Premier Limited Over Tournament 2011/12 – Finals

Premier Limited Over Tournament Tier A, Final:

Nondescripts Cricket Club vs Sinhalese Sports Club at P Sara -Nondescripts Cricket Club won by 32 runs

NCC – 268 all out (49.5 Overs) – Chamara Kapugedara 64, Farveez Maharoof 52, Angelo Perera 41 – Sachithra Senanayake 3/46, Charith Jayampathi 3/48

SSC – 236 all out (47.2 Overs) -Thilina Kandamby 64, Kaushal Lokuarachchi 52 – J Mubarak 2/31, F Maharoof 2/42, T Thushara 2/41

NCC won the 2011/12 Premier Limited Over Tournament Tier A.

Premier Limited Over Tournament Tier B, Final:

Sri Lanka Navy Sports Club v Sri Lanka Ports Authority Cricket Club –Sri Lanka Ports Authority Cricket Club won by 3 wickets (with 11 balls remaining)

Navy SC – 206 all out (49.5 overs) – Dilan Chaminda 82, Dhanushka Gurusinghe 65 – Anuk de Alwis 3/35, Sanjaya Fernando 2/32

SL Ports Authority – 209/7 ( 48.1 overs) – Tharindu Mendis 81, Ranesh Perera 54 – Dulanjana Mendis 2/20, Udara Lakmal 2/37

Sri Lanka Ports Authority Cricket Club won the 2011/12 Premier Limited Over Tournament Tier B.

  • Kasun Chaga

    Don’t insult a player personally. Kapugedara is a talented young cricketer. He played good knocks against Australia and won us few games from nowhere. Also he is a brilliant ground fielder. If you can remember he played good innings in the 2011 World Cup final against India. He may not a good test cricket player but he is good at ODI’s and 20-20’s. The main thing is if he perform well in domestic level, the selectors should give him a place in national team.

  • oeee

    Really ?!! Kapuu fan over here do you really think that people like to see another reckless hitter like kapu.. check how many times he have failed.. There were only few times he was in form but very less… You keep on LIKING him will not place him in the squad.. we need talented young people to come up.. yes maybe maharoof as a backup for thisara or mathews… kapu no way

  • PremasiriS

    The under mention comment I wrote on January 26, 2011 at 6:49 pm to bring the attention of public to make informed the way Sangakkara handles youngsters (Angelo & Chandimal). Even this recent ODI Tournament Angelo Perera The Best Schoolboy batsman of the year 2009, the Best batsman of the U 23 Tournament & the Best batsman of the SARCC T/20 Tournament held recently has been sent to bat after all reckless hitters the batsmen who cannot come anywhere near him in performance wise. To my way of thinking all the reckless hitters of fragile technique in the National Side have to be removed from the team sooner than later and those places have to be filled by players who have maintained consistency from their very young age as 15 because no player can maintain consistency without having total control over their stroke play. It is paramount important to have ability to play the ball all along the ground, right from the middle of the bat & to leave balls there to be left alone. To my knowledge none of the top 4 has that ability but Paranawthana who has been once adjudged as the Best Outstation Schoolboy batsman, none of the top 3 has a feats of that sort.
    Premasiri says:
    January 26, 2011 at 6:49 pm
    It is very sad to note that the batting of the best schoolboy batsman of the year of 2009 who presently maintains a 1st Class batting average around 45 a figure which is very much close to that of Sangakkara without playing a single International match is not needed in almost all Kandurata matches he has played in . The grooming of talented players for the future is a responsibility of the SLC . Therefore responsible people only should decide in which position these promising players of future should bat in the batting order you can’t allow it to decide by Sangakkara, because they won’t allow a promising youngster who can be threat to their position in the 1st XI. Another 2 years time( all these 30+ have no value) he may retire and go elsewhere for better greener pastures as many a number of former international players have done. These big officials at SLC should have watched closely how things are happening in India, particularly the manner they create opportunities for their talented youngsters The Future of Sri Lanka’s Cricket is very much important than future Sangakkaras’.
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  • Lokuduwa

    You are quite right Mr Kevin. He is a brilliant batsman of the same caliber of Chandimal who has been very consistent from his very young age. Recently he scored a 44 ball century 133 against the Indians in the SARCC U-25 Tournament held in Maldives. His tournament aggregate was 246 with an average of 123. If he had not failed in the Final’s & been sent to bat no 3-4-5 positions we would have won that tournament too.

  • chamara

    Maharoof should be n ODI squad for South African’s tour….it’ll be started on next month….coz he is playing as a Opening Batsmen for NCC & he has the highest runs for the tournament, also did well with his bowling

    • rasmin

      yes that is good ideal farvis maharoof is good all rounder he can bat and ball
      we need batsmen.for the southafrica series.useless fernando.he can not field,very confuse man

  • heshan

    well kapu..

  • sanju

    nice to see kapuu back in form and shown his wicket keeping ability……………………….

    • Lokuduwa

      Fans don’t want another reckless hitter in the team we need batsmen of solid technique who has total control over all strokes they play. those who can score a chance-less 50 in every 4 out of 5 innings played. We have seen enough of Chamaras, Mubaraks.

  • http://deleted kevin

    Angelo Perera although was sent 6 down again .. He scored an awesome 41 runs more than a run a ball with two sixes… NCC would get more contribution from him if they send him atleast 4 down.. They did only once in the tournament where he scored 60 or more.. First two matches he couldn’t face a ball.. Why do they ignore him by sending half of the bowlers before him!! SSC sends bhanuka 1 down.. why cant NCC send Angelo before.. Anyways our future will be Angelo Perera and Bhanuka .. Lets hope the perera boy gets what he deserves