Papare Bands allowed for World Cup games

Sri Lanka Cricket is pleased to inform the Public and the media, that Musical instruments, Papare bands, flags with flag poles will be permitted at all  ICC World Cup venues during matches.

We thank all our supporters, and look forward to welcoming all Cricket fans at our World Cup venues during the ICC World Cup 2011.

  • http://rinorsinani rinor

    jeni shumm te papar :P:P

  • Pradeep

    We Sri Lankans have our own way to enjoy the happy moments and express our support to team(s) either home or visitors. Good to realize that nature by Crick Board.

  • vajira

    at last srilanka cricket realised, there is no cricket with out papere band.poeple come to enjoy

  • Cecil

    Dear Cricket Board,
    The Daily Mirror Newspaper published an article on the 22nd of February clearly stating that permission is required from the Cricket Board to bring in a Papare band to the venue. Further to the conflicting reports circulating in the media and the ban enforced by the IGP on papare bands (a key ingredient in Sri Lankan cricket culture), can you please state where we need to apply to obtain permission to bring in our own musical instruments and our own papare band? Do we need to fill in a form? Where do we obtain such a form? Many Thanks

  • gayathri

    i think it was quite dumb of the people who said no papare bands in the first place to bring forth such a rule!. The world cup host nations are supposed to showcase their culture both on and off field..the papare bands are a part of our culture and if they let them be in countries such as australia, nz, england,, pretty much everywhere else apart from where the concept originated…how does that make sense.
    Anyways glad to see that they are back on! FINALLY a sense of pride and im sure a whole lot of coaxing by some people would have happened.
    And could someone please explain to me the reasoning behind flags with poles? i thought that would be a greater security threat than allowing just flags…haha ive never heard of that before either@