Murali says goodbye to Tests

Muttia Muralitheran has decided to end his test career, after 18 long years of dedicated service to his motherland. The questions that are being asked are WHY? Not when. This goes to prove how worthy a player he has been over the years. He is a breath of fresh air, both on and off the field; he leaves a void that will be very hard to fill. His devotion, dedication and discipline as a true son of his mother country will be spoken of to infinity.

He started his career in 1992, against Australia at the R.Premadasa stadium and bids goodbye to test cricket at his favorite venue the Galle stadium. Murali has been termed as a rare double jointed  wrist spinner, who bowls marathon spells, of off spin  with an open chested action and has dealt deadly blows to the opposition with his big-spinning off breaks and two versions of the top spinner, one which goes straight on and the other labeled as the Doosra which spins in the opposite direction.

His career was never a bed of roses. He was a victim of  umpires  who no balled him with ulterior motives. He survived thanks to the rapid progress of technology and sports science that proved far beyond doubt that he was legitimate.

Muralitheran is one of the greats of all time. He has 792 test scalps, 515 one day victims, 653 first class wickets and 13 in the new found version the T20. 66 five wicket hauls combined with 22 ten wicket match hauls in test cricket, are proven records that will be carved in gold. Ten five wicket hauls in the shorter version of the game, stamps a class that will be difficult to emulate.

He is state of the art; he was a member of 1996, World cup winning team. In the 2007 World cup he had 26 victims all mesmerized by his wily variations. He added strength to his team both on the field, in the dressing room, and his sense of humor in the team bus, and the airplane will be a missing link in the future.

He single handedly won matches for his country and wrote his name in gold when he surpassed Shane Warne’s record of 708 wickets, fittingly at his home ground in Kandy against the Englishmen in December 2007, and in 2009  broke Wasim Akrams one day record of 502 wickets. The great Pakistan bowler Wasim Akram told the world media that he was proud that his record was broken by a top class bowler who richly deserved this accolade.

He leaves a legacy to all young hopefuls, a match haul of 16 wickets at the Cornhill Test at Lords, against the Englishmen and his eight wickets haul at Trent Bridge in 2006, are a few memories of the many we remember.

Thank you Murali, for those memories, you leave the field with an untarnished name and a name that will be spoken of in many a corner unto infinity.

  • RAVI Tamil Nadu

    MURALI Thank you a lot.

    History wil Keep you MURALI IN THEIR HEART.

  • Kumar USA

    I believe you are the greatest bowler cricket fans world over have ever seen.When you pick the ball to start an over, it will be the most tence moment for a spectator not forgetting the batsman. The records you have set, no bowler can ever dream of coming close like Don Bradmon’s batting.The pride you have bought to Srilankan cricket nobody can forget. The entire nation should be very proud of your achivement. Please ,try your best to keep our hesds up in the cricket world even after retirement by training our young talent. Thank you Sir.

  • chaminda

    Best in the world what can i say. no words you are the best. thank you Murali for every thing you have done.

  • Warren

    Murali , we praise your effort the unsunk courage and persistance in your career as the best bowler of all time up to this day in this game which was an invention of Englishmen, but you have achieved you place and have already scribbled your name in golden letters, we were lucky to be involved in this game in a time you were engaged in it, thanks for the lessons you have given us up to the day and for the exemplary life you have conducted that growing in power not necessarily mean that you should be a part of unethical corruption,
    Thank you Murali, Go for 800 wickets we believe in you, just another 8 wickets to go.
    Thank you very much and appreciate your gentle nature in this gentle game.

  • CKfromBrisbane

    I believe he should deserve to be the captain of the team for his last match as an honour to him. The team management need to consider that matter. That’s my proposal as a Sri Lankan and cricket lover.

  • harish

    u r thae beast one

  • harish

    thanks murali u did for srilankan to much

  • Mohammed Siddeek

    Thank you Murali. You will b our mind till the end.
    You will b as Arjuna, Aravinda, Mahanama… the list will keep going.
    As others I will not put conditions for. It is your life. After serving 18 years for cricket now you can go in any path. It is Including Politics. Be a politician. But BE A GOOD ONE.
    I think most of them telling not to enter Politics, cos they all are scared. Never mind, as u did good for cricket do even in Politics they and more people will be with you.
    All the best for your Futher. We like to read news about you regularly, please be active and involve in good things.
    Additional: I LOVE Jayasuriya a lot. Though he enter politics still I and also hereafter also I will love him. Cos entering politics is not a thing to forget all the great things he did during the time he played and will play for our country.

    Be Thankful for good people of country. Dont hate them just for your own attitudes and selfishness.

  • Namal Polgolla

    Hi Murali

    We were Proud nation with your pure magic ..!You are legend..!!
    Thank you very much for everything that you did Sri lankan cricket team.

    All the best & Good luck !

  • Gail

    All The Best Murali..!!
    Your Records will be forever..!!!!

  • http://SriLankaCricket leroy

    Congrats on a wonderful career. We are proud of you and your achievments.You have made your country and the world proud of you! Good luck in the future.


  • pushpitha

    You are the greatest player i have seen in my life,you have rendered a immanence service to sri lanka
    thanks a lot for all of this
    love u forever!!

  • Mahesh

    Well done Murali. Very proud of you. Please do not enter in to politics.

  • http://none mahinda bogollagama

    a fitting tribute to murali is to invite him to captain the series against india as a farewell gesture. this will also give him a chance to capture that magical 800 wickets. come on aravinda and anura.

    mahinda bogollagama
    nalanda and national school cricket 1961-1963

  • sumedhA de silva

    good work,
    we really enjoyed watching you .

    Now i think you should help build Jaffna like a small singapore.

    I think as a sri lankans this is the least we can do to help this place ruined by the war.
    You are probably our best bet.
    we need a doosra from you again .

    Sumedha de silva

  • Jayan

    Well done Murali You are a great cricketer. You did fantastic job for the country. You are a great wolrd record holder please do not even think about politics do something for the sri lankan cricket.God Bless You.

  • http://srilankacricketweb annesley

    We are Proud of you dear Murali, Proud to be an Antonian!!!Your Name will be in the History! same as Bradman!!!Well done!!!May GOD Bless You!!! 2 request from us to u. 1. Do something to wake Srilankan cricketers up & play the Nice game we used to watch before.
    2.Pls donot enter the Politics. Good Luck! God Bless!!!



    Thank you verymuch for your service to Sri lanka Cricket.

    A kind request if you allways want to be in peoples heart please do not enter in to politics.
    It is not a place suitable for you.

  • Susith

    Such a wonderful cricketer with enormous talent! Murali deserves the world record(s) for many year!

  • Franco

    As a Sri Lankans we are all proud of your achievement.
    “You are a great successer”

    And a great achiever.

  • Sandesha

    good bye murali,

    we are not good enough to speak about u we have to just say thanks for every thing you did. good luck & god bless you… oops sry just 1 request just do something for the cricket in sri lanka in future coz its going no where now… thanx