R Premadasa Stadium (RPS)

Media complex of RPS taking its shape. Also in the picture is the newly laid lush green outfield.

Corporate boxes being built in between blocks A and B.

Frontal view of the Corporate Box complex.

The new Grand Stand building overlooking the lush green outfield. The drainage and sprinkler systems have already been completed to maintain the outfield.

  • http://...................... Thomas Olsen Fernando

    I think………………in some years Sri Lanka will become one of the best venues for cricket………………………………………………..Im proud to be a LION!!!!!!!!!

  • HISHAM riza

    good work slc moderator i like it and i am ready to 2011 world cup be ready guys

  • Nuwan

    Why can’t you update the images of proposed CWC venues. Lots of people are waiting to see how they built. Can you update it even once a month….

    • SLC Moderator

      That is what we have been doing since September. Next week latest pics from Sooriyawewa will be displayed.

  • Jayawardena

    Is there any plane to produce a Theme Song, like FIFA world cup Song, for the Cricket World Cup 2011.

    • SLC Moderator

      The ICC is working on it.

  • shaliya

    @ SLC moderator
    We appreciate your affects towards building of new stadiums.
    But all most all International stadiums have electronic scoreboards. Do we have them in our world cup venues ?

    please kindly answer

    • SLC Moderator

      All new stadiums including RPS will be fitted with electronic scoreboards

      • shaliya

        oh that’s great to here

  • aja

    do we have flood lights for Pallekele Stadium

    • SLC Moderator

      Yes we will be having floodlights for Pallekele stadium for the WC2011 and beyond.

  • Pubudu

    A little question to SLC moderator , are the comments published in this site are read only by public? Anybody from cricket board read this comments?

    • SLC Moderator


      All important comments are forwarded to relevant departments within SLC for their information

      • Pubudu

        Well one thing really good about this site is constructive criticisms are not withdrawn from appearing in the site.
        Cheers !!! We salute you guys regarding this :)

  • Ozzy

    @ SLC Moderator, good that Stadium fully refirbished, but may i ask why it was refirbished and will it be ready for the WC 2011 and the West Indies series? and what facilities will it offer , will it bde better than the Galle Stadium as in Facilities ? and please post some pics of the final layout plan of RPS stadium, so we can have an idea how it will be after all construction and ready for International Cricket, thank you.

    • SLC Moderator

      It is to increase spectator capacity and to make the player and spectator facilities more modern as the design and construction were carried out in the 80’s.

  • amri

    hi slc moderator.

    pls answer these questions

    1what would be the capacities of the 3 world cup venues?

    2.can we host the t20 worlcup 2012 with only 4 floodlit stadia…or whether slc plans to add more flood lit stadia..please give us an update

    • SLC Moderator


      1. RPS=30,000 Sooriyawewa=25,000 Pallekele=23,000
      2. SLC is confident of hosting T20WC matches with the current grounds

  • amri

    hi slc moderator


    i invite you to join this forum..my stage name is colombo express

  • amri

    thank you very much for the info…this web site is getting really good now…keep up the good work

  • Kevin

    Very good move..!! Keep it up!!

  • amri

    @ slc moderator

    1.all major stadiums have their grand stands behind sight screens
    why only in premadasa it is not so?

    2.are they going to build the two stands adjoining the grandstand in hambantota?

    3.will ssc and galle stadium get flood lights this year

    4.will their be international cricket matches at diyagama cricket stadium?

    kindly answer…

    • SLC Moderator

      ssc and galle stadium will not get floodlights this year. no international matches are scheduled to be played in diyagama. No adjoining grand stands will be built in Hambantota as the grand stand complex there have 7 floors. Premadasa does not have a grand stand behind the bowlers arm as the original design did not feature that.

  • zahri

    Nice pictures, Please upload some pics of pallekele and hMBnthota

    • SLC Moderator


      Pictures of Pallekele Stadium will be uploaded next week. Every month we will show the progress made by our Engineering team in all 3 venues.

      • zahri

        slc moderator: thank you