Kapugedara to replace injured Dilshan

Sri Lanka opener TM Dilshan will take no further part in the ongoing ODI series against New Zealand due to an injury. Right hand batsman Chamara Kapugedara was named as replacement for the 4th and 5th  ODI.


  • Mahela Jayawardena

    We said bye bye to Sanath, Marvan and Vass ,now its our time to rule. we are not going to give a young batsmen who can be a threat to us to come up . instead we give free tickets to young bowlers to play for sri lanka,Suraj and Sachithra bye bye . i have a fishy feeling that Chandimal and munaweera can be dangerous ,so better not to give them confidence otherwise we have to sail the same boat what sanath sailed ,AM I RIGHT SANGA ? AND DILSHAN YOU ARE ON THE CARDS FOR THE NEXT RETIREMENT ,DONT FAIL YOUR CHECK MATE

  • vivek (India)

    Opener should be replaced by a opener .Dilshan Munaweera and Dimuth karunarathna are the two candidates online but suddenly a the cow jumps over the Moon. oh forgot that cow might have been feeding the Selectors and the Skipper :P

  • Shabir

    De mel Dilshan Munaweera only got few Matches to play .after playing over 90 ODIs you’l are still giving Kapugedara chances.I think munaweera should be the right option after Dilshan so he needs get confidence , SLPL matches he showed the country how he can change a game and what comes to my mind is Sanath the legend when Munaweera Bats

  • chanka

    why isnt Dilshan Munaweera not in.he his the right choice in replacement of dilshan .this is really sad for him only just got 3 games and 2 of them were washed out games.com on mahela be a gentlemen .u’ll treated sanath and vaas well when they came to late 30s now sad thing is who’s going to give the treat they deserve.im not telling mahela ,sanga or Dilshan to retire ,im just telling to give the youngsters more opportunities with out destroying there talents. when Dilshan is injured dilshan Munaweera or Dimuth karunarathne should have replaced ,instead of that chamara kapugedara ???? i dont know why they do this to cricket

  • me

    good decision. he deserves the opening position

  • chanka

    my how many chances given to kapugedara so dear selectors give like this to other young players why is this kapugedara is not an opening batsman to replace dilshan………………. very nice