    to participate, not compete; the winner was usually decided before the first
    ball was bowled. Australia’s record of winning World Cups without dropping a single match on their way to the title epitomised their dominance. They
    had got to a stage where the only way to improve was to compete with
    themselves. They needed to find ways to raise the already high bar further. That’s when they introduced a rotation policy for their in-form cricketers –
    essentially as a means to further boost their unequalled eminence. It meant a
    player would be rested after a few games, regardless of his sterling
    performances, in order to give an opportunity to his peers. The idea was to
    keep each of them on their toes, and more importantly to maintain their

    will this type of policy work for sri lanka and help to build up a strong team as Australia?

    When i was asked this question i will have no hastation in saying “YES” you know why?

    I have explained it in detail in one of my previous comments . There i mentioned for the first time in other words of two thinks which is essential for a team to devolop “INTERNAL COMPETITION”(competition among the members of the team through their performance to remain in the team) and other is “EXTERNAL COMPETITION”(competing well with the opposing team) and now know as ROTATION POLICY and this policy is now being adopted by the BCCI to recognise some good players resting their greatest players……

    But as a fan my question is why hasnt this been done in our sri lankan team?
    Havent we got any talented players?
    Is our senior players are doing acceptionally well for the team?



    + recognising new promising players
    + can help the players in to be in form because their place in the team is challenged in every match
    + some diciplined innings can be seen hence will always look to do their best every time.
    + consistency level of players can be improved.
    + young players will start to play realy well because of their possible call up to the national team.
    + will help to detect useless players.
    + will help to overcome any sort of crisis in the team regarding form.
    + helpful in getting subsitute player in playing in a role of a key player.
    + captain being able to recognise the weaknesses and strengths of players with out wondering what to do when they are in the team.