Permanency in employment for SLC staff members

Media Release

The Hon. Minister of Sports, Dayasiri Jayasekara, at a recent meeting held with the Interim Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket requested the Interim Committee to consider making permanent the current contracted staff members of SLC. Most of these staff members have been on contract for many years with their contracts being extended on a regular basis.

The Interim Committee considered the request of the Hon. Minister Dayasiri Jaysekera and decided at its recent meeting to make permanent all of the office and administrative staff of Sri Lanka Cricket. In pursuance of this decision, the letters to staff members were issued today at a very simple ceremony at SLC. The effective date of commencement of permanent employment is 16th November 2015 and all benefits currently enjoyed by the staff will continue uninterrupted. Further, the earned gratuity too will be carried over into the new employment.

Speaking at the ceremony, Chairman of the Interim Committee Mr. Sidath Wettimuny stated that “employees need to function with dignity and the Interim Committee has only recognized the rights of the employees of SLC and that this gesture has been bestowed upon them, to carry out their functions without fear or favour”. Mr. Sidath Wettimuny thanked the Hon. Minister of Sports for having initiated this noble action and also for giving all the encouragement and support to fulfil this process.

The Interim Committee is of the view that this action will result in greater commitment and loyalty on the part of employees to Sri Lanka Cricket and that this will assist the organisation in the years to come.