Premier Clubs and SLC decide on a proposed domestic structure from now and into the future

Media Release

Considering the request of all Premier Cricket Clubs the Cricket Committee & Officials of Sri Lanka Cricket met the respective Premier Cricket Clubs and discussed the new domestic structure that may come in effect from the current season.

The Clubs although agreed that the cricket structure and options provided by the Cricket Committee and Sri Lanka Cricket will need to be implemented at some time, requested SLC to consider their request and phase out the tournament to ensure that in a year or 2 the proposed structure by the Cricket Committee and Sri Lanka Cricket will need to adhered to ensure that proper talent is harnessed. There after the  Clubs and Sri Lanka Cricket after a brief discussion amicably decided on the new proposed cricket club structure and the way forward considering Sri Lanka Cricket’s aim to restructure the domestic cricket towards ensuring high standards.  In order to bridge the gap between International Cricket and domestic cricket the formulated proposal agreed upon will be recommended to EXCO prior to implementation. Due considering will also be based on availability of funds.

Given below is the proposed structure for the current season and ahead and shall be reviewed from time to time to ensure quality and high standards that are a prerequisite to develop and harness Sri Lanka’s talent.

New Proposal (Sri Lanka Cricket Domestic Season)

•      Tier A / B Clubs will be amalgamated  ( Premier Tournament ) for the season 2012/13

•      Total of 20 teams will participate (Police will be demoted to Sara –NCC demoted to Tier B from Tier A)

•      Premier tournament will be the only first class tournament, (3 day)

•      20 Teams will be divided in to 2 groups. The teams will be grouped according to the points earned in the previous tournament,. Example – Highest point earner will be top of group ‘A’ and second place will first of group B and the third will be second of group ‘A’

•      Top team of each group will play a final. ( 4 Days )

•      3  bottom teams from each group will be demoted (1st Year)

•      Total remaining teams will be 14 in 2013/14 – (After completion of 2012/13)

•      Six team which will get demoted from year 2012/ 2013  will play in the emerging tournament which would be also a 3 day tournament.

•      Four teams will get promoted from Sara to play in the emerging tournament in year 2013 / 2014

•      Relegation match will be played to decide demotion / promotion in the 2nd year

•      From 2013/14 season 2 teams from each group will be demoted (2nd year). ( Premier Tournament )

•      Remaining teams in Premier will be 12 TEAMS for 2014/15 . ( Two Teams will get promoted  from emerging tournament )

•      From 2015/16 season  onwards the  Premier Championship will be  strictly confined to 10 teams. The promotion / relegation shall be done as stipulated above. The tournament structure shall be each teams playing 9 games as popularly requested

•      Sara and Donovan tournament will be played separately.

•      Year 2013 / 2014 the Sara and Donovan will be amalgamated. The premier teams will have the option of playing the second eleven.

•      Premier teams will play the limited over and the T20 at the same level.

•      Premier league tournament will be considered as the bench mark for all demotions in all premier formats.

•      Above will be Subject to EXCO approval