Meeting with Club Representatives to discuss the new Tournament Structure

Media Release

Several senior Members of the Executive Committee together with the officials of the  cricket committee and Tournament committee of SLC along with the Secretary of the Ministry of Sports met today at SLC head office together with the representatives of the clubs to discuss the new tournament structure which was formulated  for the new season.

The meeting began with a brief description by Mr Greham Labroy explaining the criteria of the new structure and it was revealed that there were 4 options available for the cricket committee to decide on. several points were discussed with regard to the new tournament structure and it was decided to circulate all other options available  among the clubs and a further discussion to be held with all stake holders and formulate the best possible tournament structure to strengthen the quality of cricket and  enhance the competitiveness of the domestic Division 1 Cricket tournament for the betterment of  Sri Lanka Cricket. The clubs were requested to nominate a representative from their respective clubs to discuss with the SLC officials to formulate a new strategy for the new club structure.

Since the standard of Sri Lanka Cricket was on the decline in world rankings, Vice President of SLC who is also in charge of cricketing affairs, made a proposal to the Minister of Sports to improve our standard of club cricket to be in par with other leading countries in the world, it was decided that the  officials of SLC & its stake holders ( Clubs & Associations ) had to work towards taking Sri Lanka Cricket to a higher level and to be among the top 5 teams in the world in the years to come,hence the new structure was formulated for the betterment of the game in whole.