Kapugedera named captain for Hong Kong Sixes

The following squad has been approved to participate in the above series conducted in Hong Kong, China,

  1. Chamara Kapugedara (Captain)
  2. Thisara Perera (Vice Captain)
  3. Kushal Janith Perera
  4. Ashan Priyanjana
  5. Dilshan Munaweera
  6. Chathura Peiris
  7. Sachith Pathirana

The tournament takes place at the Kowloon Cricket Club from October 28 to 30.

  • sudheera

    thanks for not gives a opetunity to watch this.

  • Lalindra

    in what channel r u’ll telecasting da hong kong super sixes!
    is it on e-channel,rupavahini????????? or sm other?

  • tharidu madushan

    wish you all the best team and go kapu nother win.

    • Lalindra

      all da best ! bring back da trophy v won in 2007!

  • mirko de silva

    wish u all the best dilshan………………………………………..

  • Sankha Wilbagedara

    All the best Kapu…Show your colors….this is a chance for you…It is rare to find good team hearted sri lankan players like you…most of are playing for them not for the country…..the country is expecting your performance…..

  • heshan

    what telecasting channel hong kong sixes??

  • lakmal

    kapu,is god ,he is a seniear pleyear in sl team,god bating avarge in sl one day,i am very happy god luck,god carriya in sl pooll,well dane ììììììììììììlakmal,milano

  • Mafaas

    Kapu this would be a good chance to prove who you are, best of luch budy

  • heshan

    good decision good luck kapu

  • dhammika

    Its a really a good decision to give the captaincy of this team to Kapugedera. He is one of the best prospects we have. If he utilize in a proper way and give him a good position to bat, that will be very good for the future of the Sri lanka cricket. Congratulations for Kapu and the team

  • Milinda

    Best of Luck Dilshan & rest of the team

  • senarath

    very good Kapu now you have to show your power this is last chance we know you can do it be course you have great future with sri lankan cricket !!!!! well done go ahead !!!!!!!!!